Male Lust An essay

A university study probing male sexual responses
reported the surprise finding that nearly all men
responded more intensely and rapidly to images of women
wearing bras than to images of topless women. At least
it was a surprise to them. When simply asked which they
would prefer seeing, the vast majority of men would
choose topless to bikini-covered.


Why would they choose something less stimulating? The
following explanation of this paradox makes no attempt
to wear the politically correct blinders that are
required for ordinary public consumption. If anything
has ever offended you as sexist, you can be sure that
the following WILL offend you.

Bras are a socially acceptable kind of bondage
restraint; a harness. The term “socially acceptable” is
actually a gross understatement; it’s far more
unacceptable for a woman to walk around without a bra.
It may seem like I’m stating the obvious, but consider
how bizarre this situation is.

For thousands of years the only similar devices to the
modern day brassiere were harnesses used on animals and
possibly some rope in the hands of the right sadist.
Such “lingerie” was primarily aimed at retaining the
services of an abducted and unwilling woman. Yet
practically overnight women all over the world would
come to accept their undeniable role as sex toys
complete with harnesses which would do three things.

First it would mold their busts into a shape more
pleasing to their masters. Second it would ensure that
they reached their maximum firmness and remained that
way for many years. Lastly, a bra restricts the freedom
of a girl’s otherwise bouncy glands from doing a slam
dance beneath her clothing with every step she takes.
As a boy matures and gains experience, he gradually
becomes intimately familiar with how breasts move
around when left unencumbered.

Being math and science oriented, boys also become
increasingly aware of how much force must be required
to hold a pair of large soft orbs totally still. To put
it another way, the boy subconsciously begins to
compute the extent of breast bondage that a particular
girl must employ each day to keep her breasts pointing
up at attention, as if for the sole purpose of his
arousal. When this begins to happen, the boy is
naturally more aroused by the sight of a woman in a

A harness that every kind of woman from the waitress at
a local restaurant to a Russian female cosmonaut on
television either is wearing or has worn at some time
before. The only true exceptions are those tribal women
found in nature documentaries. They are the yin to the
bra-wearing domesticated yan. The savage is the pre-bra

That’s what a woman that hasn’t yet been captured,
tamed, and harnessed looks like. Few men look to nature
documentaries as their primary source of erotica, but
every man is aware of the existence of such women. The
subconscious is aware of how animals are used by man to
serve him.

The donkey has its cart, the horse has a saddle, the
dog has a leash, and the woman has a bra. The donkey
carries, the horse is transportation, the dog is
companion, and the woman is used to drain his balls

Because of fundamental personality differences between
the sexes, a man might love a woman’s body or spirit on
one level, but the subconscious is more likely to view
her as a necessary evil which must be balanced against
the discomfort of not having a regular and reliable
place to ejaculate – a discomfort in many ways similar
to having to pee. There is a toilet in every house, and
one in every gas station and shopping mall. When urine
needs to be expelled there is a proper receptacle
available. Society is not so accommodating when it came
to the need to expel semen.

Sure there’s masturbation, but contrary to what women
insist on believing, every time a man jerks himself off
it only makes him more desperate for the real thing.
Women that fly into a rage when their husband is caught
staring at another woman, or masturbating to
pornography don’t understand that when a happily
married man becomes aroused (regardless of the source),
he masturbates with his wife’s pussy.

No matter what load of lies a man may feel he has to
live by in order to be politically correct and socially
acceptable, every time he fucks the same woman it’s
less fun than the time before was. The most gorgeous
woman would take longer to get bored of than a plain
one, but sooner or later they all become merely semen
toilets. No woman wants to think of herself this way,
and nearly all men help her to deny this (mostly in the
interests of not ruining a perfectly good semen
overflow valve).

If every woman were available for casual sex anytime,
it would be man’s heaven on Earth. Women don’t make
their bodies available to every passing stranger. For
one thing they use their bodies as levers to pry
dollars from the hands of men. Virtually all women are
prostitutes, only the wage differs.

Men accept it because it’s customary, but sometimes it
feels like having to pay your dog not to pee in your
food. The nagging question is whether it might be
better to live alone and get by with petting an
occasional stray dog, or someone else’s pet dog. Brief
affairs are far more common than most people realize.
It was recently reported that the average American
woman has more than 4 one-two night affairs while
married and the average man has over 7.

A married woman is a single man’s fast food. He can get
in and get out without worrying about complications.
The last thing she will do is make waves that would
interfere with her financial security. Now that she’s
got a place to stay and a credit card she can abandon
the rules that she followed to earn her keep.

She’s easy to charm if she’s been married for any
length of time because her husband has long since begun
using her vagina for a bio-waste receptacle. She will
kid herself that the new guy will love her for herself,
only to discover that he just needed to make a bio-
waste deposit of his own. Her husband doesn’t seem so
bad now. At least he gives her money like the whore she

It’s the greatest irony of humanity that the true love
women dream of flies in the face of the ideal situation
that every man dreams of. Women want a life long
commitment and men want a quick fuck, and rarely from
the same woman twice.

Women must lie to themselves that their husband will
only dream of having sex with them, and they must make
the man believe it up until the ring is securely in
place. Men want to believe that it will be that easy.
Just marry her and they can come home, eat, and empty
their balls into a hassle-free no maintenance live-in
sperm maid. I’m speaking sub-consciously, of course.
The conscious mind is far more gullible and has largely
swallowed the mythology of his culture.

Returning to the bra in cultural mythology versus the
bra in the subconscious mind of men, a bra is worn
underneath clothing. It’s almost a dirty secret. Women
generally deny their sexuality in public. A bra is
visible proof of a woman’s sexuality.

Without ever opening her mouth, every man that spots
the outline of a bra through clothing, or even a lack
of natural wobble, knows sub-consciously that this girl
privately ties up her breasts before she goes out in
public. In the process of doing this she handles her
breasts. No woman can handle her own breasts without
feeling a pleasant arousal.

Like Sherlock Holmes the sub-conscious mind sees the
complete puzzle from the tiny clue of a visible strap.
It has already leapt to the conclusion that she fondles
her breasts while getting dressed.

Sooner or later that bra will be taken off by someone.
The next man to walk up and guess the secret
combination to unlock her will be rewarded with a warm
place to go to the bathroom. I say “go to the bathroom”
because most men don’t attach much any more
significance to shooting a wad of cum that they do to
urinating as far as love goes. A pussy is nothing more
that the fix you need to get by another day or two. If
women really want love instead of sex, then they should
learn to be the kind of sex toy that men love.

Instead men must suffice with a magazine or a wife that
they’ve already fucked a thousand times. The inner mind
wants a world in which you could fuck any woman at any
time. A planet in which getting sucked off is no more
difficult than petting a stray dog. The female code of
honor states that women must deny their biological
nature whenever possible.

Men strain to catch a glimpse of a slip up in this
policy. The most common flaw in feminine practices is
the bra. If she’s wearing a bra, the subconscious mind
enjoys seeing a woman humiliating herself by admitting
her sexual nature (and if she’s not wearing one, the
conscious mind enjoys the same). It’s a win-win
situation thanks to the physical geometry of the female

Thankfully men are not forced to wear some kind of
support that holds their rigid penises up like a tent
pole in their pants for women to instantly evaluate at
a glance. In this one way men indeed have the upper
hand. In modern society breasts have became the primary
sexual organs of women. They establish the price a
woman can fetch on the open market, as well as the
value of her measured against her age.

In other words a woman that’s 45 with incredible
breasts might be just as able to secure a comfortable
lifestyle as a flat-chested 17 year old. The durability
of the goods are largely ignored in today’s easy-
divorce marketplace.

Men have an animal desire buried deep in their
subconscious to dominate women. Bondage with a partner
is only a single captive woman. Enjoyable to be sure,
but not ideal. Bras conjure the vision of a harem of
countless numbers of women that are always sexually

The girl may be free to move about, but not all of her
can move freely. Her breasts would bounce around freely
if she were an untamed female animal like the tribal
women mentioned earlier. As proof of their
domestication, they are taught to dress so that their
breast-genitals are lewdly projecting in front of their

Women everywhere stroll about like servants at a
cocktail party carrying a tray of hors d’oevres. Her
breasts are humbly offered like ripe fruit on their
bra-serving tray. No matter how innocent your teenage
daughter looks, every man that can see a hint of a
shoulder strap or the contrast of two triangles that
shows through her shirt, knows that her breasts are
being restrained.

Her breasts are being squeezed into shape. Her breasts
are being lifted up on her chest, and gently pulled
away from each other, or pushed into each other to
create a dark valley of cleavage. The wrinkled line of
straps running over her shoulders that every man can
see even when she thinks they are invisible, remind the
subconscious brain of the force that is being exerted
at this very moment to restrain and shape her breasts.
The same kind of force which he would exert with his
fingertips if given the chance.

If you ever wondered why men are uncomfortable in the
lingerie section of department stores, it’s because
they fear their subconscious mind will discover it’s
been lied to. Lingerie stores are minefields of
evidence that women are not quite as domesticated as
they appear.

Of course men also dread being confronted with younger
sexier (possibly even bra-clad) girl beauty in front of
their wife or girlfriend. He would like thrill to such
a sight any other time, but this is the moment when his
subconscious learns who is dominating who. For if he
where truly the master, he would simply push the newly
discovered nubile thing into the closest dressing room
and masturbate into her on the spot.

The subconscious receives the message that some stacked
nearly naked woman has been spotted and orders up an
erection for immediate deployment. Instead he is
suddenly cowed into looking the other way under penalty
of not even being able to fuck his own girlfriend or
wife for some time.

Of course he knows that women are not merely kitten-
like creatures ready to purr at the stroke of a finger,
but the more he can lie to his blind subconscious that
he is living on an ideal planet where fucking women is
like picking fruit, the more pleasure his subconscious
will reward him with.

Of course women are just as unrealistic in designing
their ideal planet. They want a world in which every
man adores them, but few if any are ever allowed to
show it. Their essential nature is truly evil to men.
Of course men try not to think about that because they
are ironically the only source of relief from the
biological requirement to empty their balls.

Women are evil because they insist that men contradict
their biological urge to use their physical strength to
have sex with any woman that pleases them. Having
negotiated that basic treaty, they now torment their
opponent by walking about his camp secure in their mind
that no man will dare touch them until they give
permission. Like a starving man that must endure
watching others eat.

The single man must live off of scraps so small that he
humiliates himself by bending to pick them up. Scraps
like diseased drug dependent hookers or a few
photographs of what real women look like. Yet if he
gives in and has a steady relationship he must endure
sharing his prosperity and time on Earth with the devil

The evil is this: women want men to control themselves
and behave like them. But men are not evil because they
want women to FOLLOW their biological calling and stop
trying to behave like them. This is the basic
unsolvable equation that is buried under all the social
customs and taboos of modern civilization.

The subconscious minds of both sexes have found one
common ground, namely the bra. To the male subconscious
she is ready to have a leash snapped on her. To the
woman’s subconscious she has put up a “no-trespassing”
sign to keep men from stealing free samples. Both
subconscious minds are convinced that they have
defeated the other in a war that hasn’t seen a decisive
battle in a thousand years. [End]


By now you may be thinking to yourself that whoever
wrote this must be some bitter bachelor that couldn’t
get laid in a women’s prison if he had a handful of
pardons from the governor.

I have long ago lost track of the number of women I’ve
had physical relationships with including several
relationships lasted for many years. Most women and
many men would argue bitterly with the statements that
I have expressed here. I do not fault them because they
are the voice of order. Order, but not reason. Very few
human beings ever manage to comprehend the facts which
make up the walls of their prison.

These human twinkies are born, grow old and die without
ever seeing the walls which they bang their heads
against every day.