The MMF wife watching

It had been over 2 years since I last tied up Karen and blindfolded
her and watched my friend fuck her, all the while her thinking she
was fucking me (although she had said it was okay to bring over a
stranger to fuck her as long as she couldn’t tell). Karen knew I wanted to have a threesome. Both watching her fuck
someone and eventually participating were things I had wanted to
do with her for a long time. We had discussed it for over 6 years.
A few years ago during a trip back to her childhood home she had
agreed to seduce and fuck a past boyfriend while I hid in the
closet, but that had never happened.

Wife Porn 1
But we had discussed
variations on the watching theme off and on. I hadn’t pressed it for
some time, but during the months when we were planning to leave
town for a half-year to work in another city, I brought it up several
times. If I brought it up while we were fucking, Karen would of
course say that she would fuck someone for me once we were in
the other town.  I said we should take out a personal, but even
while fucking she said no, that she didn’t want to do it that way, to
let it happen naturally. Well, it isn’t like we know a lot of available
males that we’re going to have dinner and drinks with and then
suddenly pull his pants down. We also discussed the idea when we weren’t fucking, because I
felt it was important for Karen to know that I was serious about this
topic even when I wasn’t totally wild with hormones. She
understood that I really wanted to try it, but she was still reluctant to
place an ad, and had no other realistic plan. Sometimes while
fucking she would talk about picking someone up, but I knew that
she’d never go through with that due to the disease issue and
other potential dangers. Well, after being in the other town for 5 weeks and pestering her
about it several times, she said it was okay if I replied to personal
ads. I don’t think she thought I’d really do it.


But, I paid the local
alternative paper with a credit card to buy minutes on their
personal ad response line (we didn’t want 900 number charges
showing up on the phone bill of the people for whom we were
house-sitting). I called 4 different guys who were specifically
advertising for couples, plus about 4 guys who were looking for amarried woman with whom to have a ‘daytime’ affair. With these
latter guys, I left a message indicating that I was satisfied just
watching. Not one of them called back. All 4 of the other guys did.
With one of them, no follow-up meeting was arranged. With
another, we arranged a meeting and he never showed. With
another, we arranged to meet at a quiet bar, but he would wait out
front. It was daylight, and there was only one guy hanging around
out front, and he looked like some refugee from the HMS Beagle,
with a Darwinian beard and hair and sailor skin. While cruising
past in the car, Karen freaked out and said that if it was him she
wasn’t even going to talk to him and let me out. It was him, so I got
out of there fast and we left. Amazingly, Karen was still willing to
meet the last guy. He was in his early 20s, and was very nice and
had only 3 girlfriends ever. He was looking for an older couple to
educate him, and I think he wanted some sort of role where he
was a submissive and was probably into bisexual stuff. But, he
wasn’t very clear about anything. He was finishing college and
was working, and was willing to get an HIV test. When our
half-hour meeting over coffee ended (having supposed to last only
5 or 10 minutes), I was hopeful but Karen immediately quashed
things. She said that although he was very nice and everything,
he had reminded her of one of my ex-girlfriends (her nemesis). I
hadn’t noticed the resemblance (after all, he was a guy) but Karen
pointed out the similarities that she had perceived: Groucho Marx
blonde/black eyebrows and his smile. So, that was out. She
didn’t want to meet any more guys. I said that we’d have a lot
more control over the process if we took out an ad, but she still
said no. But, about 2 weeks later she agreed to let me take out an
ad. However, Karen said she would fuck someone only once to
satisfy my wishes, a sentiment she had expressed several times
over the years that we had discussed this. Here is our ad below,
pasted from the e-mail I sent to the alternate weekly. Category: Couples Seeking
Text (no heading): Attractive and witty MWF 38, height/weight
proportionate, seeking intelligent, attractive, fit WM 25-40 for sex
while husband observes or participates. Married or single. We did lie about her age. She’d just turned 40, but can pass for
35, probably less. When the ad came out 10 days later she was
stunned that I had really done it. I pointed out to her that she had
agreed, and had even mentioned an existing ad as the one to
model ours after. I left a voice mail message at our personal ad box for the
respondents to listen to that asked the man to give his height,
weight, age, hair color, complexion, and some info about his work
and interests. The ad ran twice, and garnered over 60 replies.
Almost everyone gave a lot of info.


There were some total losers
(‘I’m 5 and half feet, 200 pounds, and have a beer belly because I
run a tavern’), but most were just mediocre. But, about 20 were
potentials, and we narrowed the list to about 10 people that we
could meet, basing our decision on both their self-described looks,
the type of work they did, whether they seemed comfortable with
the process, and whether they conveyed any positive type of
personality. I contacted each (using a pay phone in case they had
caller ID) and indicated that we had gotten over 60 replies but had
narrowed it to just a few people that we wanted to meet
individually, in a public place like a coffee shop, perhaps for just 5
minutes to see if there was any compatibility, maybe for a little
longer. The first guy we met was nice, handsome, and athletic. He was
about 35. After we left our meeting with him, Karen sounded like
she would do it with him. He would have wound up getting to fuck
her, but the very second guy we met was so nice that immediately
after our 30 minute meeting Karen made it clear that she wanted to
do it with him. He said he was 25, had a girlfriend in grad school
who was out of town. He was about 5′ 10′, 145 pounds, worked
out with weights (although he wasn’t muscular appearing), and
was well-educated, very polite, and had good answers to Karen’s
questions about why he responded to the ad. He had once fuckeda friend while her husband watched after they had gotten drunk in
a hot tub, and then had watched while they fucked. He had
enjoyed it. He had replied to ads before, but had always been
grossed out by the people he met so had never done it again. He
had gotten tested for HIV after being involved with his girlfriend,
and we told him about our recent HIV tests (we had both gotten
tests for life insurance policy purposes, and had gotten copies of
the results). He worked in computer graphics. Karen loved his
beautiful eyes, dark hair, and very pale skin. We did follow through with meeting most of the other guys,
although one never showed and one we blew off after seeing him
waiting. Three were pretty creepy in person even though they had
been nice on the phone. But, among the others that we met, one
guy, Laurence, said he was 41, and Karen really liked him.


was 6′, 160 pounds (nice and thin but muscular), with blondish
hair. He worked in the arts and was well-educated and well-read.
He had recently broken up a long-term relationship, and used
condoms regularly. He too had been in a threesome before, after
having gotten drunk with another couple. He too had replied to
ads but had either been grossed out by the people he met or in
one case had been asked to pay them and so had never done it
again. We spent over an hour with him, and Karen said afterward
that he was the type of guy she would date if she were single. She
stunned me, but in a pleasant way, when she said she wanted me
to arrange for her to fuck Jonathan, the computer graphics guy,
and to arrange for her to have a fuck session with Laurence, the
arts guy. I was thrilled. How sluttish! I called all the other ones we’d met back and said that we had
decided not to go through with it at all (I thought that would ease
the disappointment). I called both Jonathan and Laurence and
told each we would go ahead. Karen wanted to have another
non-sexual date with each. So, we had a nice long dinner with
Jonathan, and had Laurence over to a place we rented for a few
days in a nearby town. We did find out that Laurence was really
46. And at our dinner with Jonathan, the waitress carded him. He
complained, but once she saw his license she gave him a hard
time about complaining, so I think he was really closer to 21. We had our dates during the 2 weeks we had to wait for their HIV
tests to come back. Finally, everything was ready. We had some
scheduling problems, because these guys were busy, as were we.
I was disappointed that everyone’s lives didn’t revolve around my
sexual fantasies. Karen wanted to do Jonathan first, because he
was younger and it seemed less threatening. For our meeting with Jonathan, Karen had dreamed up a way to
get into the sack that wouldn’t be too contrived. She had decided
that after drinks, we’d go to a hotel (that we’d already checked into
and set up a CD player and candles) and she would take a
shower with him so they could get comfortable with each other’s
bodies. She had also told me that she wasn’t comfortable with
fucking both of us at the same time. I would have to watch, and if
she felt comfortable after she fucked Jonathan, then I could fuck
her after he left. I was disappointed, but hey, I was going to get to
watch. Once we did get to the hotel, they went into the bathroom to
shower, Karen in her bra and panties, Jonathan in his shorts. I
heard them murmuring, giggling, and they were in there about 15
or 20 minutes. I got naked and got into the other bed. When I had
watched Karen fuck someone before, I had trouble getting hard
because I was so nervous because, if you’ve read the previous
Wilson stories, she didn’t know that she was really fucking somone
else. However, I was really comfortable with this (I was surprised
at how comfortable I was) and I had an incredible hard-on. When they came out, they were naked, of course. Jonathan had
an upturned hard-on (Karen told me later that he had gotten hard
as soon as she took off her bra). I could see that his cock was
good and long, about 7 inches, very curved, but a little slimmer
than my cock (which is average).

Karen lay down on the bed on
her back. Jonathan lay down next to her, then raised up and
began kissing and fondling her breasts. Karen looked over at me
and wiggled her eyebrows, then closed her eyes and tilted her
head back with a look of bliss. Jonathan worked her tits over for a
while, then worked his mouth down her belly to her pubic area.
He then dived right into her muff and started licking her. I couldn’t
really see whether he was licking her labia or her clit, but Karen
was obviously enjoying it. He eventually must have gotten to her
clit because he was in the middle, licking steadily. He went down
on her about 5 minutes, and would have gone longer but she
made him stop by reaching down to his head and saying ‘I want
you to fuck me.’ That turned me on, knowing that she was
impatient to get screwed by someone she barely knew. Jonathan got on her missionary style, and Karen pulled her legs
up and wrapped them around him so he could penetrate deep,
and he fucked her for about 20 minutes straight. He got off her
and lay down and made her get on top. She fucked him like that
for about 10 or 15 minutes, and then got off and started sucking his
cock. She told him that she didn’t give blow jobs on the first date,
but since this was really the third date, it was okay. She really
worked it (she later told me that she gave him a really good blow
job not just for his benefit but because she knew it would turn me
on). She licked the shaft, then teased the head and then slid his
cock into her mouth. She licked his balls while stroking his cock
with her hand. From time to time she looked over at me. She blew
him for about 10 minutes, and then she got back on top and fucked
him that way for another 10. He then pulled out, she started to lay
down, but he made her get on her knees, and then he fucked her
doggy style for only about 5 minutes when he started breathing
fast and then stopped. Karen said ‘You’re stopping?’ and he
quietly said ‘I came.’ Quietist orgasm I’ve ever not heard. He was really sweating, and so was Karen. He got off the bed.
She had rolled to her back. Contrary to what she had insisted
earlier, she invited me over (rather than waiting for him to leave),
and so I got on top and started fucking her. She was so slick. I
would have come in about 15 more seconds, so I stopped and
started eating her. I could taste his come. She wanted to get on
her knees, so she turned over and I ate her from behind (she loves
it like that). She took about 15 minutes (she relished it). After she
came I started fucking her again, but I was so close to coming that I
stopped and got out a leather cock ring — one that has one strap
that goes around your balls and a smaller one that goes around
your cock. It took several minutes to get it on and get it tight
enough. Karen was kind of embarrassed that I had that out, but
she was willing to blow me to get me hard before I fastened it real
tight. I asked her if she could taste Jonathan’s cum on my dick (it
was glistening on there) and she could. I then fucked her
missionary style for 10 minutes or so, and then rolled her on her
side facing Jonathan and got behind/next to her and fucked her
holding one of her legs up so he could see my cock going in and
out of her. I was hoping that he would get hard again and come
over and stick his cock in her mouth or something. I suggested
that next time I could eat her while he fucked her like I was fucking
her then. Karen said she was really tired and wanted me to finish and she
unfastened the cock ring, so I said I wanted to come like Jonathan
had and so she got on her knees and I fucked her real hard and
fast from behind and came in her. Karen put on her new pajamas
for him. As Jonathan left, Karen got up and ran to the door and
kissed him goodnight. We spent the night at the hotel. We talked,
and we both felt real good about it. We both had a great time.
Contrary to everything she had said for years, she didn’t want it to
be a one-time thing and wanted to fuck Jonathan again. We
looked forward to our next session with him. The next week Karen told me that she wanted me to tie her up and
blindfold her the next time with Jonathan and we could do
whatever we wanted (except fuck her in the ass). ——— Due to scheduling, people going in and out of town, it was an
entire month more before anything else happened. And, due to
scheduling, we were to meet Jonathan for a nooner, but were to
meet Laurence the evening before. I checked us into a motel,
planning to use the same room for both encounters. Again, I
brought along a CD player and some candles. We met Laurence for dinner. Dinner was pleasant and lasted
about an hour and a half.

He is a very interesting guy, enjoying a
lot of the same music, books, movies, theatre, etc. that we do. He
had suggested we go to a hot tub after dinner. A good idea,
getting used to seeing each other naked. We went to this hot tub
place that has 2 large group hot tubs as well as a sauna area. We
pretty much had one of the tubs to ourselves, eventually sharing it
with one other guy. I could tell he liked Karen’s body. She had
been exercising (weights) and was in great shape — 5′ 4′, 116
pounds, 35C, size 4 dress. Her ass was really firm from
exercising. We finally left and went to the motel in separate cars.
On the way there Karen told me the same rules were in effect as
with Jonathan: She wasn’t comfortable with a threesome so I just
had to watch and she would fuck me when she was done with him.
I was disappointed, but I also remembered that with Jonathan she
hadn’t waited until he left to fuck me, and that it had been fun to
fuck her while he was still there. We had given Laurence the
motel address, and it took him longer to get there than us, and we
had decided that he had chickened out. But, fortunately, he
showed up. We were all uncomfortable about getting started. Karen pointed
out that she’d already seen Laurence naked. So, I suggested that
we take off our clothes and that Karen should lie down and we’d
massage her. She liked that idea. Karen lay on her stomach. I massaged her feet (so Laurence
could have the upper area). He massaged her neck and back. I
started doing her thighs, including an occasional brush of her
bush. (Karen later disclosed that she was afraid she would turn
over onto her back and neither of us would be hard – she needn’t
have worried). Laurence got a boner. Karen turned slightly onto
one side, with her face toward him, and he just leaned down and
started sucking her mouth into his. They made out a long time, just
feeling each other. Karen went down on him, using that ‘Not until
the third date’ remark again. Again, she really gave him great
head, both for his benefit and for mine. Then, Karen got up on top,
and ground her pussy into his cock for several minutes. I could
see that her labia were gleaming with her juices. She finally
guided him into her using her hand. Karen has very small hands
to start with, making his cock, an 8 incher that was really thick, look
really huge. She fucked him like that for about 15 minutes. Then
she rolled off of him and they kissed and she lay on her back and
he worked down to her cunt and started lapping it, and shoved his
dick in her mouth and started thrusting. The angle wasn’t right so
she only got a little of it, but she had to stretch her mouth around it
to get the head in. They did that for about 5 or 6 minutes and then
he got on top of her, she pulled her legs up, and he had fucked her
for about15 minutes when she reached down to pull him out (she
later said she was just going to get into another position) and he
started coming. He had already started coming inside her (I knew
that later when I ate her) but most of his cum got on the bed and
her hand. I pointed out that he hadn’t made her come and said that she liked
being eaten, but I guess he was not into post-coital cunnilingus
and so he knelt next to her and did her with his fingers. She took
about 10 minutes. She loved it, and came really hard, breathing
hard and moaning. She said ‘I’m going to come’ and had a long
one. Her face was beautiful. I then got on the bed and licked her
cunt for a few minutes. I said, ‘Hmm, Laurence left a little cum In
there’ and looked at him. He just looked at me blankly (he was
pretty tired from the work-out). I got on top and fucked her
missionary style for a few minutes. While I was fucking her she
asked me what I liked best about what they’d done (right in front of
him). I said I really liked watching her suck his cock, and that it
really turned me on to see her making out with him, kissing him so
hard and getting into it so much. I turned her over and fucked her
from behind for several minutes and suggested to her that maybe
Laurence would like to do something more. She didn’t resist the
idea at all (with her eyes), so I asked Laurence if he wanted to do
something more, like maybe Karen could suck his cock while I
fucked her. He came over and lay down on the bed and Karen
started playing with his cock with her hands, and then started
licking it. I couldn’t really see anything from that position (other
than her head moving over his crotch area), so I stopped fucking
her and watched from between her legs. I tilted my head
practically upside down so I could watch and lick her cunt. Karen
loves being eaten from behind. I think it must strike her as really
nasty, not even seeing who is eating her, and she feels really
exposed with her ass in the air like that. After eating her for a
while like that, and seeing Karen with her lips wrapped around his
cock, sliding up and down and her hand wrapped around it,
stroking it while sucking it, I really got into eating her and had to
move my head so I could get my tongue into her cunt further and
lick up and down from her ass to her clit. So, I couldn’t see
anything but could hear her moaning and he was breathing harder
and harder and I could sense her faster movements with her hand
and head through the gyration of her body and then she was really
moaning load and he gasped and I knew he was coming in her
mouth. Karen told me she swallowed pretty much all of it. She
figured that his first orgasm had dumped most of his load and that
there wasn’t that much. His coming really tipped her over the
edge because she started begging me not to stop and then she
started shaking and moaning (still muffled from having her mouth
on his cock) and she came really hard, bucking her ass against
me. As soon as she was done I fucked her really hard from behind
but deliberately took my time. After about 8 or 10 minutes Karen
said she was tired and so I came. Laurence had remained on his
back with her head over his cock the whole time I fucked her. It
was fantastic. Later, Karen said that part of it, her sucking him off
while I ate her was ‘Really hot.’ ———
Less than 12 hours later, I dropped her off at the same hotel while I
went to get take-out sushi, so we all could have something to eat
after we fucked. I was hoping that I wouldn’t get back until after
they started fucking, but Jonathan was going in the hotel as I was
driving into the underground parking. So he had only been there
a minute when I went in. I put on some music. We all chatted for a
minute, then Karen and Jonathan and I all started undressing. We
weren’t going to do the blindfold thing because Jonathan had to
be back at work too soon. I got on the bed that they weren’t on.
They started making out. Karen wound up on top, worked her way
down to his cock and sucked him for a few minutes, and then onto
his cock and started fucking him really hard. They fucked like that
for about 15 minutes when Karen got off and turned around and
put her knees on either side of Jonathan’s head, leaned down and
started sucking his cock. She lowered her cunt onto his face and
he started eating her. They 69ed for about 15 minutes. Karen
wasn’t going to let him come, though. It was clear because she
would start sucking him off but then stop and just hold his cock and
not stroke it or lick his balls or anything. But it was clear that she
was going to stay on his face until she came. I had told her after
the first time that I was disappointed that she hadn’t let him eat her
until she came. She had said that she would have come from the
way he was eating her, but that he had stopped and started
fucking her. I pointed out that she had made him stop eating her
so she could fuck him. She looked kind of sheepish, because she
didn’t remember that. While Karen was sucking his cock, she would look at me once in a
while. She would turn her head and look at me out of the corner of
her eyes, which were just open a slit, and then she would slide her
mouth back down as far as she could over his cock, and then slide
up while sucking it, her lips stretched out over his skin. She finally
came, whispering to Jonathan ‘Don’t stop, please don’t stop.’ She
bucked on his face pretty violently. She got off him, and was
swinging around on the bed. I jumped up, thinking I might fuck her
from behind for just a minute, but she moved too fast and had her
ass in the air right where Jonathan could get to it. He started
fucking her, but I sat down on the bed near her head. After the
night before, when she had so gotten into what three people could
do, she must have changed her mind about doing only one of us
at a time. So, she started backing up and made Jonathan back up
so I could get onto the bed all the way and lean back against the
headboard. Karen sucked my cock into her mouth, and Jonathan
started fucking her. He was holding on to the sides of her butt, and
each time he shoved his cock into her cunt he shoved her mouth
down deep over my cock, and then he would rock back pulling out
of her and she would rock back with him at the same time bringing
her mouth to the tip of my cock. He fucked her for only 5 minutes
or so before coming, this time announcing it by saying very quietly
‘I’m coming.’ After he pulled out Karen started giving me really
vigorous head, and I came in another 5 minutes. That concluded
the first, and so far only, time that Karen has had sex with 3 men
within a 12 hour period. Unfortunately, that was the last time she
got to fuck Jonathan. We had another session tentatively
scheduled when his girlfriend defended her thesis and left her
university early, decided not to spend a week with relatives while
on the road, and was going to be staying with him while apartment
hunting. For some reason, he wasn’t comfortable telling her he
was popping out for a quickie with a married woman and her
husband. —————– The good news was that Karen wanted to fuck Laurence again.
So, our next session occurred in a nice apartment we were
house-sitting. It was about 2 1/2 weeks after the first session, and
Laurence came over for drinks first. After we had sat around for
over an hour, I finally said ‘Are we going to get naked now?’ I think
Karen and Laurence would have sat there chatting for another
hour. Anyway, everyone got up and went to the bedroom, and I
started taking off my clothes. They went into the kitchen to get drinks of water, and didn’t come
back. I could hear them begin to kiss and fondle.

They made out
in the kitchen for about 10 minutes. I finally went in to participate,
in case they were going to wind up on the floor or something, and
started massaging Karen’s ass as she stood embracing Laurence.
Her jeans were on, but they were unzipped and pulled down a
little. I pulled them the rest of the way down, and in doing so
reached around to the front and could feel Laurence’s exposed
cock rubbing against her panties. His cock was sticking up over
the top of his underwear. I pulled her pants off, then her panties.
Karen’s shirt was unbuttoned (I guess he had been fondling her
tits), and Laurence took her bra off, and removed the rest of her
clothes. We all went into the bedroom. They got on the bed and
continued to make out. Karen worked her way down his torso and
wound up sucking his cock for a while, and moved around so that
she was straddling his knees with her head over his cock. So I
licked her from behind but I wanted to see so I got back to
Laurence’s side and lay down on the bed next to them. She gave
him a really good blow job for about 5 or 8 minutes, sucking on his
balls and licking his cock and sucking it. She got on top and
fucked him like that for about 10 minutes. They changed, he got
on top and fucked her. He leaned back and lifted her up by
holding under her ass and fucked her really hard for a couple of
minutes. He then lay down on top of her and she opened her legs
really wide and he just really nailed her for about 10 or 15
minutes, really grinding her ass down into the bed while kissing
her and she was moaning loud the whole time. They broke for
drinks of water (the apartment was dry from the heater). They
resumed, taking my suggestion of her laying on her side and him
fucking her from behind. My idea was to 69 with her, and so I
started licking her clit, but she twisted her torso around and started
making out with Laurence so she couldn’t suck my cock. We did
that for about 10 minutes. Laurence popped out once and I put
him back in. The second time he popped out he wanted to change
positions (I don’t think he was getting much penetration). We all
had some water. Karen wanted Laurence to fuck her from behind
(he’d not done that either time yet) and got in position to suck me
while he fucked her. But he was too soft to put it in, so Karen said
‘I think we need to do it this way’ and simply turned around and
started sucking him off and wiggled her butt for me to fuck her. After just a couple of minutes, I guess he was hard, because Karen
just slid off of me and turned around again and Laurence started
fucking her and she started sucking me. I leaned around so I
could finger her clit while she kept sucking me. I reached with
both hands, so I had my left hand on the top of her ass using a
finger to rub her asshole, and had my right hand underneath
massaging her clit. I’ll be damned, and I was so pleased, when
she reached back with one hand and started squeezing
Laurence’s balls. He started fucking her really hard. Karen had to
quit blowing me. I let loose with my hands so I could reposition
myself so she could suck me. I said to Karen ‘You love being
fucked don’t you?’ Karen nodded and moaned on my cock. I
added ‘You want Laurence to come in your cunt, don’t you? You
want him to shoot a big load of cum into you.’ She pulled her
mouth off my cock and said ‘Yes.’ I leaned back around and
resumed fingering her ass and clit, and again Karen had to stop
sucking me because Laurence was fucking her so hard. After
about 15 minutes of this, Laurence announced ‘I’m going to come’
and Karen said ‘Yes, come in my cunt’ and (because her wrist
was touching my hand that was flicking her clit) I could feel her
tense her hand more as she squeezed his balls harder.
Laurence came a lot. After he pulled out of her, I had her lay down
so I could eat his cum out of her. I ate her. Then I fucked her a
minute, and then I ate her some more. She wanted to 69. So she
got on top of me and sucked me while I sucked his come out of her
and licked her clit. Laurence watched us from different sides of the
bed (as I had done while they were fucking). Karen came very
hard, and I crawled out from under her, keeping her on her knees.
I fucked her from behind. While I was fucking her, I asked Laurence if he was ready to get
back in the game (about 20 minutes had passed). He lay down on
the bed and Karen blew him while I fucked her. His eyes were
closed and his face was totally blissed out with a slight smile. He
got on his knees and started fucking her mouth. I asked him if he
wanted to trade. He didn’t. Karen wanted me to come. I told her I
wanted to wait. I felt like there was a liquid string running from her
cunt into my cock and down into my balls and up into my stomach
and that it was just moving back and forth a little bit and all I had to
do was pull it harder and my come would come gushing out. I just
let Karen rock back and forth on my cock for about 20 minutes
while she sucked Laurence’s cock. Karen’s cunt was so wet from
her cum and his cum, I was rock hard, slick and sliding, and was in
total ecstasy. Karen stopped sucking him and turned her head
back toward me and mouthed ‘Come now.’ I said out loud ‘I’m
going to wait and come when Laurence does.” He told me I didn’t
need to wait for him. I just said I was fine, that it felt great, that I
could come anytime and for him to take as long as he wanted.
After a couple more minutes Laurence commanded Karen to
‘Suck harder’ (Karen later said to me, using these words exactly ‘I
complied’). Her extra efforts did the trick, because he started
moaning and said he was coming and Karen started moaning as
his sperm entered her mouth so I let myself go and emptied my
balls into Karen’s tight little already cum-lubed snatch. Laurence dressed and left. Karen saw him out the door, still
naked. From the time they started making out until I came was
about 2 hours. We went to bed exhausted, but started reviewing
the events. I had to roll on top of her and fuck her for about 15
minutes while we talked some more about it, and then I came. I
figured that she was exhausted, but then she asked me to eat her,
and got on her knees. I ate her from behind for about 10 minutes,
and I guess she was concerned about me being tired and so she
got on her back and I ate her for another 10 minutes and finished
her like that. She was so wet. ——
That had been Monday. On Thursday I was going to go see the
‘Wizard of Oz’ on the big screen because it was the last day it was
to be in town. Laurence called before mid-day and wanted to
come over in an hour. I was in the shower when he called, so
Karen told him that I wouldn’t be there, but would talk to me and
call him back. She and I had already discussed the idea of me
leaving her alone sometime so she could fuck either Jonathan or
Laurence (at that point we didn’t know she wouldn’t get to fuck
Jonathan again), and then I would fuck her when I got back while
she told me about it. I said that I’d like to have another threesome,
and could skip the ‘Wizard,’ so we could have one right then. But I
knew Karen wanted to fuck him alone to see if he was any different
when I wasn’t there so I proposed that if Laurence was willing to
promise to make time for another threesome before we left town
that I would go and he could come over. Karen was so pleased.
Anyway, Laurence leapt at the chance. Karen was all excited and
nervous when I left. I had a great time at ‘Oz,’ occasionally
wondering what they were doing. But I was so excited that I
wound up leaving a few minutes early because I had to ship a
Christmas package on my way back, and I ‘d said I’d be back
around 2:30. Well, I got back about 2:35, and apparently barely
missed seeing him come out the door. He had been an hour late
getting there, but had stayed 2 hours, taking a shower before he
left. Karen had taken a shower with him, violating our agreement
(not that she couldn’t shower with him, but I didn’t want her
washing his cum out of her cunt) but she had remembered after
she had gotten into the shower with him that she wasn’t supposed
to shower and so she didn’t soap herself up in the critical places. I
could still smell him on both her face and her cunt. I went down on
her while she told me about it. She was sopping wet with her
juices and his cum. He hadn’t made her come, and I told her that I
was disappointed. She said maybe she was saving herself, and
also she really wanted him to fuck her. They had made out a little
while, and then he had gone down on her, but she had stopped
him and gone down on him. They had fucked missionary style for
30 minutes or so, with him really going in deep and fast, when she
pulled him out to change positions. He had been about to come
(without telling her) and although he didn’t come, he lost his
erection for a while. He quickly got it back, and fucked her
sideways for a long time. He asked her if she let me fuck her in the
ass (obviously wanting to himself) but she said she had never
done that and didn’t expect to unless he got her really really drunk
because she wasn’t in to the pain. Eventually, he fucked her from
behind, with her head being rammed into the bed. She was
squeezing his balls when he told her to squeeze harder when he
was ready to come (again, she complied) and he shot his load into
her. He made a lot of noise, because she had asked him to make
more noise so she could tell when he was coming. They
discussed other things, like the fact that he never had 2 orgasms in
the same evening even though he had done so both times in our
threesomes. He meant it as a compliment to her. I was going down on Karen the whole time she was telling me
about it, and she came while describing it. She said she had been
saving her come for me. But she had really liked the way he
fucked her, and while they were fucking she had told him how
much she had liked them sucking each others fingers while they
were fucking on Monday. She told me that she had sucked his
balls a lot because he liked it. She told me that he was the only
man who had ever fucked her really hard (meaning deep) without
it feeling like he was being aggressive. Because she told me that
they had fucked for a whole hour, I felt obligated to fuck her for an
hour. I had her put on the same 70 minute CD they had listened
to, and I proceeded to fuck her in all the positions they had used.
When the CD ended, I put her on her knees and pounded her into
the bed. She tried to be on all fours, but I asked if she had been
like that or with her head on bed. She got the idea and knelt with
her ass really high and her face in the bed and I pounded her cunt
until I added my load to his. ———————- The following Tuesday night Laurence came over for dinner. After
dinner, we made it into the bedroom and got our clothes off. Karen
was down to her panties, with Laurence in his underwear, and
they were standing next to the bed embracing. I watched him
squeeze her ass, putting his hands inside her see-through black
panties. I could see his hands and the crack of her ass. Karen, as
she kissed him, said, ‘Why don’t you pants me?’ So, he peeled
her panties off. The got on the bed then and they were making
out, with Karen laying on her back, but with her torso twisted
toward him to kiss him. I figured, her legs are spread, I’ll eat her.
So I started going down on her while she was kissing him. But
she was so wet, I figured, I’ll just fuck her first for once. So, I did. I
fucked her for a few minutes when she said she wanted to do
something else (meaning him). She got on top of him and was
kissing him and grinding her pussy onto him. She was reaching
down and kind of fumbling with his cock, and I was kneeling next
to them so I reached over and took his cock and shoved it into her.
I don’t think I got it quite right because he had to readjust it. But,
they started fucking really hard once they were engaged. I leaned
over and started licking Karen’s asshole, and reached around her
front with my left hand and started playing with her clit while she
rode his cock. She liked that, but after about 5 minutes I heard her
murmuring to him (she later said that she had said to him ‘Let’s
come in each other’s mouths’) and she said louder, to me ‘There’s
a change in plans’ and they got on their sides and started 69ing.
Karen hardly ever uses that position, so it really turned me on.
Laurence’s head was between her legs, his mouth sucking away,
and I had slid off the bed as they were on the very edge. Karen’s
head was immediately below me, and she had her mouth
stretched open and Laurence was fucking her mouth at lightning
speed. She kept pulling her mouth off and telling him to slow
down. I thought she was asking him to slow down the speed he
was eating her, but she later told me that he was licking her just
fine, that she would have come soon and she wanted him to slow
down so he wouldn’t come too fast). She stopped sucking him
and asked me for a drink of water. After she had it, she popped
her mouth back over his cock and began sucking him really hard,
and he resumed fucking her mouth really fast. I asked her to kiss
me when she came. After about 10 minutes of this she stopped to
ask me for another drink. As soon as she put her mouth back over
his cock she started moaning really loud, and I asked her if she
was coming. She just kept moaning and I was feeling
disappointed because I thought she hadn’t bothered to kiss me
when she came, when she took her mouth off his cock and turned
her head toward me. Simultaneously I could see that his cock was
shrinking and that she had Laurence’s cum all over her far cheek.
I leaned over and kissed her, and wiped up a long strand of
Laurence’s cum with my forefinger and wiped it into Karen’s mouth
onto her tongue and then kissed her again. Laurence was still
eating her, and Karen said ‘Somebody stick a finger in my cunt’ so
I did. But that was when Laurence pulled his head out from
between her legs. His face was covered with her juice, and he
was panting pretty hard and needed a drink of water. So he got
up for a drink. Karen had another drink, and I lay her back on the
bed and proceeded to go down on her. She was wetter than I’ve
ever experienced. Laurence sat on the side of the bed and began to make out with
her. They kissed while I sucked her twat and fondled her breasts.
After only 5 minutes or so I stuck my finger in her cunt and she
started moaning and squirming. I heard her murmur something
(she later said to me that she’d said to Laurence ‘I told you I’d
come in your mouth’) but kept eating her because I didn’t think she
had come just yet. After just a couple more minutes she started
moaning really loud again and her hips were shaking and I knew
she was coming. She made me stop then. But I didn’t know until
later that she had come twice. She told me later that after she
had come the first time and told Laurence, he had sucked her entire
tongue into his mouth, something no one had ever done before.
After she came hard, I fucked her for a few minutes, and
then had her get on her knees and suck my cock while I fucked her
mouth. I then fucked her from behind and Karen started fellating
Laurence and fondling him. I knew that she wanted him to fuck
her some more, but it was a little too soon for him to get hard. I am
such a giver, so I suggested that she lay down while I fucked her
and Laurence played with her clit. She lay against the head of the
bed with pillows behind her, and Laurence lay beside her and
started kissing her. I pulled her legs up and started fucking her
fast, and Laurence reached down and started fingering her clit
really fast. I could feel the vibrations, and that turned me on. They
really got into a clinch, with Karen wrapping her arms around
Laurence and kissing him and moaning and I just kept fucking her
fast and Laurence kept fingering her fast when after about 10
minutes Karen’s cunt convulsed on my cock as she came again
real hard, her cunt quivering on my cock under Laurence’s hand,
moaning as she came and as I continued to fuck her. That
pushed me over the edge, but I fucked her for another couple of
minutes before letting my cum out. I lay down on the bed, and
Karen knelt over Laurence and started sucking his cock. She got
him hard and wanted him to fuck her some more (I was right). She
lay down, and he got on top and started fucking her. I was
wondering how he felt about seconds, when he said after just a
minute ‘You’re too wet’ and pulled out. He was very tired and
dehydrated, but I wonder if he was squeamish about fucking my
cum. Anyway, we were all satisfied, and ended the evening by
exchanging our complete home addresses. We were leaving in a
few days to return home, so we invited him to come to visit when
he could. Unless he gets seriously involved in a relationship it is
pretty likely that Karen will get to fuck him either at our home or this
coming summer when we are on vacation. Even though Karen
said that the one time alone with him was enough to satisfy her
curiosity about whether Laurence fucked differently alone than
when I was there (supposedly there was no difference), I told her it
was okay for her to fuck him alone again. I know she wants to.
She is such a slut. God I love her.