Teen Sluts – Lauire and Sammi

Today I want to talk about the early days of Charmers, the magazine devoted to young girl nudes. As I said before, my earliest models were from nudist families that I had already photographed for nudist publications. The two girls I’m writing about today were the second and third models I shot for Charmers.

Laurie was a ten – year – old pixie. Not only did she have a pixie haircut, she had an elfin figure and a terrific smile that lit up the whole room. She never seemed to run out of energy. At nudist resorts Laurie was the first child in the play area every morning, and the last child to leave at night. I learned how to shoot the young nude by taking pictures of her at nudist resorts. Yes, usually she was with her family, but I also worked with her one – on – one.

Laurie’s parents had never heard of Charmers, so I showed them two of the earliest issues. After leafing through them, Ben, her father, told me there wasn’t a single picture in Charmers that would be inappropriate in any nudist publication. He and his wife, Ruth, gave me permission, subject, course, to Laurie’s decision. Ruth admonished me not to take any “raunchy” pictures. I told her that I had never taken a “raunchy” picture in my life. (In 1971, it was true. )

Now for the most important part: asking Laurie. I didn’t think she was likely to refuse, and she didn’t. She made one request, though: “Can we do the pictures at the beach house?


No, Ben and Ruth didn’t own a beach house. They were prosperous, not rich. But for two weeks in the summer, they rented a cottage by the beach way out at the end of Long Island. (In those days Long Island still had wild bits. ) The isolation enabled them and their guests to skinny – dip in the sea. According to Ruth, it was Laurie’s favorite place in the world.

“Great! Do you want me to get naked now?”

I told her there wouldn’t be any point, because we weren’t at the beach house and I didn’t have a camera with me. “But I’m excited to be working with you. ”

It was the middle of June when I drove the long, long route to the beach house. Ben, Ruth, Laurie, her brother and three – year old sister were all naked. I took off my own clothes immediately. Laurie wanted to get started right away.

“It’s too close to sunset to get the whole shoot, ” I told her, “but the the sunset light will be good for a picture on the porch.. ”

We went outside. I told Laurie to sit on the porch rail, facing the sun, put her knees apart and dangle her legs. I was right about the sunset light. Ruth and Ben were both from Mediterranean backgrounds. Laurie had beautiful golden skin, and in the sunset it seemed to glow. Her tan wasn’t broken up by bikini lines. I took several pictures, including a close – up of her tiny, perfect vagina.

The next morning we were up at dawn. I need to get most of our work together done by noon. The weather forecast predicted an overcast afternoon. I suggested that Laurie get out her bucket and spade so she could build a sand castle. That’s how we started. I got her face and backside as she crouched beside her creation. That pose wasn’t good for getting her nipples or vagina, so we moved on. She stretched herself out on a towel to sunbathe. I took several full – body pictures and then asked her to spread her legs apart and raise one knee. This gave me a perfect view of her vagina and I shot half a roll of film. Her vaginal lips were not fleshy at all. They were a straight, narrow dark line. Even when I asked her to push her lips apart to display it completely, there was nothing to be seen of her clitoris.

Suddenly, she stood up and yelled, “I have to pee!” She ran down to the water and waded in up to her waist. When she started back to shore I hollered, “Laurie, let’s get some pictures of you splashing around as the tides come in. Stop when the water is just below your waist. ” After all, what good is a beachfront nude session without shots of the girl splashing in the water?

She did several cartwheels and I shot them two ways: 8 feet away to get her whole body, and close enough to get her in a freeze – frame with her vagina at the top. For the last shots, I took her into a shed nearby. It was never used. It held a decrepit tractor, partly disassembled, and something I think was a thresher. What I wanted — and got — was the contrast between the healthy naked girl just starting her life, and the despair that hung around the rusted, abandoned machinery. This is a common trope with adult nude models, but I had never seen it done with a young gir, There was only one problem: the place was filthy. I had to use my towel to wipe off a bit of the tractor so Laurie could lean against it, and ever few moments she used hers to wipe grease off her feet. That was the only part of the shoot she didn’t enjoy. I don’t blame her

I rewarded Ben and Ruth with a few family groups, nude and dressed. The next morning at breakfast, Laurie came up with one last shot: she wanted me to shoot her with the family dog. We went outside. I have misgivings about working with animals. No matter how well – trained they are, sooner or later, animals get bored and want to wonder off. They squirm, they pout and most of them can’t sit still for a whole minute. The previous day, Ruth kept the dog, a collie mix, inside the house she wouldn’t run after Laurie and keep getting in the frame.

I shouldn’t have worried. The dog followed Laurie down to the beach, where she crouched down and gave “Molly” a great big hug. Her smile as she did so was her brightest of the day. I was pleased. The pictures I took of Laurie showed off her beauty, her athleticism and her joy of living. With the dog, I caught her loving nature.

Now to Sammi. I met her doing a shoot for a nudist magazine, and became close friends with her parents, Charlie and Barbara. (NEVER call her “Barbie. ”) Sammi had long, straight blond hair and a touch of freckle. She was eleven. Occasionally she was somber. She read the news, and knew about the many awful things in the world. I wanted her to model for me because her breast buds were big for her age. Also, her vagina had small, but growing inner lips. Like many girls raised in nudism, she was always in motion. Consequently, her legs were toned and she had enough muscle to give her a high, firm butt. Her parents were excited about her posing. “The money is going straight into her college account where it’ll earn interest for seven years, ” Charlie told me.

“Your bedroom is a tidy as any I’ve ever seen, ” I told Sammi. “What about doing it there?”


“And if you think it’s tidy now, just wait until I finish cleaning it!” Ruth added.

Sammi had two younger brothers. I told Charlie to keep them in the dark and be sure they were out of the house on the afternoon of the shoot. Sammie, her parents and her siblings live in an apartment that would be described as “small” anywhere else but New York. In season, they camped at nudist resorts almost every weekend. Sammi had no window in her room, so lights and reflectors would be necessary, but there was only room for two of each, so I would have to reposition them constantly. It would be a long session.

On the scheduled day, I arrived at their apartment to find that Sammi had already undressed and was watching TV nude in the living room. My expression must have betrayed my surprise, because Sammie said, “We go naked at home as often as we can. ” Ruth had let me in, but then she vanished into the master bedroom. When I bought up the second batch of my equipment, she opened the door in a bathrobe. To my surprise, she dropped it as soon as the door was locked, and I saw that she was nude! “Why should Sammi have all the fushe said and winked at me. Ruth had an excellent figure, as I knew well. Nature gave her big breasts and tennis (LOTS of tennis) kept her in shape. ( Tennis was how women worked out in the Seventies. It’s good exercise – works the legs and the arms. ) There wasn’t a market for “mature nudes” back then, but if there had been, some magazine would have signed her in a heartbeat.

When I worked with girls that did not grow up in nudism, I preferred to keep her parents out of the way to keep the girl from getting self – conscious. In Sammi’s case that wasn’t necessary, which was a blessing because I needed someone to hold up the reflectors. A reflector directs light back on the subject. Since the light comes from two directions, it becomes diffuse. Reflectors are also good when you need light to fill in a shadow. One of the first things I learned in nude photography was that the were always shadows, like the way a girl’s torso can put her pelvis in shadow.

To start the session, Sammy lay down on her bed, atop the covers. She pretended to read a book. From most angles it covered her nipples, so I concentrated on her face, vagina and legs.

Sami got bored lying in bed, so she did some jumping jacks. I used high speed film for those. She suggested cartwheels, but Ruth said there wasn’t enough room (especially since the room was filled up with my equipment). We settled for her dusting her chair and small desk. Dusting the seat of her chair caused her to bend over, putting her rump up high. I got several shots of her vaginal lips through her legs. We did a reclining pose, also on the bed: on her side, facing the camera, head supported by her right arm while her her left arm rested rested lightly on her legs. Her smile had a knowing quality to it, as if to say, “I know you find me beautiful. You can’t look away now, can you?”

Like many athletic little girls, Sammi enjoyed headstands. I enjoyed her headstand, too. It was a great way capture her lovely legs, with their toned, firm things and long calves. It was also an excellent way to get an image of her vagina, close up and legs apart. From a foot away, I could see that Sammi had the beginnings of her labia minora – tiny lines, not even ridges yet, inside her outter lips. You better believe I took close – ups!

I had only begun photographing young nudes for Charmers, but I had seen Dutch, German and French publications in which girls of Sammi’s age fingered their vaginas, sometimes to orgasm. I had never asked a young girl to do such a thing because that wasn’t the nudist way. So I didn’t expect what came next. “Sammi, are there any poses you would like to try that we haven’t done?”

Sammi looked over at Ruth. “Mom, remember what we talked about?”

“It’s up to Mr. Walters, dear, ” Ruth said. “Ask him. ”

Sammi turned to me. “In one of the issues of the magazine you showed me, there was a girl rubbing herself. I know what she was doing. ”

“I know the pictorial you are referring to, ” I said. “It was French. ”

“Well, how about it?” Sammi asked. “The theme for this thing is supposed to be ‘my bedroom, ’ right? I do this thing in my bedroom. ”

It was my turn to look at Ruth. “I did, uh, promise you ‘nothing raunchy. ”

“Whats ‘raunchy’ about a little girl pleasuring herself?” Ruth asked. “Masturbation is an essential part of human sexuality, especially among preteens. I did it., and so did you, I’m sure. You, of all people, should have a positive view of masturbation. Why else do you take so many pictures of nude women? And girls? I’m proud of Sammi for being so open and accepting of her body and her sexuality. Is it too much for you?”

“One of my first movie filming jobs was photographing twelve women from age 19 to 60 pleasuring themselves for a documentary, ” I said. “I’ll be happy to take pictures of Sammi pleasuring herself.

Ruth left the room. Sammi lay back in bed with her head on the pillow. She raised her right leg until it was bent at the knee and closed her eyes. Her face got a dreamy expression. (To this day, I wonder what she was thinking about. ) She began by circling her fingers around her vaginal lips. When I photographed her from the foot of the bed and zoomed in on her vagina, I could see her tiny clitoris becoming “erect” and flushing dark red. When she moved her fingers from her outer lips to the sides of her clitoris, I could no longer see it as clearly, but her pelvic area flushed, her nipples pushed out a little and her tiny breasts darkened. It took her about ten minutes finish. I did not understand the bodies of young girls well enough to see her orgasm coming, so I couldn’t catch her facial expression in the moment. When it was over she relaxed, yawned and called out to her mother to come back in.

I offered to do some mother – daughter shots. Ruth was delighted. I told her that Charmers never used an adult photograph, so these were strictly freebies for her own enjoyment (and Sammi’s). Ruth was delighted to take me up on my offer. She sat down on the bed and we did some side – by – side poses. Ruth put her knees apart until her vaginal lips were wide open. Sammi copied her pose. I knelt down before them and took a set of exposures straight at their vaginas (the most enticing shot) and the a set with their vaginas at the bottom ofd thei frame and their beaming faces at the top. I can honestly say this was the most exiting moment of my photography career. Sammi slid closer to her mother and put her leg over her mother’s, with her thigh almost touching her mother’s vagina.

We finished up with a few standing side – by – side posses, which I contributed a few years later to a book of mother – daughter nudes. (Of course I had their permission!) After that, I took some seated head shots of Sammi, with her chest draped by Ruth with various colored cloths. Then Sammi and mother dressed and we moved to the living room for some conventional portraits.

A few weeks after Sammi’s pictorial appeared in Charmers, a Dutch magazine commissioned Sammi for a shower pictorial. The bathroom in Ruth and Charlie’s apartment was simply not big enough for the necessary equipment, so I rented a luxury hotel downtown. To keep the scene from looking sterile. Ruth added homey touches like monogramed towels, pictures and slop jars of dried flowers. The pictorial began with a shot of Sammi dressed in something like a schoolgirl uniform, gazing out the picture window at the New York skyline. Then, in the bathroom, she slowly undressed in front of a full – length mirror. Once she stepped in the tub, things followed the standard sequence of nude photography in a shower scene: washing her breasts, bending over to wash her lower legs and feet (good for shots of her rear end), running water from the shower head against her pelvis (good for vaginal close – ups) and finally a long, sensual sequence in which she rubbed her body dry with a towel. Although the session actually took place in February, she dressed herself in a sundress, girly panties (pink with a yellow bee and green/blue flower on the buttocks and a smiling yellow caterpillar crawling along her waist in the front) and little sandals. In the last two shots, as she exited the bathroom, she blew the camera a kiss and winked. Both Sammi and Ruth approved of the pictures from that session. The scene of Sammi running water against her clitoris took over ten minutes to shoot, and when she said “Now!” I finally got to capture the look of orgasm on her face.

There was no real market for “mature nudes” in those days, but I did a pictorial with Ruth for a magazine that straddled the line between a standard nudist publication and erotica. The title was “Triumph On The Court!” A sweaty Ruth, heavily engaged against a younger male tennis player, removes her tennis dress to cool off and find greater freedom of movement, after which she defeats him and leads him off to the clubhouse, still naked, presumably to console him for his loss. The “plotline” was Ruth’s, who also sold the idea to the magazine. I didn’t have to ask her what Charlie thought; he was there the whole time, playing the role of the line judge.

Laurie and Sammi were good friends. The year they turned fifteen, they told their parents they wanted to do a joint pictorial. Charmers had a strict rule against “lesbian content”: no frontal hugs, no kissing and no touching each other’s breasts or vaginas. The “plot” we came up with was set on a remote mountain in Vermont. The two girls climb it on a hot day, shedding their clothes as they go to keep from overheating. At the peak, they sunbathe next to each other before climbing a tree to sit side – by – side and get a better view of the valley below. This gave me ample opportunities for action shots and close – ups of their breasts and vaginas. At the end, they go back the way they came, finding every discarded piece of clothing and putting it back on — except they cannot find Sammi’s bra, which was presumably stolen. The last shot shows the two of them waiting by the side of the road at the bus stop. Sammi’s tight top shows her nipples, obviously without a bra to restrain them. The closest we got to “lesbian content” was a shot where they sat side by side in the tree. Laurie points at Sammi’s pelvis and seems to be pointing out that Sammi has more pubic hair than she. This shoot took two weekends, even with the logistical help of their parents. The girls were usually on one slope or ledge, and I had to light and shoot them from another.

Laurie managed one appearance in a men’s magazine, but just as I suspected, she was too small – breasted to make a career of it. When she married, her husband submitted her nudes to many contests. He was a good photographer (for an amateur) and won a few of them. Laurie’s body also became familiar to the readers of Gallery.

Sammi appeared in Playboy pictorials several times in the late 70s, the how – to – books of a popular California glamour photographer in the 80s, and Aperture in the 90s. At age 50, Ruth appeared in a book of female nudes shot in the California wine country. In four soft – focus pictures she picks grapes and puts the in a basket

In the 90s, Ruth and Charlie were shown enjoying intercourse and 69 in a magazine called Frighten The Horses: A Document of the Sexual Revolution. Their pictorial was titled “Forget Sex Back In The Sixties: Having Sex In Your Sixties is a Revolutionary Act. ”