Sybian Cougar

I yawned, Mr. Dean’s math class was another boring grind. The only thing that really happened, that brought me into the circle, was Kirsten Jensen got herself reprimanded for whispering to her friends causing Jordan Mathers to giggle.

After class, I caught up with my best friend, Lisa Heinzman, talking with the two of them, along with Sarah Jones, who is not in our math class. Jordan was saying something about her initiation.

Kirsten said, “Oh yeah, you were right, she’s really something!”

Lisa replied, “Yeah, when it happened to me, I just knew I had to tell everyone about it, in fact, I was encouraged to. God, I’ve never had an experience like that!”

Intrigued, I asked, “What is it, can I see it, can I try it?”

“Definitely,” replied Lisa.

“What is it, I wanna know, what is it?” I pestered, my voice getting whiny.

The bell for the next class sounded, and Lisa said, “Janey, I’ll tell you later,” and she hurried off to her next class.

Finally, at the end of classes, I talked to Lisa alone.

“Okay, you know about the Brinkman place?”

“Yeah, that big old mansion that’s two blocks away from my house.”

“That’s the one. It was bought, and the owner has shall we say, an attraction to girls our age.”

“Hold on just a minute, some dirty old man wants to use his house to molest a bunch of 16-year-old girls?”

“Hang on for a sec. It’s not a man, it’s a woman. Okay, here’s some of what went on. Kirsten was walking by on her way home and met the new owner, Brooke Morrison. She looks to be about 45, Kirsten said she looks like a cougar, and she stopped to say Hi. Kirsten said the way her eyes went all over her body made her feel all tingly and hot. She invited Kirsten inside and poured out some lemonade. It was a hot day, and Kirsten drank hers down pretty quickly. After a few minutes, she started to feel funny, a bit drowsy and pretty horny.”

“I went to visit Brooke Morrison after Kirsten told it to me, and I was offered the lemonade, and just like Kirsten, I got that drowsy and very horny feeling. When she smiled, took my hand, and led me on, just like Kirsten, I was ready for anything.”

I was on the edge of my seat, and I said, “What, what is it is, Tell Me!”

Lisa said, “That’s as far as I can tell you. We promise to not reveal the whole story. This is as far as Kirsten went, she said you have to be ready for anything, the anticipation, the wondering is part of the build-up. Trust me, you won’t regret it.”

Frustrated, but intrigued as hell, I decided I HAD to experience whatever it was.


The next day found myself wandering by her house. No school today, and I hoped she was watching and waiting for one of us to walk by. Fortunately, she was.

At the “Good Morning” behind me, I stopped and turned. There she was, she may have been 45, but she was really hot. Tight shorts, no visible panty lines, a tight tube top that held up a hefty cargo, at least a 36D maybe even bigger, the nipples were stiff and making their presence known against the fabric. Her face was unlined and smooth, giving me a sexy smile, and her clear blue eyes were full of heat.

“Hello, it’s good to meet you, I’m Brooke Morrison, do you live near here?”
I replied, “Yes I do, I’m Janey Sommers, I live just two blocks away, it’s nice to meet you, Brooke.”

“It’s nice to meet you too Janey, it’s hot today, would you like to come in and have some nice cold lemonade?”

“I’d love it, thank you.”

I followed her inside, and it was quite a place. The inside had been rehabbed and restored to its former glory. She led me to the kitchen and in a few moments, a tall glass of lemonade was before me. Knowing what was to occur made my curiosity unbearable, and no matter what, I had to have it satisfied. It took a little time before the glass was empty, and we chatted for a few minutes. Just like Lisa, I could feel the drowsiness, and my pussy became a raging storm of lust-fueled heat.

Brooke came over and sat next to me, her hand reached down and stroked along the inside of my thigh. I let out a purr of pleasure, my skin tingled to her touch.

“Bet you are feeling incredibly horny, aren’t you Janey? Would you like to experience something that you’ve never felt before?”

Unable to resist, I cooed, “Yes, oh yes, I am so ready.”

She gave me warm smile, took me by the hand, and led me downstairs. A hallway led to the right, and at the first door, she stopped, opened it, and led me in. Flipping on a light switch, she showed me what awaited. I took a moment to register what I was looking at.

It was a half-barrel shape, covered with black vinyl. The words Sybian was on the end of the barrel facing towards me, and I could see a bump rising up from the top of the half-circle.

Brooke purred, “This is a Sybian, the ultimate in female pleasure. You will feel sensations like you’ve never felt before. You want it, don’t you?”

The stimulant was making me hornier than I’d ever felt before, and Brooke started to gently strip me, kissing here and there, making my body thrum with eagerness. She led me over, and asked “Are you still a virgin?”