Shopping Fun

My girlfriend decided we didn’t do enough together so she took me cloths shopping. We slowly walked around all the shops as I watched her try on dress after dress, shoe after shoe and so on.

We went into a shop so she could try on new underwear. She asked me to pick out a pair of panties. So I went looking around the shop and found very sexy pink lace underwear. I went back and handed them to her. She grinned at me and went to the locker to try them on. I was standing outside the locking waiting for her to come out, she called me closer to the locker and said she wanted to see what I thought of her in the sexy underwear. She unlocked the door and pulled me in; standing there she asked me what I thought. I admired her legs and looked up, I noticed a wear damp patch on her panties as she move her body closer to me and kiss me on the lips.

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We kissed and kissed and slowly she got wetter and wetter, she pushed her body close into mine and removed my T-shirt. I kissed her then got down onto my knees, I looked at the damp panties and gave them a slow lick, she sighed softly and lent her back against the wall to give her support. I slowly pulled down the panties until they were around her ankles. I moved my hands onto her thighs and started licking at her pussy lips, she moaned softly trying not to make a big noise. I started licking softly at her clit, she grabbed onto my hair and tried to push me in more.

I stood up and kissed her on the lips she could taste her fresh cum on my lips and slid her tongue into my mouth. I moved my hands onto her waist as she unbuckled my belt she pushed my trousers and boxers down around my ankles and slowly started stroking my 6 inch cock with her soft hands.

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She pulled my body closer to her and guided my hard cock into her pussy. She asked me what we would do if she started moaning loudly, I picked up the panties she was wearing and pushed them into her mouth as a gag. I started to fuck her slowly up against the wall, she moaned but it was muffled out by the pants in her mouth. Faster and deeper I went. After a little while she moaned with an orgasm and letting the juices slide down her leg slowly, I came quickly after her. We stood there breathing heavily. I pulled the panties out of her mouth and kissed her she kissed me back and thanked me.

We got dressed quickly and left the lace underwear in the locker. Outside the shop I asked her what we were going to do next. She turned around to me and said she needed a new bra. I grinned as we walked off into the next shop.