Shopping Fun

My girlfriend decided we didn’t do enough together so she took me cloths shopping. We slowly walked around all the shops as I watched her try on dress after dress, shoe after shoe and so on.

We went into a shop so she could try on new underwear. She asked me to pick out a pair of panties. So I went looking around the shop and found very sexy pink lace underwear. I went back and handed them to her. She grinned at me and went to the locker to try them on. I was standing outside the locking waiting for her to come out, she called me closer to the locker and said she wanted to see what I thought of her in the sexy underwear. She unlocked the door and pulled me in; standing there she asked me what I thought. I admired her legs and looked up, I noticed a wear damp patch on her panties as she move her body closer to me and kiss me on the lips.

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We kissed and kissed and slowly she got wetter and wetter, she pushed her body close into mine and removed my T-shirt. I kissed her then got down onto my knees, I looked at the damp panties and gave them a slow lick, she sighed softly and lent her back against the wall to give her support. I slowly pulled down the panties until they were around her ankles. I moved my hands onto her thighs and started licking at her pussy lips, she moaned softly trying not to make a big noise. I started licking softly at her clit, she grabbed onto my hair and tried to push me in more.