Tease and Please

Me and my neighbor’s wife played a little game of ‘show me yours, I’ll show you mine’ for about two months before she let me bang her sweet pussy. For me this was one hell of a lucky situation, taking all factors into consideration; the chief of which being I am a sixty three year old retired black man and she a pretty early thirties buxom Asian (Indian) woman.

Some of you might be thinking that I’m just a dirty, creepy old man, but before you go getting all judgmental, look at it this way. When a guy is over fifty his options in the field of sex and romance become considerably reduced unless he’s a celebrity or has tons of money. At this age if he’s still got the sexual yearnings of a young man, but not the options available, then he’s got to find alternative ways to entertain himself sexually; the way he chooses might not always be conventional, but what the heck!


Savitri, her husband and two kids, moved into the house next door two years ago. Four months ago the husband’s sister Nirmala had come to live with them after her husband deserted her and skipped the country. As the weeks went by I noticed Nirmala’s belly rising; she was now about six or seven months pregnant. Savitri’s husband was a fifty something, almost bald Indian man with a flabby wreck of a body. He was almost always drunk, and would often beat up on his wife and kids and sometimes even his sister despite her pregnancy, for the slightest infringement, imagined or real.

Savitri was on the shortish, plumpish side, pretty as a picture with smooth creamy brown skin and long shiny black hair that reached to her butt which was much bigger than you’d expect on an Indian woman. She had thick rounded thighs and big round firm looking breasts. Pouty lips and hazel eyes fitted nicely into her round face with full dimpled cheeks.

When they first moved in she had been working as a teacher, but a year later he had stopped her from working. The discontent she harbored for the life in which she was stuck was evident on her face and in her body language. Hers had been a traditional arranged Hindu marriage that she had never even remotely tried to make work. Her contempt for her husband was obvious when they were seen together. He was a vulgar, arrogant man from a rich farming family, a black sheep whom they tolerated and settled with a managerial job and generous salary only because he was family. When drunk, he delighted in reminding her that he had brought her from rags to riches.

From the first time I saw her I went into one of those wish I were a young man brooding modes that guys my age experience from time to time; because all I could think of when looking at her is getting her on a bed sprawled out and naked and me between those nice plump light brown thighs slamming my cock into her pussy, hearing her moan and scream as I rode her fat pussy. Savitri is not the kind of woman who stirs decent or tame thoughts in a man; you look at her and all that comes into your mind are visions of fucking, sucking, licking, biting, analising, burying your face between sweaty breasts and thick, soft, wet, hot thighs. You imagine her sitting on your face and grinding all her wet sticky, slushy parts all over it. You thought of her small mouth with its pouty lips engulfing your cock or trying to swallow your aching balls.

At first she was very reserved as is customary with most women of her race, and gave only the briefest of nods, barely audible greetings and smiles so below the surface of her pretty face you had to imagine you’re seeing one. I went out of my way trying to get her to loosen up when we crossed paths on the street or walked pass each other’s yard, but no dice. And it was not only men she was distant with, she was just barely a little more civil with the women in the neighborhood. Usually I don’t have time for people who don’t have time for me; if I greet you a couple of times and your response is lukewarm or if you never greeted me unless I first say something when we pass each other or you keep your head straight and never make eye contact, then I just ignore you. But I liked Savitri, not only because she was fucking sexy, but also because I felt a strange kind of kinship with her, myself being a little introverted. I had this funny feeling whenever our eyes met that we could read each other’s thoughts or that we shared some kinda of binding secret.

Although I’d noticed her sexiness from day one and thought she would be a nice fuck I didn’t really think seriously of actually making it happen until the day a strong wind and a light skirt got into a dispute and exposed her plump ass to my eyes while she was moving about her yard and I happened to be at my window looking out at the right time. She was bending over some old junk her kids had left lying about when the wind got wicked and took advantage of the light cotton skirt. Because of her hands being laden with the junk she was bending over she was unable to respond quick enough to cover her exposed ass. Bending over as she was with her legs spread fairly wide I got a prime view even though there’s a thirty feet distance between our fences due to a drainage canal between our properties. My eyes widened at the sight of her luscious ass cheeks one of which was almost totally revealed because of the lace blue bikini panty having slipped off it and into her crack. The spread legs allowed the clear view of a fat lump of vulva. After she had disentangled her hands she quickly straightened up and struggled to keep the skirt in check from the still raging wind. As if stung by a bee she spun around and looked straight over into my yard checking to see if her goodies had been seen. At that same moment, with one hand pulling at the back and another at her left thigh area, the wind chose to lift the front of the skirt all the way up. What a pussy I thought as I viewed the fluffy crotch. I could see the dark hint of black pubic hair through the light blue material. And I could feel the awakening of my cock.

A more decent man would have looked away and saved her the embarrassment, but not me; I stared boldly in wide eyed admiration of the sweet thing. Her eyes met mine and I could see the shame in hers which quickly turned to anger when she saw me smile lecherously at her misfortune. She pouted her lips and her stout legs made a hasty retreat along the side of the house as she headed for her backdoor. At her back door she looked around and seeing me still standing at my window looking over at her, she gave me a cross look and slammed the door behind her.

The next day after all my family members had departed for work and school; I quickly dressed and stood peeking through the side of a window blind waiting and hoping to see Savitri emerge and head for the little supermarket around the corner as she did sometimes. I stood there for about forty five minutes before I was rewarded with the sight of the plump Indian goddess striding across her front lawn headed for the gate. I waited until she had opened her gate, stepped out and closed it behind her. She was already drawing close to my gate when I shut my front door and headed out. She passed by, head straight just as I was opening my gate which I didn’t even bother to close. I quickened my steps and caught up to her.

“Good morning, Savitri.” She did not answer, just edged further onto the grass parapet and kept her head straight as she walked.
“I know you’re not big on manners, the whole neighborhood knows, but we’ve become accustomed to at least getting a little nod or a little squeak out of you.”
“I don’t give a damn what the neighborhood thinks and you should be the last one to talk about manners. Men with manners, especially men your age, don’t stand at their window and stare at young women.”
“Some men my age do, men with certain feelings, especially when the particular young woman is beautiful enough to stir those feelings. So that’s what has you worked up, because I got a look at your goodies. I can tell you it was a beautiful sight. Everything I saw was perfect, you can be proud of what you have; there’s no other woman in this street half as good looking or sexy as you.” Her face reddened and she almost tripped over.
“Sir I must remind you that I am a married woman,” she held up her ring finger. “Is this how you speak to other men’s wives?”
“I notice you didn’t say happily married as most women would.” She flinched at that. “And no, I don’t usually speak like this to other wives. I’ve never met a wife who looks like you.”
“You are very rude, you know, and you’re harassing me. Please stop before I have to tell your wife and my husband.”
“My wife would only laugh and call you a pretentious little bitch; and your husband would accuse you of encouraging me and beat the shit out of you. Everybody knows he beats you for nothing at all.”
“If you don’t stop harassing me I’ll tell the police.”
That nearly stopped me in my tracks, but I decided to call her bluff, guessing she would be too bashful to do that.
“And tell them what, that your dress blew up while I was looking your way and you are angry because I saw your juicy ass and nice crotch. Because that is what I will tell them.”
She started to speak, but no words came out her mouth, and she was as red as a cherry and fit to burst at the prick of a pin.
“Listen, I’m truly sorry that I saw you in that condition, okay, I know it must be embarrassing and I can understand your feelings. But I must also let you know that I couldn’t help staring; you are an extremely beautiful and sexy woman. You should be proud that you have what it takes to awaken sexual feelings and admiration in an old man like me. I can’t remember ever wanting to fuck a woman so badly. But I’m sorry if I displeased you, please forgive me.”
She turned sideways and looked at me wide eyed and her mouth open. She was obviously shocked by my frankness and its erotic nature.
“I hope you can forgive me and we can talk again in a more cordial manner sometime soon. Good day.” I said and quickened my steps.
I was surprised when I heard behind me a very soft almost inaudible “good day.”

I didn’t see her for five days, which was unusual, because I would usually see her several times a day; if not moving about the yard tending her garden, or stepping out to go to the shop, she would be at a window or the backdoor. She had a thing for standing at her backdoor, looking around idly or seemingly lost in thought. Looking up the directory I found their number and after waiting for the departure of the middle aged woman who came in three days a week to do cleaning, I dialed. After a lengthy ringing she got to the phone just as I was about to hang up.
“Good afternoon.” She said in a soft friendly voice.
“Good afternoon, sweet lady.”
“What, who is this?” she asked, in a not so soft, not so friendly voice this time.
“Your friendly neighbor.”
“You have a nerve calling my home. When will this harassment end? What do you want?” she said, trying, I could tell, to sound more annoyed than she really was.
“I haven’t seen you for five days, are you alright?”
“What is it to you?”
“I was worried, and I miss seeing you moving around; I like seeing you around. The flowers in your garden are nice, but their sweetness can’t compensate for loss of yours”
There was an extended silence and I decided to hang up, give her time for my words to sink in.

When I did see her on the sixth day it was fleeting, she stepped out on the back porch to retrieve a toy and stepped back in the house quickly after briefly glancing in the direction of my home. The next day she came out into the yard and set about working in the garden. She was dressed in tight, very short cotton shorts and close fitting blouse that had the time of its life keeping her huge boobs from popping the buttons.
When she finally looked over to my place I was in the yard shirtless doing some gardening of my own. At sixty three I was in good shape, five ten, and one hundred and seventy pounds with a fairly flat stomach. I worked out three or four days a week lifting light weights and running for an hour on the treadmill. I quickly waved at her and she slowly raised her hand in a cursory response, but she did look me in the face for a longer than usual moment, and I boldly looked her up and down, my eyes devouring her ripe, lush body. She blushed noticeably and quickly spun around. I felt a growing force in my shorts, so I went up to my bedroom and pulling the blind an inch or two took out my engorged cock and began stroking it as I watched her fat ass, big boobs and puffed up crotch moving about. As if she had knowledge of what I was doing, just as I began getting signs of a coming orgasm, she stooped down backing me, the waist of her shorts riding a good way down over her massive butt, baring about three inches of booty crack and two mounds of cream flesh. I quickened my stroking and about a minute later let out a growl as hot cum spurted out of my cock splattering the wall.

For the next couple of days before the weekend she came out into the yard at regular intervals to tend to one chore or another, always wearing something delightfully stimulating, short tights and close fitting white vest which stopped just above her deep navel, very short denim skirt and halter top, loose, short, transparent dress, khaki cut off shorts that sunk revealing into both cracks. During those two days her return hand waves and head nods were more pronounced and pretty face more relaxed though hesitant to share a smile. And I would be doing my own moving about the yard shirtless and in boxers. It was a hot time of the year.

Monday came around and I decided to make a bolder statement. A few minutes before the time her help usually arrived, from my bedroom window I spied her at the back door. I was wearing only white boxer briefs. I hurried downstairs and after stroking my cock into a semi erect state I pushed open my own back door and pretending not to have noticed her went to a patch of tomato plants and picked a couple of ripe ones. I then looked up pretending to have just seen her and enquired by gesturing if she needed a few. She shook her head in the negative and a little smile played on her lips which made my rod immediately start to stretch out. I turned around quickly and went into the house.

The next morning she came out on her back porch to do laundry in a washing machine that was stationed there. She was wearing only a transparent half-slip the waist of which was pulled up to serve as a top over her big round boobs which were braless. Thick dark nipples stuck out invitingly. When she bent over to take out clothes from a wash basin on the floor I was gifted with a mouthwatering sight of fat pussy barely contained in an orange thong that glittered. After each of the two washing cycles was completed and she leaned over into the machine to get clothes to put on the line I was again treated to some classic pussy flashing. I knew she was tempting me, and wondered how far she was prepared to go. As she hung out clothes to dry I sauntered into the yard shouted a ‘good morning’ to her; she looked over at me and gave me the first real smile I’d ever received from her. I saw her glance a couple of times at my tented shorts.

The following morning it was raining heavily. She opened the back door and came out onto the porch in a short transparent nightie with boob cups that barely kept her beauties in. she stood on the porch for a while then walked out into the pouring rain with a can of something in her hand. She walked to a storage shed in the yard which she opened and deposited the tin. By the time she got back to the porch she was soaked to the flesh, the nightie literally pasted onto her. She ran her hands along the front and sides, sliding water off. I and my cock looked at her in amazement. She walked towards the door and just as she entered the kitchen her hands reached to the hem of the nightie and she began to raise it up over her head, giving me a brief but wonderful look at her big ass in red boy shorts panties before she disappeared inside. I was hoping she would turn back to close the door and give me a look at her bare boobs but she didn’t. So you like to tease, I thought, I’ll show you and dare you to up me.

A little before midday I saw the help leave, presumably, judging by the time, to run a quick errand at the shop. A few minutes later Savitri came out on the back porch and sat down on a little cane stool facing my back door which I had deliberately left open. I had earlier taken a bath and was lurking around for the past half an hour waiting for an opportunity to present itself. Because of what I had in mind my dick was in a puffed up state. I added to its irritation by giving it about two dozen strokes, bringing it to almost full erection, while looking at savitri from behind a blind at the kitchen window. I then picked up a bath towel and walked into the kitchen pretending to be drying my hair. I headed straight to the back door and stood there rubbing away at my head, my cock hanging almost straight out bouncing from my deliberate contractions of the controlling muscles. I peeked out from the towel and saw Savitri jump up off the stool and her hand fly to her mouth as she stared wide eyed at the little seven by six monster. I remained there for about one minute before turning around and walking back into the kitchen. Just before I turned around I saw her hand drop to her front and squeeze her crotch, but she quickly pulled it away. At no time did I remove the towel enough to be seen clearly looking at her. Let her guess if I had seen her.
Half an hour later I heard my phone ring. When I put the receiver to my ear I heard a soft voice say:
“You like to show off.”
“You too,” I replied.
“No I don’t, if you think so it’s all in your head you’re misinterpreting things.” She hung up.

Next morning I was in the yard early, tending to my garden while keeping my eyes on lookout for my buxom voyeur partner. She didn’t disappoint me; she came to the open back door wrapped in a towel, hair dripping water. Without sparing me a glance she looked down at the towel as if checking to see if it was wrapped properly. She then untucked it from above her bust, opened it wide as her hands could stretch, then slowly bring her hands back in, wrapped her body and tucked the towel in tightly over her bosom. She then looked at me smiled, stuck out her tongue and calmly walked back into the house. That brief vision of big hanging boobs, smooth fleshy belly, round thighs and jet black thick but neatly trimmed pubic hair was a masterpiece in waiting to be immortalized by a Rubens.

After that day, now confident that our voyeurism and teasing was mutually enjoyable, we both dropped all pretenses of accidental flashing and went about delighting each other with our naked bodies whenever we got the chance. I would stand at my bedroom window or my back door stark naked with a hard cock and let her feast her eyes. Sometimes I would stroke or shake it at her causing her to giggle. She would go into her kid’s bedroom which was in line with mine, to dress or undress after leaving the windows open and pulling up the blinds. Or she would leave her back door open while moving about in her kitchen naked; sometimes standing in the doorway as she let her hands caress her boobs or crotch. From time to time one or the other would call and we would chat for a few minutes. She never let our talks be long, because her husband called regularly to check if she was at home; he was extremely jealous she said. During those times I would ask her to let us meet somewhere and have sex, but she said she was afraid to take it that far.

One Sunday night shortly after her husband had come home drunk there was a lengthy bout of cursing and hurling of abuses between him and the two women which culminated with him beating both of them as the children screamed. The cops later came and took him down, but he soon returned home, no doubt due to the influence of his family.

I only saw Savitri fleetingly the next day, and when I called she would not answer the phone. The following morning she ventured out on to the back porch wearing only a white vest, stretched out by her curves and bulges, and barely covering her ass. I waved at her and she responded with a half-smile and hurried back inside. She seemed ashamed to look at me. I called her right away, but the phone rang out. I called again and again and she answered on the third call. I told her that I wanted to see her and talk to her, suggesting we meet at the supermarket. But she said she couldn’t do that, for fear of being spotted by nosey neighbors. I told her that I was going to come to her house. She pleaded with me not to do that because someone might see and her husband gets to know about it, but I could sense that she was considering it, after all she didn’t say she didn’t want me to come to her, the issue was really about her husband finding out.

After she hung up I went to my bedroom and rummaged in a drawer. About a month ago I had got me some Cialis tablets. I was under no delusions; at sixty three accidents could happen suddenly. I wanted to be prepared; I wanted to ride that filly long and hard if given the chance. I popped a pill in my mouth and went to take a bath. Half an hour later I called her again. She picked up the phone on the second ring. Sometime back she had mentioned that they were having some electrical problems and being I was fairly adept at that kind of work I had offered to take a look, but she had refused the offer. I suggested that I could come over under the guise that I was there to do work. I would have my tool kit and some other equipment in my hands so anyone seeing me would not read anything into it; especially since I am an old man I said. That coaxed a laugh out of her and after some more pleading she agreed to chance it.

When she let me in I noticed right away the slight swelling and the dark mark under her left eye and a little cut on her lip. There was a bruise on her shoulder. When I touched the bruise and the spot under her eye she broke into tears and fell into my arms sobbing. I kissed the top of her head and ran my hand along the long shiny black hair that fell all the way to her butt. I brought my hand around and massaged a big breast which was surprisingly firm for its bulk. She raised her head up and we kissed hard and long, sucking on each other’s tongue. She licked my face and I licked her face and neck, I was going to pull away from her neck for fear of leaving a hicky, but she held my head firm.
“Bite me there, mark me, I don’t care.”
“But he will see and might beat you again.”
“How will he prove it’s not one of his marks, I have marks all over. Here, let me show you.” She lifted the nightie over her head.”
I stared at the black and blue marks. “He’s a brute” I said.
“No, he’s a weak sissy. So you leave your mark, a man’s mark and after you go I will be able to touch it and look at it and feel you are still here with me.”
I did as she requested, sucking on her soft neck until a red blotch marked the cream skin. My hand dropped lower and cupped the handful of woman flesh covered in soft black hair. It was already wet down there and I could feel it pulsing against my palm, begging for penetration. I wanted to taste it, smell it, so I lifted her and stepped over to a big red swede sofa and put her down. She quickly spread her shapely plump legs and I got on my knees between them. I felt her hand gently rub my wooly salt and pepper hair as I sniffed her feminine aroma. I spread the lust swollen lips and marveled at the crimson walls wet with female dew. I licked at them tenderly and she groaned and gyrated under my flickering tongue. I found her stiffened clit and she screeched and bucked as my tongue and lips drove hot sensations into her willing flesh. Her foot found my crotch and massaged it softly preparing it for pussy work, letting it know that it was needed. My head remained between her thick thighs for a long time, as my hands made love to the two giant flesh balls, massaging the bulk, pulling and tweaking the long fat nipples.

She slid off the couch and her hands found my zipper and the button and set them free. She dragged my shorts and boxer briefs off in one quick movement. Her hands caressed my balls then she clutched my cock and hefted it in her palm as if testing its weight. She squeezed it gently then leaned over and licked it lovingly. She put it to her nose as if trying to force it into the tiny hole. Then it was deep in her mouth, being slurped and licked and bit and sucked with passionate abandon. She took it out and ran her tongue all along its length, first along the belly then bending it downwards to tease The back. She bit into its hardness firmly but carefully. She wrapped both fists around it and pumped it for a while then she took my balls into her mouth one at time, at first, twirling them around and sucking on them; Then after some effort got them both into her hot mouth. It was obvious from the way she did her sexy loving that she was experimenting with things she’d always wanted to do but never got the chance. She was happy as a lark and horny as a bitch in heat, blowing hard throughout her ministrations to my privates. She blew my mind when her little pointy tongue, stiff and wet, probed my anus and she sucked and slurped on it with a hunger I never imagined she had.

She threw her short chubby legs over me and brought her shapely big ass down on my hard dick. She began a slow back and forth movement along the length of my manhood running her wet squishy pussy lips over it. She put her hands down, shifted position and parted the lips so my cock was nestled between them. She resumed the back and forth movement; the tempo increasing every few seconds until she was riding me like a crazed woman. She straightened up and I watched her plump hips spread out and the sides tremble as she rode. I looked up and saw that she was grimacing, then whistling, then hissing loudly, then coming with a mighty force. Her eyes were rolled back and her body had gone red and all pimply. She collapsed on me snorting hard. Her lips found mine and, her mouth opened and she was gushing saliva to mix with mine; then she was still. I let her remain still on me for about two minutes before turning her over and getting between her legs which she immediately spread wide and hoisted them high in the air. Her hands took my urgent dick and guided it to her entrance. When I felt its head part the lips I pushed forward furiously sending almost my entire length into her. She screamed and her legs came down and around and locked behind my thighs to keep me from moving. Her hands pushed against my chest. Her face showed pain.
“No baby no, please, you’re too big, not like that; love me tender and slow, not rough. I’ve had enough roughness in my life. I hate roughness. I want it slow and tender. Be gentle with me please. I pulled back and went into her slowly for about a dozen times. Then I began a slightly faster thrust and grind in and on her welcoming pussy the walls of which were all the while contracting around me.

“Yes baby, do me like that,” she whispered.
I did her like that long while sucking on her fat nipples, licking between the sweaty globes, nibbling and tongue-probing her ears and nose. Just as I felt the pressure buildup in my loins she began to shiver and we exploded together. We gripped each other tightly and rolled around on the carpet as our bodies jerked and flushed out love liquid.

“Thanks, old boy, you’re a treasure.” She said and kissed me wetly.

About ten minutes later I told her:
“Let me go and look at your circuit and see what needs to be done so you can have some work to show for my presence here just in case, then we can fuck some more.”
“Yes, but I don’t like when you curse,” she said punching me playfully. “I hear too much of it in here as it is, from my husband and his sister.”
We got up and she took me to the circuit breaker. No sooner had I started my testing than I felt a nudge against my crotch. I looked down and saw her on her knees, my cock already in her sweet mouth her breast soft and nicely pressed against my leg, I had no choice but to remove my hands from the one hot wire and put on another type. I rubbed her head as she blew me. My cock was soon fully hard and rearing to get back into her. She was gagging on the buried length against her tonsils. We heard the soft sound and then the loud explosion at the same time. She pulled back and I pulled back at the same time, saliva dripping from her chin and my cock head.
“What the mother fuck!”
It was her sister-in-law Nirmala, standing two feet away staring at us with red face and red, shiny bulging eyes, hands on hips, swollen belly pushing forward.
“No wonder my brother beats your fat fucking ass, if this is what you get up to when he’s not around. Well I’ll be fucking damned.”
“First of all I’m not fat, you fucking boney bitch, I’m thick; the same thick I’ve heard you say you’d rather be, so many times.” Savitri said, her face blazing with anger.
“Whatever!” Nirmala replied, seemingly stopped in her tracks.
“Secondly, this is not why your brother beats me. I’ve never done this before and you know it. Actually, this is happening because he beats me, this is how I decided to fight back. What about you, he beats you; is it because you fuck behind his back, is he your man?”
“Don’t talk shit, I don’t fuck my brother, he’s not attractive enough to make me even consider incest.” She started to step back, looking around for a chair, while holding her pregnant stomach. “I’d better sit down before you two fuckers cause me drop my baby before time.”
“What are you doing home at this time?” Savitri asked.
“I wasn’t feeling well so I went to the doctor; he gave me a few days sick leave from work.”
“No doubt due to the beating your brother gave you for no reason at all Sunday night.” Savitri said, and I could see a flash of anger in Nirmala’s eyes.
I was amazed at how smoothly Savitri was defusing the situation, and I was half hoping that I could get back to fucking her shortly; I was still horny and made even more so since while talking she had reached up and was gently squeezing my now only partially erect dick. I noticed that Nirmala was constantly eyeing my dick with interest. Could this be a threesome in the making, I wondered.
“Maybe you should fight back the way I do, wouldn’t you like to have your pussy fucked by this big black cock?” Savitri suggested, smiling wickedly.
My cock jumped to full attention as my brain registered the possibility of a threesome. I liked the way Savitri was guiding it in that direction. Nirmala eyed my cock, and I could tell she was turned on.
“As fucking attractive as that sounds, I’ll have to pass on it; in my condition I don’t think I could handle a cock, especially one that big, I’ve never had anything close to that size in me.” She said, blushing red, her eyes glassy with desire. I noticed her hand had slipped lower under her belly and through the white blouse her nipples were very prominent on the swollen B cup breast. It felt good hearing my penis referred to as big, since I’ve always felt that as a black man my seven-sixer was a bit below the standard.
“Aw, come on, a fucking would do you good, help keep your pussy slack for the baby to get an easy passage”
“No, thanks, but if you two don’t mind, I’ll just sit here and enjoy the show. You just resume your sex, don’t mind me. And by the way, I thought you didn’t like cuss words, since when did you learn to use them.”
“Since I learned to fuck, today,” Savitri said bluntly.
“Girl, just shut the fuck up and go back to sucking that dick. I haven’t seen a nice show in a long time.”

Savitri needed no further urging. She spun around and had my cock in her hot mouth in a jiffy, her full lips wrapped around the head in a sweet grip. Her hands searched for my balls and caressed them. I looked at the wide eyed Nirmala, her legs were spread wider than previously and she was definitely, subtly rubbing her crotch. She was a slim red headed Indian, very light skinned, with a few freckles on her face, which was not particularly attractive, but had a cute slightly turned up nose and a wide mouth with full sexy lips and big black shiny eyes. She had the thin thighs, flat ass and pudgy waist common among Indian women. Pregnancy had given her a glow and added sexual aura, and her raunchy language added to the sexual heat coming out of her. Savitri stood up and leaned against the wall and I slid down and buried my face between her wide spread legs. I give her wet pussy long licks before snatching her enlarged clit between my lips. As my mouth worked on her clit; I put two fingers into her hot hole and she undulated nicely against the wanted intrusion.
“Fuck!” I heard Nirmala cry out and when I looked around she had one hand inside a loosened blouse and the other was stroking between her spread legs, one foot propped high on the chair seat.
After a few minutes Savitri once again slid to the carpeted floor, getting on hands and knees. I joined her and promptly spread the fat cheeks and sunk my nose to her pulsing butt hole. I lapped at it for a few seconds then pointing my tongue probed the hole. I looked around and saw Nirmala’s blouse was wide open and both swollen tits were exposed, her nipples long and fat like Savitri’s, but a lighter red as opposed to Savitri’s chocolate brown.
“Yes honey, lick my ass, and push your tongue up it. It feels so good.”
“Holy fuck, I never knew people really did these things. You two are fucking hot, you’ve got my pussy running,” blurted out Nirmala as she wriggled under her flashing fingers.
“Go lick her pussy and asshole, baby, show her what she’s been missing.”
Eager to materialize the threesome I quickly crawled over to the chair.
“Get up bones,” Savitri said, pulling up a hypnotized Nirmala, and quickly slipping her blouse and bras off. She then pulled down the skirt and underwear together.
Nirmala slipped out of them and quickly slumped back into the chair placing the heels of both feet on the seat without being told. I gazed at the swollen belly with its sexy looking stretch marks and the swollen breasts resting on it, nipples red with excitement. When I licked her pussy she shuddered and screamed.
“Don’t alert the fucking neighborhood bitch!” Savitri said and quickly leaning forward covered Nirmala’s wide mouth with hers in a long kiss. Nirmala tried to wriggle free but Savitri held her face in place.
“You’re an ugly bitch, but you have a sexy mouth, I’ve always wondered what it’d be like to kiss it.”

I continued to suck and lick Nirmala’s gushing pussy and stiff clit while Savitri sucked on her breasts. I pulled her down lower in the chair and pushed her legs up so I could get my mouth to her ass hole. It was one of those floppy kinds of ass holes with a hemorrhoid kind of look. But I didn’t mind, I parted the folds and stuck my tongue in. she grabbed my head and held it firm against the anus, which didn’t smell as fresh as Savitri’s, and I was glad when I heard Savitri say:
“Let’s go fuck on that bastard’s bed.”
With her leading the way we all hurried into the bedroom.
“Fuck her first” Savitri said as we got to the king sized bed.

I placed Nirmala to lie on her back at the side of the bed and I sat down facing her, one of my legs on the bed and the other on the floor. I put her right leg on my left shoulder and eased forward in line with her slightly gaping, wet, pink walled pussy, while I pushed her other leg wide. I pushed forward and eased my throbbing cock gently into her puss which immediately clamped my cock. I proceeded to make short gentle thrusts into the hungry pussy while I toyed with her clit. She tried as best she could to wriggle her ass as my cock pleased her. Savitri got beside her and began to lick her breast, while she inserted a couple of fingers into Nirmala’s mouth for her to suck on.
‘Jesus fuckin Christ,” Nirmala whispered, “this is fucking sweet, fuck me, black man.”
I continued to stroke her with now long but soft strokes. Savitri sat on her face, hands gripping the high bed rail and started to wriggle her plump ass.
“Suck my pussy you bony bitch.”
Nirmala disengaged her mouth briefly and in a soft muffled voice said, “I don’t mind, you fat whore, your puss tastes good.”
I couldn’t help laughing at their exchange, and I leaned forward and slapped Savitri’s dimpled ass cheeks, causing her to wriggle faster against her sister-in-law’s pussy crushed face. I wet a finger and stuck it into her butt hole and she jerked hard, bringing a grunt and snort from Nirmala.
I gripped Nirmala’s hips and began to pound her a little harder, causing her pregnant belly to expel some gas. Soon after she began to shudder and hiss as goose bumps dotted her thighs. As she came I extracted my cock and placed it against the folds of her flabby asshole, pressing against it hard till I slipped in about an inch. She screeched and Savitri covered her mouth with hers again. I pulled out my cock and she immediately started squirting piss. Thinking quickly I swung her body around holding it suspended off the bed, letting the piss fly to the floor. She degassed a few more times as the last drops of piss trickled to the polished floor. I pulled her back onto the bed.
“Okay, you’ve had your fuck and your cum, now get your bony ass out of the way so I can fuck with my man. Go get something and clean up the floor and then make some coffee. But first lick that cock clean I don’t want your pussy and ass juices inside me.”
“Fuck you fatty, it’s your room, clean it yourself. And I’m staying right here and watch your fat ass get fucked, I’m not your maid.”
Nirmala didn’t object when I brought my hard dick to her big mouth; she seemed only too happy to carry out that one of Savitri’s commands. She licked and sucked me clean and would have gone on forever if her sister-in-law hadn’t intervened.

There was obviously bad blood between these two, despite them both suffered beatings from the drunken man of the house. Savitri ignored her last comment and after I was licked clean got on her knees and cocked her luscious ass in the air as she gripped the bed rail. I lined up my cock and penetrated her moist hole.
“You can do it a little harder this time, but not too hard, you know I don’t go for roughness.”
As I plunged into her I heard Nirmala giggle and say: “So the lard mama can’t take cock like a woman, at least my bones can take a slugging. If she’s not up to it you can pound me as hard as you want any time big boy.”
“So you’re already plotting to steal my man madam bones, not while I have life and sweet fat pussy; fuck me baby, pound me hard, I’ll show her.”

It was hilarious the way these two carried on, but I didn’t have time for comedy; fucking is serious business. So I told them both to shut up and slammed my cock into Savitri’s fat pussy causing her ass to jiggle and roll. I turned her to the side and got one foot on the floor while the other remained on the bed. She got on her elbows, sunk her back bow-like with ass and head in the air. Nirmala re-positioned herself to get a better view of the action. I gripped the jiggling flesh of her hips and ass and drove into her. I saw Nirmala snake her hand underneath her and began to tweak her distended nipples. She pushed back against every thrust I made intent on getting all of me deep inside her and showing Nirmala that she wouldn’t back down from hard dicking. I rode her hard, slapping her jiggling ass every minute or so. She bucked and ground against my groin feverishly and did a long tantalizing rolling of her ass after asking me to just stay still. As she rolled her ass I put my had under her and titillated her clit while Nirmala, professionally I would say, only intent on getting the job done forgot about their beef and getting under her chest sucked on her big breasts while allowing Savitri to reach around with one hand and finger fuck her vigorously. Nirmala exploded first, followed by Savitri. Who bucked and snorted like a rodeo bronco until her seizures died away. She pulled away from me and gobbling my cock sucked me off roughly until my water broke its dam and flooded her mouth. Nirmala brought her mouth to Savitri’s and they shared the cum during a long kiss.

Nirmala was on leave for the rest of the week. They told the maid not to come in until the next Monday, and with the help of Cialis I fucked them every day, all day till the weekend came. Later, one Saturday afternoon when Nirmala’s water broke and her brother was out somewhere getting drunk and Savitri had gone to a school function with the kids it was I who took her to the hospital. She told her family that she wanted me to be godfather, which they were not too pleased about, but she stood her ground against their objections and it was done. Because of this it did not raise suspicions when I would occasionally go over to their house and they come over to mine.

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