Pub Sex Series: WIFESLUT

Carrie was fitted with her own collar and ordered to be a good puppy. She
heeled alongside Danny.
The first person I came to was a girl about 26 years old. She had lovely
blonde hair and
from my line of vision I could see directly up her short skirt. She was not
wearing any panties
and I was delighted to see that she was a natural blonde. As I crawled to
her chair she spread
her legs farther apart and said, “Hi doggie, are you lost?” I found this
treatment to be very
exciting and decided to improvise a little. I stuck my head under her skirt
and sniffed at her sex.
The aroma was exhilarating. Danny quickly jerked back on the leash which
caused me to be
pulled up onto my knees. Danny said, “I’m sorry maam, My dog isn’t usually
like this.”

blonde then began rubbing my back. I knew I was too begin begging,
I got onto my knees and placed my “paws” in a begging mode. “Please maam, I
your wet pussy from my keen sense of smell. Please let me lick it for you.
PLEASE!” I meant it
too. I wanted to taste the juices that I was only allowed a brief whiff of
moments earlier. Too my
delight, the blonde pulled her skirt up until it was over her hips, exposing
her glorious, golden
pubic hair for the entire group. I glanced quickly at the man sitting next
to her. I later learned he
was her husband. His cock was creating a large bulge in his pants while he
looked on with
great interest. She said, “Your dog has a keen sense of smell. She can tell
that I am very
horny.” With that the young woman used her fingers to part her golden
triangle and allow Danny
to see how juicy she was. I continued in my begging mode, knowing I had to
wait for permission
from my owner.
Finally the girl asked, “I would like for your bitch to lick me. If she
does good I will lick
your cock. I always wanted some huge cock in my mouth.” At that comment her
turned red and was more than a little upset at his prissy wife sucking off a
black dishwasher.
But I had my orders. I crawled back between her lovely tanned thighs and
gently licked the
juices that had seeped onto them from her own solo exploration. As my tongue
made its way to
her moist entrance, I heard her sigh. I began licking her, running my tongue
along her clit and
occaisionally darting it briefly into her opening to bring out more of her
nectar. I must have been
doing a good job, she began squirming in her seat and finally reached out and
shoved Carrie
away from Danny’s huge black rod. “GET THAT BITCH OUTTA HERE”, the blonde
screamed, “I
WANT HIM.” With that she thrust her open mouth onto his sword, trying to
take too much in at
once. She immediately began to choke on it and spit what she had consumed
right back out.
She then took a slower pace, as I continued to drill my tongue in and out of
her slippery cunt.
After only a few moments more of the combination of my tongue and Danny’s
extremely large
cock, she began moaning as her orgasm approached. She had taken over
two-thirds of his
ebony dick into her mouth, but now all she was concerned with was my tongue
and her pussy. I
felt a small gush of juices as she finally could take no more. The wonderful
taste of her cum
drove me into a licking frenzy as I tried to get as much as I could before I
was ordered to

I continued down the line, stopping at each chair to beg for more cock and
more pussy.
Rick would not allow me to continue until I had made the person I was with
cum. Two women
passed on having me but not a single guy hesitated to let me take their
cocks. There was such
a variety in shapes and sizes. Some were uncircumsized, some short and fat,
some long and
thin. But the ones I enjoyed most were the ones like Danny. While none of
them were his equal
there were a few that had extreme lengths and widths. To my delight, only
one man, Ron, had
a short and skinny dick. (It does matter guys….but you still have to know
how to use it.) Ron
didn’t take long, about 45 seconds, before he gushed into my mouth. I had to
swallow all of the
cum or I would be punished further.
I was also interested in the different tastes that each of the men and each
of the women
had. I had never tasted sperm that I disliked, some didn’t taste as well as
others but I could
swallow them. Two of these men tasted awful, but I obediently swallowed what
I was given.
The women were very sweet and I enjoyed most all of them.
Halfway through the crowd, Danny had taken all of Carrie’s mouth he could
manage. He
began shooting gallons of his spunk into her throat. She took most of it but
some dribbled out
onto her breast. Carrie was now supplied with her on strap-on cock and
ordered to fuck me like
a bitch in heat. Carrie was the male dog and should be aggressive.
So for the rest of my “show”, I was giving head and licking pussies while
Carrie used a
8″ plastic cock to fuck me doggie-style. I fought off several orgasms but
with each mouthful of
spunk it was getting more difficult.
The last person was an older gentleman, I would guess in his mid to late
60s. He was
very distinguished in his appearance and looked very shy. But as I
approached he unzipped his
pants and removed his 6 1/2 inch tool. It was fully erect and I quickly
devoured it, forgetting to
beg. Carrie was bringing me so close to another orgasm I decided to let go.
When the old man,
had all he could take and began shooting streams of cum into my mouth, I
began bucking my
ass backward like the bitch they had made me. This resulted in a
mind-blowing orgasm for
myself as well as the man whose cock was pumping jizm into my belly.

Rick took the leash from Danny and led me to the table, where I was once
again tied to
the table legs by my ankles. Rick announced that I had again reached orgasm.
Even though I
had satisfied a total of forty-eight men or women with my mouth I was still
to be punished.
He reached into the box one more time coming out with a blindfold. As he
placed the
blindfold around my eyes he told everyone this was the last act of the show.
After which we
could all pair off as we liked. He also announced that Carrie and I would be
here for their
pleasure for as long as we were needed.
With the blindfold in tact I was now at their mercy, I could not see
anything. I could feel
though….and that was all I needed. I could feel a cold greasy substance
being rubbed along the
entrance to my asshole! Now I was very frightened. While I considered
myself very sexual, I
had NEVER allowed anyone to insert anything there…I knew I could not
protest though I tried.
“Please….DON’t DO THIS…..I…..NNNOOO!!!!”
I was right it did no good. I knew it was Rick whose cock was at my anal
enterance. He
wrapped his hands around my hips after he had managed to position the head of
his cock at my
brown hole. I was afraid he would try to thrust at once and tear me apart so
I begged, “Please, I
have never done this, go slow!” Rick did go slow and squirmed his cock into
my rectum. It was
lubed also and went in fairly easily. Or that is what I thought, a sharp
pain shot through my body
as his cock pierced my anal cherry. I let out a loud scream and grabbed the
edges of the table
to brace myself. That caused Rick to stop and allow me to get adjusted. This
pain was far more
intense than even Danny’s girth stretching my pussy. Then a new fear came
upon me….What if
he let everyone fuck my ass! I could suck everyone but I would not be able
to take them all in
either my pussy or my ass. But mostly I knew I could not take Danny’s cock
into my ass. As
much as this hurt and he was twice the size in both width and length.
Finally Rick felt my ass had enough time to get used to his manhood and
thrust a couple
inches in. It hurt again, but this time the pain subsided quickly and was
replaced by the
yearnings of sexual desire. I could not help but release a heavy moan which
was quickly
detected as arousal instead of pain. That was all he needed as he began
thrusting his swollen
cock in and out of my chute. He was showing no sign of slowing down as he
really rammed me
good. I could not control the orgasms that began welling up inside me. I
began meeting each of
his thrusts as I arched back allowing him even deeper access. Then came my
surprise. When
the first orgasm began to subside, a second orgasm started, then a third and
finally a fourth, all
right after the other. In the middle of my fourth orgasm, I felt the
familiar hot, sticky substance
filling my asshole. Load after load was being dumped into me. With one
final plunge, Rick held
his cock buried to the hilt, still streaming cum. There was more cum in my
ass than I ever
imagined possible.
As he withdrew his cock from my ass, I heard a slurping, suction sound and
then felt
sperm running all down my legs. I could still feel the slimy cock rubbing
against my ass cheeks
I prepared for another to step up, I was actually hoping for it now. But
instead, I felt a hand
across my face, removing the blindfold. It was Rick! So who was fucking my
“Hi Honey, I hope you had fun this evening.”, came Jeff’s voice. I looked
back still not
believing it was him. He had begged and pleaded for me to let him take me
there and I would
not let him. Now he has done it in front of a crowd of people.
“I will never say no to anything again.”, I managed to say. He kissed me
and said he
had to go. I was instructed to stay and serve everyone at the party. I was
to be obedient and
never to say no.
The rest of the party got very erotic, but makes for better imagery than
writing. Let’s just
say, I have not missed a Christmas party again.