Shopping Fun

My girlfriend decided we didn’t do enough together so she took me cloths shopping. We slowly walked around all the shops as I watched her try on dress after dress, shoe after shoe and so on.

We went into a shop so she could try on new underwear. She asked me to pick out a pair of panties. So I went looking around the shop and found very sexy pink lace underwear. I went back and handed them to her. She grinned at me and went to the locker to try them on. I was standing outside the locking waiting for her to come out, she called me closer to the locker and said she wanted to see what I thought of her in the sexy underwear. She unlocked the door and pulled me in; standing there she asked me what I thought. I admired her legs and looked up, I noticed a wear damp patch on her panties as she move her body closer to me and kiss me on the lips.

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Big Tits of Chloe Vevrier

Chloe Vevrier (born September 18, 1968 in East Berlin, East Germany) is a German adult model famous for her large natural breasts. Her photos have appeared in over 250 publications. Vevrier started modelling for the photographer John Graham in 1992. After the fall of the Berlin Wall, she moved to London where she combined modelling with her studies. She was popularized by the American porn magazine, Score. She modeled for Busty Dusty and Traci Topps’s website Fantasy Cafe.

For the first few years of her career, Vevrier posed in solo layouts only, then slowly began to move into other forms of modelling, including girl-girl layouts and videos. She appeared in a number of videos for Napali which have her wrestling with Danni Ashe and other big-boob stars.

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Sybian Cougar

I yawned, Mr. Dean’s math class was another boring grind. The only thing that really happened, that brought me into the circle, was Kirsten Jensen got herself reprimanded for whispering to her friends causing Jordan Mathers to giggle.

After class, I caught up with my best friend, Lisa Heinzman, talking with the two of them, along with Sarah Jones, who is not in our math class. Jordan was saying something about her initiation.

Kirsten said, “Oh yeah, you were right, she’s really something!”

Lisa replied, “Yeah, when it happened to me, I just knew I had to tell everyone about it, in fact, I was encouraged to. God, I’ve never had an experience like that!”

Intrigued, I asked, “What is it, can I see it, can I try it?”

“Definitely,” replied Lisa.
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