Wife sharing first time

Rachel and I have been together all our lives and have never had sex with some one else, until tonight. We both were content with the way we made love in the bedroom and neither of us thought it could get any better. That all changed when we met our new neighbors Kay and Randy, a change for the good we hope.

Rachel was on board with having sex with others, me well not so sure. Rachel is the love of my life and I never wanted to lose her.I laid there in bed after a night of the best sex she has ever given me .I was watching her thin ass wiggle and drip cum as she headed to take a shower and loved seeing it.

Even though that cum was a mixture of Randy’s and mine it didn’t matter because she was happy.I was thinking for all the years I wanted her to give me a blow job Randy got one from her in 15 minutes. I have never seen her finger herself,let me eat her pussy or even have such an intense orgasm like she just had.

I drifted off to sleep thinking about that woman and how she had wanted me to have sex with Randy’s wife Kay. Kay wanted me but I could not have sex with her because i was so worried about what Rachel was doing next door.

I never heard the shower turn on or even off as I fell asleep quite easily, worn out by Rachel’s blow job and then sloppy seconds. I was awakened when I felt the bed move and a warm pussy sitting down near my face.I have heard from others how they ate out their wives but Rachel would never let me do it.
wife share

Now she was kneeling over my mouth holding the thin lips to the side as her juices dripped on me. I heard her gasp when my tongue touched her warm hole for the first time then moved back and forth on it. I felt her hands move to my thighs bracing herself for the pleasure I was giving her. I could hear her soft moans and taste her warm juices that were dripping in my mouth.and actually enjoyed it.

She was loving what I was doing just as much if not more than I was .This was the first time I have ever done this .Being pinned to the bed I had no control over the situation.I was in a position where I could only move my arms enough to place my hands on my cock. When I tried to stroke my cock and get it hard, Rachel took over .

When she bent down and now I was able to play with her tiny tits and was surprised that her nipples were already hard.I could feel her juices running down my cheeks and when she laid her head down on my groin there was a rush of her cum. I was now able to move my arms around and pull her tiny lips apart .I watched her muscles opening and closing releasing even more of her warm cum.

She still had a grip on my cock but now she had her mouth on my shaft moaning through her orgasm. All I could do at this point was to hold my mouth open ,swallowing her cum and trying not to cum myself. But when her orgasm subsided and she sucked my cock deep in her mouth it was all it took for me to cum.

All the years I wished she would do this to me, I was thinking, letting her suck Randy was a blessing. I was trying hard not to cum but knew it wasn’t going to be long, and when I felt it coming I told her. That made her suck even harder then stop when the first shot of cum hit her throat.

She kept stroking my cock with one hand while playing with my balls with the other.She performed well and kept her mouth on my cock . It wasn’t until my cock went limp that she finally moved up and off me.

I could tell by the look on her face that she was pleased as she moved to lay down beside me. This time however I wrapped my arm around her and without hesitating gave her a kiss.Rachel backed off until I pulled her back down giving her a longer and more passionate kiss. This time our tongues tangled around each other. Not only were we licking the taste of our cum ,but cementing our love for each other.

The last thing I heard her say before drifting off to sleep was “you don’t mind if I do him again do you”? Then “thanks and you will have sex with Kay right”? “Yes,” I whispered before falling into a deep sleep.

The next morning I woke up before Rachel and turned to my side looking at her.She looked so relaxed and happy ,I then pulled the sheet off her a little and saw she was still naked.Usually Rachel wears pajamas so as not to surprise the boys or me she was in the nude. She used to say she wore pajamas because of the kids or so I wouldn’t get hard.

Well it was hard probably from seeing her naked but also the smile of content she was showing. I didn’t want to wake her ,but I wanted to see more of her small breasts going up and down with each breath. They were nice even with some red marks on the underside of them, marks I didn’t think I made.

I sat up finally before my hard cock touched her skin and moved some more of the sheet away from her pussy. I noticed her red bush was matted with signs of dried cum ,when I looked back up she was still asleep.Looking closer I did see traces of my cum on her cheek , that along with her matted bush put my cock at full stance.

I slowly moved off the bed and stood beside her and started stroking my cock still looking up and down her body. I had a picture in my mind of me standing there while Randy had his cock inside her.The marks on her breasts were when he was squeezing them hard and the bounce from his thrusts.

I was imaging the dried cum on her cheeks were where he pulled out and tried to feed her his cum. Suddenly I was brought back to reality when I saw Rachel’s eyes were open. She was awake and watching me jerking off .

“You know you don’t have to waste your cum any more” she said then pulled the sheet away. She ran her hands along her breasts ,down to her pussy then back up to her mouth.”You can come on me any place you want” she said then ,lowering her hand back down to finger her pussy.

Well I was pretty close to coming and now seeing her smiling at my dripping cock I began to cum.

I started shooting my cum on her tits down into her pubic hair then back up. I finished on her chin dropping a few drops into her mouth,where I gave her my cock to suck on.

I watched her rub her fingers through my cum and all over her body with my cock still in her mouth.She then brought her hand back up giving my cock a few strokes before licking her fingers. “The next time you can wake me up by licking here” she said tapping on her pussy, “now let’s get some coffee”.

I helped her up and put on her robe as I put my robe on as well,then walked hand and hand to the kitchen.”I love you” she said as I got the coffee brewing “you do know I love you, even more now”.She then went to the bathroom and took a quick shower and came back with another deep kiss when the coffee was done.

We took our coffee out and sat down in the morning sun where Rachel put her feet up on the table.Of course it was a short robe and easily exposed her pussy , but she didn’t care at this point.She didn’t even remove when Randy drove in and parked .

“Hi neighbors “ he said with a clear view of Rachel’s thighs and loose robe “are we good “ he asked . I said “yes “and I need to thank you”.Randy said when he started walking over”so you’re alright then” .

“He needs to apologize to Kay though” Racjel said “is she awake”?I knew from where he was standing he could see Rachel’s red fur and her hard nipples too.

“Well then go ahead and talk to her” he said handing me her coffee “she did have a rough night”. I took his coffee and stood up,”no need to lose the robe” he said “I am sure it will make her day”. He then sat down in my seat “ I will keep this beauty happy”he said with a smile and a hand on her thigh.

I gave Rachel a kiss “wish me luck “I said taking another good look at her exposed pussy, then walked over to her house.

“It’s open “she said when I knocked at her door”well hello” she said from the kitchen.”I was just going to make breakfast for Randy . But since Rachel isn’t with you I am sure he is not interested in that right now”.

I walked up closer and leaning against the counter I handed her the coffee. “I am sorry about last night” I said “I don’t know what I was thinking”.Before I could say any more she placed her hand to my lips.

“It isn’t the first time that has happened”she said Randy has been rejected a time or too.There have been times where the husband wanted to do his wife with Randy, so no big deal”.When she turned around and placed her hand on my cheek her robe opened a bit. She then lifted my face up and giggled “damn robe but did you like what you saw”.

I cleared my throat “well to be honest I fell asleep wondering what you looked like naked”,then looked back down.

Kay laughed then said “I was thinking the same thing,when I felt you in the car I knew you were bigger than Randy. I was hoping to see you again “ she said then pulled my robe to the side and took a deep breath. I did the same thing but before I could say anything Randy walked through the door.

“Sorry “ he said several times covering his eyes “I am just getting my smokes” then turned after grabbing them and walked out the door.

From that point on we started kissing each other passionately standing there in the kitchen. I was feeling her large hard breasts while her hand went straight to my cock. I found her pussy bare as she found my cock extremely hard. “Am I what you expected “she asked, pulling hard on my cock.

“I didn’t expect this,” I said, running my hand along her bare mound and up to one of her breasts. “These are just what I imagined” then pinch a nipple “what about you”?

Kay kept stroking my cock when she said “yes,Rachel had told me you were quite endowed. She also said that you were no minuteman,and that was what got my attention. I am so tired of not getting off before my partner”, she then kissed me “so should we go and get comfortable“?

She knew the answer before I even said yes ,and then led me to her bedroom.She quickly disposed of her robe ,giving me a passionate kiss before grabbing my cock and sitting down.

I knew that I had just jerked off over Rachel’s body in less than a half hour ,so cumming too soon was not a problem. Knowing that Randy is a quick cummer I let her suck my cock for a very little time before leaning her down on the bed.

I began taking my robe off watching her smile and reaching out for me, she was surprised when I dropped to my knees . Running my hands up along the inside of her thigh I adjusted my position to be able to lick her pussy easier.

I took a minute admiring how well her body looked in this position staring at her big and firm breasts. But what I was more interested in was her bare pussy holding back her thick lips.As I moved in closer I moved my fingers along her pussy through her moist lips .Surprising me when only one finger could slip deep inside her,but that one finger released a lot cum from within her tight hole.

She spread her legs even farther as I moved in with my tongue, guided by her hands to taste those juices.I couldn’t tell it the juices were from Randy but at this point it didn’t matter.With my tongue and the help of her hands I started licking at cum up along her slit to her clit. My fingers collected more cum while I was smearing it around on her bare mound, licking her then back down for more.

I really didn’t know how long I licked her but she was getting wetter each time. I could see her facial expressions changing each time I moved my tongue around.I would watch her open her mouth wide to breathe, or shake her head when I found a sensitive point. Seeing the different ways she would move herself around was also a tip of how I was doing.

When she would grab my head and lift her pussy up fucking in my face was how I knew she was wanting my cock.I was ready too but I still didn’t want to cum just yet, so began slowly making my way up.

I kept finger fucking her while moving over her body stopping on her breasts to tenderly kiss and suck on her enlarger nipples.

Finally the time came where she had enough and told me she wanted me inside her.Kay rolled me over on my back and moved up over me. Now I had her large breasts hanging over me as she moved so my cock would slip inside her. In this position she was now able to slide my cock into her at her own pace .

She took me slowly since it appeared that her tight pussy has not been used by a cock this size. Now not that I am super endowed. I am just 8” and Rachel is used to me . Being the one and only girl I have fucked I never gave it a thought that Kay couldn’t handle me.

Oh well I was thinking as she took inches at a time into her tight pussy,she would loosen up soon I thought.But it seemed that it was the thickness along with the length that made her take it slow. I had a smile on my face seeing her take deep breaths then bite her lips .She placed her arms against my chest ,stopping with only half of me inside her.

“Damn”Kay said “Rachel never said you were this big, how in hell has she had you all these years”.Kay began moving her hips from side to side attempting to get me deeper but then just laid down on me. She kept her ass up so I couldn’t push farther and then began fucking me slowly.

I could feel her warm juices slipping down my shaft as well as her warm mouth sucking my neck. She would whisper between sucks to cum and the longer I took, the longer she would suck on my neck. She was happy when I told her I was going to cum and pulled away and sat up. She grabbed my cock with both hands and started jerking me off.

“Oh wow” she was saying when I started cumming with the first few shots hitting her breasts. She then moved my cock down her belly stopping with the last few shots being fired on the thick lips of her pussy.

“Damn” she said as she was sliding my cock around in my cum,”I am going to have to work on getting this farther the next time. She then let go of my cock and laid down on me rubbing her body around in my cum. She gave me a kiss then laid her head beside mine “Damn” she said again and sighed.

Finally we got up and got our robes on and walked out in the kitchen,” I need to get breakfast for Randy” she said . It was my hint that she was done so I said “thank you” and walked home with a smile on my face. The smile got larger when both Randy and Rachel were not where I left them.

Where they were is a story to come.