A stud’s justice

Kevin and Lana were in trouble. They had wanted to go home as their high-school activities ended, but at one point, three very shady and angry guys blocked their path. As the dark-haired girl looked around for a way out, panicked, the 18-year-old chemist prodigy realized what has happened: he had busted an attempt by some no-good people to use the school lab secretly…for drug making. Now, they wanted revenge- these were the goons of the people that were now going to be tried and imprisoned. He tried to reason with them: “There is nothing you can do…the lab now has limited access- windows and doors were replaced. No drugs for anyone.” It didn’t exactly work. “You little dipshit…we’re gonna make you pay for calling the cops!” The three men were angry, and the one that had a baseball bat came forth, wanting to break Kevin’s glasses, nose and skull. The scared girlfriend screamed, as the bookish, skinny male seemed very pessimistic about their odds of survival.
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A young virgin and a plump, mature, conservative woman (1)

Not long ago Cindy would’ve said it’s wrong for a 64 year old woman to seduce an 18 year old guy and fuck him senseless. She would never have imagined doing such a thing, but it’s funny how people can change. For most of her life Cindy held conservative views on sex and relationships, and she still does. However, last week young Tommy completely altered her view of sex and intimacy. Cindy would be lying if she claimed it ‘just happened’. It didn’t just happen. Cindy knew what she was doing and it was completely premeditated. It was an afternoon she will never forget. The sexual chemistry was different to anything she’d ever experienced before. Cindy’s passion overflowed. Tommy allowed Cindy to unleash herself. She explored her most intimate desires and learned a lot about herself that day. And of course, Tommy enjoyed it just as much Cindy, which isn’t a surprise since many young men are attracted to older women. Especially beautiful, curvaceous, mature women.

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Breeding Beauty

I few weeks went by and I didn’t hear from cory….

Ding! “bring the bitch friday night to the club down the street from you, I want to see her awake and dancing”

I was knee deep into this with no way out….

I set up a date and told her there was a band playing at the local club that looked cool.

She was totally into it and loved the idea. she hadn’t been dancing in a long time.

When friday came I teased her about wearing something sexy….

When she came down stairs in a short red dress with super high heels on I was stunned….

We grabbed dinner and then headed to the club.

It was very crowded and had to stand…

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A Stepmother’s Newfound Joy

My name is Chloe, and something happened about a week ago that has completely changed my life in a way I never could have imagined. I just turned 31 and celebrated my ten-year wedding anniversary by myself. My husband, 42, has been incredibly successful with his work, which has allowed me to stay at home and live the life of a well-off housewife. Unfortunately, his work has often kept him out of town for months at a time. In fact, within the last two years, my husband has grown increasingly distant and has only been home for a few weeks, leaving me to take care of everything around the house, including his 16-year-old son from a previous marriage, Erik. As a result, over the past few years, everything seems to have progressively become routine and uninteresting . . . until recently.

After intending to spend the day shopping at the mall, I became bored and decided to go home after visiting only a few stores. I got home a little after noon and figured I could go sunbathe by the swimming pool. However, something seemed strange as soon as I entered the house. There was a purse by the front door that I didn’t recognize, and then I heard noises coming from upstairs. Slightly concerned, I moved quietly up the stairs until I could make out voices.

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