Vintage erotic dreams

I am sitting against a large tree reading a newspaper.
A nice looking 30-something guy walks toward me. I
move my right leg up, which pulls the material of my
cut-offs away from my left thigh. Instantly I feel
the heat from the sun directly on my slit. I watch
the guy as he gets close through a little hole I put
in the newspaper. He stops in front of me. His eyes
are looking between my legs. I look down to see how
much of it he is looking at. When I look back up, he
is running down the street, trying to flag down a police
car that is parked at the corner. I flee. My heart
is pounding in my chest.


Now I am in a different park. I have found another large
tree near a path. Two girls are walking toward my
position. They are about my age. I move my leg again,
and watch them through the hole in the newspaper. They
stop in front of me. One points a finger between my
legs. The other looks for a second before they resume
walking. They are laughing at me.

Down the path comes another. This one is a large breasted
beauty wearing a bathing suit! I first re-check the view
of my crack and then watch her through the hole. Her breasts
bounce heavily and her hips rock back and forth as she walks.
My heart is pounding in my chest again. She walks right by
without looking at me. I look down at my display again to
see what she would have seen. I’m sitting on an ant hill!
I flee.

Now I’m at a beach, sitting on a chair that has no legs.
My butt is an inch from the sand, and my legs are pointing
at two skinny teenage boys about five feet away. My tee-
shirt is wet and my dark erect nipples clearly show through
the white material. I close my eyes and let the sun warm
my face. I can feel the their eyes looking at me. I move
my right leg up and to the side. The sun’s warmth again
hits the target again and I know they can see the whole
thing. My mind concentrates on my slit. I can feel their
eyes running up and down it’s length. The lips begin to
peal apart, slowly revealing it’s pink depths. I placing
a hand on my right thigh with my index finger very near
my sex and spread my legs a little farther apart. I do
not want to touch myself, but I can not stop. My fingertip
slips inside. I am very wet. I slid the finger up to my
clit. It is swollen and very sensitive. I open my eyes
just enough to check on the boys, but two different people
are there now. It’s my mom and dad! Yikes!