The Tree Trimmers

I could hear the buzzing from the saw. It woke me up
that Saturday morning. Someone in my neighborhood was
doing some kind of work with a saw, obviously. I sat
up in bed and threw the covers off. In the kitchen, I
turned on the coffee maker and sat at the table,
having a fresh cup of coffee. I could still hear the
saw. I had no idea where it came from, though I knew
that it was close.


The saw stopped with a sudden, final roar, and I heard
a branch hit the ground nearby. I went out to the
laundry porch, and I could see a man in the tree in
the back yard next door. He was tied to the tree with
some kind of rope harness.

I’m sort of an exhibitionist, have always been one, I
don’t know why. It just gives me a thrill to let men
see my tits and sometimes my naked body. I keep myself
in shape, and I’m proud of my body.

Impulsively I decided that I would go out in the back
yard and sun on a blanket, letting the tree trimmer
get a really good view of me. Maybe I’d even give him
a little show, one that no one else would see.

As the saw started up again, I took a towel and an
ice-cold soda with me, but not before I put on a
truly skimpy bathing suit. It was a bright pink string
bikini, that disappeared down between my ass cheeks,
two tiny triangles to hide my nipples, and a little
“V” in the front that didn’t even hide my trimmed
pubic hair. As soon as I stepped outside, the saw
stopped again.

I lay down my towel and spread out on it, facing the
direction of the tree. I had moved the fabric in the
front of my bathing suit upward and inward, slightly
revealing my pussy lips on each side. Of course, I
wanted to be facing the tree trimmer. I had brought,
wrapped up in a smaller towel, a real surprise, just
in case I found a use for it. I was hoping that I

I lay in the sun and took a sip of my soda. Wearing
my sun glasses, I got a good look at the tree trimmer.
He couldn’t tell, through my mirrored shades, whether
I was looking right at him or not.

He was a young man, about twenty-something, as far as
I could tell. He was wearing a hard hat, so I couldn’t
really tell very much about his hair. He had his shirt
off, so I could certainly tell he was well built, and
tanned as dark as a nut. As I was staring at him, he
began sawing again. But He didn’t seem to be concen-
trating as much on what he was doing.

I spread my legs and reached under my smaller towel
and brought out some sun screen. I squished a large
mass of the gooey stuff into one hand and began rubbing
myself with it.

I spread it across the mounds of my tits slowly,
caressing myself gently as I went. I moved my hands
inside the little triangles of material and found my
nipples, then moved my hands farther down, letting
them come out the bottoms of the cups. I lifted them
up, letting the elastic pull the little triangles
toward my shoulders, exposing my big, erect brown
nipples to the young man trimming the tree.
outdoor sex
The buzz saw stopped again. He was looking right at
me, his mouth open.

I pulled the top away completely now, letting the
loose strings at the back come away. I put the little
piece of material on the towel beside me.

I lazily pinched my nipples. The fact that I was
laying there topless, showing my tits to the him,
really turned me on, making my pussy hot and wet. I
could feel moisture building inside. I moved my hands
down to my bikini bottoms, and with one swift movement,
pulled it away from my body as I spread my legs and
lifted my knees.

God I was turned on! There was still silence; the saw
hadn’t started up again. I reached under my small
towel and pulled out my vibrator. Switching it on, I
moved it toward my pussy opening.

I pressed it against my pubic area, and with my other
hand, I pulled my pussy lips gently apart. I moved the
vibrator downward and carefully pushed it into my wet

Watching the tree trimmer guy, I saw him climb from
his vantagepoint, down the tree. Then, he was out of
range. I was disappointed, but I lay there, lost in
my own sensations as the vibrator buzzed deep inside

Suddenly, two heads popped up over the edge of the
block wall surrounding my back yard. The trimmer was
there, and so was another guy wearing a hard hat. They
both looked at me, and the younger one climbed the
block wall and sat on the edge.

The other one followed, and both sat there, looking
at me as I pleasured myself. I was in heaven. I loved
being watched, it made every sensation that much more
intense. I knew that they must have hardon’s and that
they must want to fuck me. It always gives me this
feeling of power when I see men aroused because of my

Then, both of them jumped from the brick wall and
landed in my yard. They walked over to me, and I just
lay there, vibrator deep in my cunt. The trimmer
reached down and unzipped his pants and pulled out his
cock. The sight of that really thrilled me, and
frightened me too. The other one unbuckled his pants
and let them fall, revealing a rather fat, hairy cock
covered tightly by a dark brown foreskin. He looked
like he had black ancestry in his background.

They began stroking themselves, and I came, the orgasm
sending spasms throughout me. The sight of the guys
jacking off and me laying there naked before them
caused me to cum again, and again. My body was jerking
as if I was being shocked with electrical currents. My
orgasm was so intense.

As my orgasms subsided I sat up, the vibrator still in
my pussy, and I grabbed the black guys’ dick and began
to stroke it. It was hard and hot in my hand, the skin
smooth and pliable. I peeled the foreskin back a
little, revealing the moist brown head of his cock. I
reached up with my other hand and grabbed the other
guys cock, and it began squirting cum as soon as I
touched it. I stroked it fast, watching the cum fly
and drip down my hand.

“Oh, man!” the black guy whispered, and I could feel
his cock jerk, and he shot his load of cum onto my hair
and face. I came again, the vibrator and the feel of
the two hard dicks shooting cum because of me turning
me on tremendously.

I let go of their cocks and sat back looking at them,

“I don’t have a tree that needs trimming, but you guys
are welcome to work on my bush,” I said.

And, they worked hard — on my bush.