One time at a rave Jessica and I went to I tried to seduce her

My name is Kristen Feebs. I’m eihteen years old, I have short red
hair, blue eyes, and a cutsie-pie face that most people find quite innocent. I
dress normal
enough, though I tend to wear tight fitting dresses to show off my well
body; I have nicely shaped, apple-sized breasts and a round, cute ass. Although
I’m a little
short (about 5’4″), and I could never be a model since my looks aren’t exactly
ordinary, I
have a certain look that a lot of guys find attractive. There’s a sort of sexy
quality too
me… I’ve never been able to quite put my finger on it, but I’ve always
managed to turn
guys on quite easily.

Lesbian Bdsm Sex 4
My story begins six months ago. It was a Friday night, and usually I would
be out
with friends but this night I was stuck at home with my brother Steve because
my parents
were out of town. Normally this wouldn’t be a big deal; my parents went out of
often and that never stopped me from going out anyway. However, the last time
they had
left they called home to check in on me, and I wasn’t there to answer the
phone. All hell
was raised and I got grounded, so this time I decided not to risk it. I stayed
home, pissed
off and bored.
Steve was two years older than me and had more freedom accordingly. So I
the evening watching movies by myself while he was out, but at around midnight
came home. We chatted for awhile before he asked me, “Sis, have you ever gotten
“Yeah,” I replied. That wasn’t the kind of thing I would hide from my
brother, but
we had never talked about it before.
“I have a fifth of scotch up in my room,” he said. “Wanna drink?”
“Sure!” I replied. This lifted my spirits considerably. I loved drinking,
and did it
whenever I could, but I had never gotten drunk at home before.
He went upstairs to his room then hurried down with the fifth and two
“This is good stuff,” he said. “Strong.”
“Cool,” I replied. “Where’d you get it?”
He smiled. “There’s a place that sells to me,” he said.
He poured the drinks into the two shot glasses, held his up, and said,
“Cheers!” I replied. I slammed my down. It tasted very strange, not like
any kind
of liquor I had ever tried before. I figured it must be very strong though,
because it
burned as it went down my throat.
“Agh!” I gasped after swallowing it. It was then that I noticed he hadn’t
his. “Aren’t you drinking?” I asked.
He only smiled, then stood up and walked into the kitchen. I figured he
was going
to drink his when he got back, but decided not to have anymore until he did. I
would feel
pretty stupid getting drunk in front of my brother if he didn’t, too.
I started feeling very strange. Usually it took a few drinks before I felt
it, but this
was different. Also, it wasn’t like any drunkenness I’d ever felt before. My
mind felt soft
and fuzzy and my vision swam, and for a moment I felt I was going to pass out.
Then all
that passed, and I felt very peaceful. My thoughts were normal and I could
properly, but something wasn’t right. It was as if… a blanket had been placed
over my
brain. Everything was very soft.
“Hey,” I called to him. “What did you say this was again?”
He came back into the room. Ignoring my question he asked, “How do you
“Strange,” came my response. I hadn’t even considered not answering, which
Before I could ask him again, though, he asked, “Kristen, do you read
“Yes,” I responded. Again, I hadn’t even considered not answering, let
alone not
telling the truth. Suddenly I began to realize something wasn’t right. “What’s
going on?” I
He sat down in front of me, picked up the bottle, and put the top back on
it. Then
he said, “You’re not drunk, sis. I’ve given you something different than
alcohol. It’s called
Swinefen… I made it myself, although it’s not my recipe. I sent away for it
in a
“What does it do!” I cried, growing afraid. Although I had experimented
several drugs in the past, I didn’t want to use something without knowing what
it was.
“First, answer me this,” he said. “Do you masturbate?”
“Yes,” I responded. My eyes grew wide as realization dawned on me. “Did
give me a truth serum of some kind?”
“Not exactly,” he said. “I gave you a thought inhibitor. It makes you tell
the truth,
but that’s not all it does. It allows me to place hypnotic suggestions in you,
to make you
do things you normally wouldn’t.”
“What!? Why would you give me that!” I cried. I jumped out of the couch.
“Sit down,” he said.
I did.
“Yes!” he cried. “It works!”
“Steve, listen to me,” I said. “I don’t know what you’ve done to me, but I
want you
to fix it, okay? Or I’ll tell mom and dad!”
“No, you won’t,” he said. “Kristen, listen to these words, and repeat them
back to
me: Solo alpha beta.”
“Solo alpha beta,” I replied.
“When I say that, you’re going to forget everything I say and do to you
you’re under the influence of Swinefen. Only your sub-conscious will remember,
allowing you to carry out any tasks I ask you to perform, and bringing upon
total recall
whenever we begin a session like this one in the future. Do you understand?”
“Yes,” I replied. Then, shaking my head in frustration, I yelled, “You
can’t do this
to me!”
“Yes, I can,” he replied, a large grin on his face. “My first order to you
is simple:
no more yelling at me, okay?”
“Okay,” I whispered.
“And no crying,” he continued.
“Yes,” I said.
“Okay, very good, sis. Now, let me explain a little more. From now on,
I ask you to drink something you will, whether you want to or not, okay?”
“Yes,” I replied.
“Good,” he said. “And when you drink the Swinefen, everything you’ve
will come back to you in a flash, so I want you to remember not to freak out,
“Great. And whenever I say those three words I told you earlier, the
Swinefen will
stop effecting you, but you’ll forget everything that happened while you were
“Okay,” I said.
“Is there anything you want to tell me?” he said, smiling.
“Yes!” I said. “You won’t get away with this. I don’t know if this is a
joke or what,
but I will not forget this, do you hear me! I won’t!”
“Solo alpha beta,” he said.
At hearing those words my mind cleared up and everything was normal. I
great, in fact. And although I couldn’t remember anything we had talked about
after I had
my drink, I didn’t think anything was out of the ordinary. “Are we going to
anymore?” I asked. “I’m not really drunk yet.”
Steve was smiling. “Yes we are. Hey sis, answer me a stupid question…
what was
the last thing I said to you?”
I laughed. “What do you mean?”
“Just humor me. What was the last thing I said?”
I thought a moment, then remembered. “You said cheers… why?”
“No reason,” he said. “Okay, let’s drink.”
He poured me a glass, and without even thinking about it I slammed it
Suddenly my memory returned. And I was frightened, because I knew he was
right. When he had asked me about the last thing he had said, I truly thought
it was
‘cheers’. I had had no recollection whatsoever about the Swinefen, until I had
drank some
“Is it clear now?” he asked.
I nodded. “Next time I’ll remember,” I whispered.
“No, you won’t,” he said. “But that’ll become clear in due time. For now,
I want
you to stop asking me questions. I’ll be asking the questions from now on.”
He stood up and said, “Stand up and follow me to your room.”
I did as he told me, and without any protest or thought on my part I
followed him
up the stairs to my bedroom. Next he said to me, “Okay, sit down on the bed.”
I did as I was told.
He looked at me with a big grin on his face. “This is great,” he said. “I
knew it
would work! Okay, okay. Listen to me carefully. We’re gonna proceed slowly at
first, so
this is all I want of you.
“I’m going to hypnotically suggest something to you. That means I’m going
to tell
you something, and even after I say those three words, your subconscious will
it, and you’ll do it without understanding why. Kind of like when I offer you a
you’ll always take it. Only this is a bit more complex.
“From now on, whenever you see yourself naked, either in a mirror or just
at your body, you’re going to grow incredibly horny. Do you understand?”
I nodded an acknowledgment. I wasn’t sure why he’d want me to do that, and
wasn’t even entirely convinced it would actually happen, but I really did
Without even thinking, I nodded.
“Okay, great,” he said. “Now, when you grow horny, either because you’ve
yourself naked or for any other reason, you’re not going to feel like you want
masturbate. In fact, simple masturbation will never fully satisfy you again…
do you
“Yes,” I said, trembling.
“Good,” he continued. He was sitting way too close to me, and I started to
away. When he noticed he said, “Stop. Never do that. You feel totally
around me… in fact, you love being close to me.”
He was right. One second all I wanted was to move away from him, and the
all I wanted was to be closer to him, my own brother. Without thinking I looked
at him
up and down, taking in his muscular physique and athletic body. He really was
attractive… NO! I thought to myself. Don’t think those things about your own
He smiled at me, as if he knew what I was thinking. “Good, sis. Really
He stood up but when I instinctively started to follow he gestured for me
remain sitting. I did.
“Wow,” he whispered. “This stuff really works great. Okay, listen Kristen.
I’m not going to push you too far. All we’re going to do is a simple question
and answer
game. I’ll ask the questions, and you’ll answer me totally and completely
honest. Got it?”
I nodded, still shaking a little. It’s hard to explain how I felt… it
was kind of like
being drunk, but it wasn’t. Although I had the same cloudiness of thought you
get when
you’re intoxicated, my thoughts were completely sober otherwise. And I had
control over my motor functions. What made me feel strange, then, was the lack
control. I knew that I couldn’t do what I wanted, or resist what I wanted. I
could only do
what he told me to, or resist what he told me to. It was a scary feeling.
I wish he’d tell me to not be afraid anymore.
“Okay, sis,” he began. “You told me you read pornography. I knew that. I
asked you as a test… what I want to know is how often you read it.”
“Everyday,” I responded. I squinted my eyes in concentration… that
didn’t seem
right, everyday. But upon examination, it was correct. It kind of sickened me,
“What do you get off on the most?”
Hard-core porn, for the most part,” I said. The words were coming out of
mouth and although I tried to stop them, it was all in vain. “But in
particular, lesbian sex.
I love that… the younger the better, the kinkier, the better. I downloaded
this video file
off the internet once where this girl is fisting another… they couldn’t have
been more than
sixteen, each. I loved that.”
He was smiling. I noticed then that he had unzipped his pants and was
rubbing at
the bulge there beneath his underware. “Have you ever fantasied about your
friends?” he
“Yes,” I replied. “One time at a rave Jessica and I went to I tried to
seduce her.
She was with her boyfriend so nothing happened, but I thought about what could
happened for a long time after.”
“You’ve been to a rave?” he asked, his eyes widening.
“Yes,” I said. “Two, actually. One six months ago on Thanksgiving, and one
just a
couple weeks ago. Both times Jessica and I went.”
“Wow,” he said. “I’ve never been to one. Did you do any drugs there?”
“Yeah,” I replied. “Ecstasy, both times.”
“Hmm,” he said in thought. Then: “Tell me, Kristen… have you ever been
“No,” I said. It was true… I was seventeen years old, I had had more
than I could count, and none of my friends were virgins anymore, but I was. It
was kind
of embarrassing, but for some reason I couldn’t understand there had always
something in my mind that had kept me from doing it.
“Wow,” he said. “When I was your age I’d had sex with three different
Hm. Okay, how far have you gone before?”
“Everything short of sex,” I said. “Handjobs, blowjobs, you name it I’ve
done it.
Just not sex.”
He smiled for some reason. “I know,” he said. “You’re a dyke!”
“No, I’m not,” I said.
“Oh, come on,” he argued. “You get turned on by lesbian porn, you tried to
you best friend who’s hot as hell, and you’ve never had sex… of course you’re
a lezbo!
Admit it!”
“I’m not a lesbian!” I said.
“Hm,” was his reply. “I guess you’re not.”
He looked at the clock, then said, “Well, it’s getting pretty late. I
think it’s time we
turned in. Mom and Dad get back the day after tommorrow, so we’ll have another
tomorrow night. Make sure you’re here at eleven, okay?”
“Okay,” I replied.
“As for your orders tonight, here they are. First of all (and I don’t
really need to
say this) you’re never to resist me when I ask you to have a drink. Second of
whenever you see yourself naked you’ll get incredibly horny, and masturbation
will cease
to satisfy you. And finally, you will not have sex, unless I tell you that you
can. Got it?”
“Yes,” I said.
“Very well,” he smiled. “Solo alpha beta.”
My mind cleared, once again. “Wow,” I said. “I don’t feel drunk, but I
remember coming up here!”
“You got blasted,” he said to me. “Get some rest. I bet you wake up with a
hangover. Goodnight!”
“Goodnight!” I replied. Strange, I thought. I don’t feel drunk at all.