Lori Tries A Gloryhole

Lori and I have enjoyed a very active sex life. We
first stumbled on it several years ago. I was at a
training session out of town and invited my wife Lori
to join me. She hung out at the pool and soon incurred
the attention of another man. I encouraged her to keep
flirting with him and eventually got her to have sex
with him. This was a long time goal for me and I even
got to go down on her after he had fucked her and I was
Hotwife Gloryhole

I eventually got her to start having sex with others
and I would get to watch and lick out her cum filled
cunt afterwards. I know many have written stories about
this, but here is the twist to our stories. Lori cannot
take the pill (she smokes) but I have had a vasectomy.
I encourage Lori to have unprotected sex with men, and
even risk pregnancy.

The thrill is intense for both of us. Lori has never
gotten actually knocked up, yet… she did get a STD
after fucking a room full of construction workers, but
that has not deterred her at all from fulfilling my
sexual fantasy. She does not really like to admit it
but she enjoys unprotected sex, but will protest before
hand just to get me really worked up about it.

Let me tell you some about Lori, she is now 35, blonde,
green eyes, 5’3″, 115lbs, 34b-25-34. She has a
fantastic body and has a tattoo on her ankle, a tattoo
at her bikini line above and to the right of her pussy
of Tinkerbelle and one of a tribal butterfly on her
lower back. She loves the attention of having men want
to fuck her.

Our most recent adventure occurred as I had been
surfing the internet and came across girls at
gloryholes. Lori saw it also and it intrigued her.

“You mean that girls go to these places and suck and
fuck total strangers, without even seeing their faces”
she asked?

“I said sure, that is part of the fun, total removal
from any real personal contact.” I responded. “There is
gloryholes at most cities, mostly in sex shops.”

“I would like to try it one time, what do you think?”
Lori asked.

“I’m willing if you are,” I replied.

So the bait was taken. Lori had agreed to go to the
city about an hour away. I went on the internet and
found a site that lists glory hole sites that cater
more to women and male sex rather than gay sexual

The next weekend we left and drove to the adult book
store. Lori reminded me that we needed to be careful
since she was definitely ovulating this week, she was
so broke out. I told her that I had some condoms if we
ended up needing them. She asked me how far did I
wanted to go, I told her as far as we wanted to. We got
out of the car and headed inside.

Since Lori is small breasted (she has been hinting
strong for a boob job) I had her wear a tight white
dress, no bra and a thong. I had her wear stripper
heels to complete the outfit. We walked inside and made
sure the men in the store saw her and then saw us go to
the video booth-gloryhole. There were about a dozen men
in the store when we entered. I made sure Lori walked
around quite a bit to show off her body and to get the
men interested. I had Lori go up and ask if they had
any video booths. The owner pointed toward the back of
the store.

Lori and I went into the booth. There was a hole on
each side of the booth, with a video screen and a small
bench under it. I put in some money and started to
watch a movie about a girl sucking some guy off. It was
not long till soon I saw a guys cock enter into our
booth from the gloryhole. Lori looked at me and asked,

“Well, what do I do?”

“What do you want to try?” I replied.

“I don’t know? How about a hand job to start with?”

Lori reached down and started to stroke his cock with
her hand. Lori jerked him off for a few minutes and he
soon shot his load all over the floor. I got some paper
towels from the dispenser and cleaned it up.

She said, “That was easy.”

Then another cock appeared from the other side. Lori
reached down and started to stroke it. I asked her to
try and suck on this one.

“What if I don’t want him to cum in my mouth,” Lori

“You could have him put on a condom?”

“I would not like that at all,” she answered.

“You could ask him to pull back before he came, and he
could cum on your face, neck or tits,” I suggested.

“Well, I need to get this dress off,” Lori quipped.

She stood back up and took off her dress and was only
in her heels and thong. Lori then kneeled on a towel I
had brought and began to suck on this guys cock. This
was getting really hot!! Seeing Lori sucking a cock
from a glory hole. Lori grabbed his shaft and slowly
began to lick the head as she jerked him off. Soon she
took his head into her mouth and began to suck off the
head of his cock. Lori then mover her free hand to her
panties and began to finger herself as she stuck him

Lori was on her knees sucking a stranger’s cock right
in front of me. I had seen her suck cocks before from
across the room but this was right in my face and she
knew it. She pulled her head away and looked up at me
and continued to jerk him off. Then with out warning,
he began to shoot his load. Lori held him so his cock
would shoot onto her chest and neck. When he was done,
she stood up and I handed her a paper towel. She
cleaned herself up and gave me a kiss.

“So how are you liking it?” She asked.

“Pretty hot, would you consider letting them cum in
your mouth?”

“You want them to cum in my mouth, hhmmmmm only if I
can kiss you afterwards,” Lori replied. “Only fair to
have their cum in your mouth if you want it in mine.”

I agreed and we put in some more money and started a
new movie. Lori had never sucked someone off and then
gave me a snowball before. I then noticed a black cock
entering the booth. Oh Shit I thought, at least it is
not one of those bullshit stories about huge black
cocks and stuff.

Lori got down on her knees and began to suck on this
black cock. She was not timid at all in attacking this
cock. I could hear the guy moaning as my wife sucked
and licked his cock. His cock also began to stroke in
and out of Lori’s mouth. As Lori licked his cock, she
would glance up at me and smile. She would then busy
herself in sucking him harder.

I knelt down and began to finger her pussy, sliding her
panties out of the way. Then I guessed he erupted in
her mouth and she took it all in her mouth. She stroked
his cock and got every drop in her mouth. His cock
withdrew and she stood up and motioned for me to kiss
her. As I did, she shoved her cum coated tongue into my
mouth. His cum tasted bitter and salty. I had to
swallow some of it as she forced more into my mouth.
She laughed as we broke out kiss.

“Did you like that!” she said.

“Yes I did, you look so hot going down on some strange
cock sticking through a hole in the wall.” I replied,
“Just like those girls on the internet.”

“Glad you like it,” she replied.

“Would you want to try to fuck someone?” I asked.

“I got to use a condom, you know I am ovulating!”

“That would be fine, use a condom and later on pull it
off and suck them off… how about that?

She said, “That would be fine!”

As if on queue, a cock appeared in the gloryhole. Lori
went down on her knees and began to suck on the strange
cock. She held out her hand for me to give her a
condom. I dug one out of my pocket.

“Would you like to fuck my pussy?” my wife asked as she
stroked his cock.

The reply was a grunted yes, I handed her the condom
and she unrolled it onto his cock. Once it was on his
cock, she then began to lick and suck his cock to a
full erection. She bent over to do this and this
allowed me to pull her thongs off and began to lick and
finger her pussy. Her pussy was smelling strong and I
could tell by how creamy she was, she was indeed

Once she felt she was wet enough, she turned around and
backed up to the wall. She had by now taken off the
shoes and had to put one foot on the bench. I got down
and sat on the floor so I could watch. Lori had trouble
getting the cock into her. She then braced herself
against the wall and bent over to see how to put this
stranger’s cock inside of her. My cock was raging hard
watching my wife act like such a slut. No matter how
many times I have seen it, it still turns me on.

Finally she got the head into her, and with the
strangers help, she got the condom clad cock all the
way into her pussy. She then put both hands on the
opposite wall and she began to bang her butt against
the wall. I could see the cock slide in and out of her
as she did this. Lori would smile at me as she got
fucked and did fuck this strange cock. Occasionally she
would stop and hold herself still and let him fuck her.
This was happening just a foot or so away from me.

Lori then stopped and got down and began to remove his
condom. With the condom off, she put this cock into her
mouth. Her head moved up and down on his cock and it
was not long before he began to cum in her mouth. After
getting her mouth full, she turned around to find me
and I opened up my mouth and let his cum drip into my
mouth. I then kissed her and shared his semen between
us. Her mouth tasted like cum and a rubber at the same
time. I thought I would cum in my pants.

We both got up and cleaned up some. “I need a cigarette
before I go much further,” Lori announced.

Lori got on her dress, sans panties and gathered up her
stuff. We exited the booth and there were 3 guys in the

“I’ll be back in a bit boys, but I need a cigarette

We went outside and she lit up a cigarette.

“So, how are you liking this?” I asked.

“Better than I thought I would, I really like seeing
the guys I fuck, but this is a nice change.”

“You certainly look hot fucking a guy through a hole in
the wall.”

“Is it all what you think it would be?” she asked.

“Yes, but you know what I want to see.”

“Baby, you know I will get pregnant, there is no doubt
this week.” Lori replied.

“Please, hon, lets take the chance, If you let them cum
in you I’ll lick you clean right afterward.”

“I don’t know… it is too risky, I don’t know.” Lori

She put out her cigarette and we walked back inside.
There were now 7 guys in the hallway. As we passed,
Lori turned and said, “I want my pussy fucked, and it
should be bareback… So if you want some fine pussy
(she raised up her dress, exposing her finely shave
pussy) get ready.” After we walked in the booth, she
got out of her dress. As the first cock poked through
the hole, I asked her if she would let them cum in her.

“I still don’t know, We’ll see,” Lori replied.

Lori backed up to the wall and bent over to grab the
fresh cock. I hurriedly got down on the floor and
watched as the cock entered her pussy. This is the
closest I have ever seen a bare cock enter her married
pussy. Lori began to bang up against this cock. I could
see her intensity as she fuck this cock, it was not
even a guy, just a cock for her to fuck. He met her
strokes by stroking back at her.

“Oh, God.” Lori moaned. “I’m gonna cum!”

“Please let him cum in you this time,” I begged.

“You know he will knock me up. Uhhhh FUCK! You promise
to eat me out afterwardddddsssss!”

“I promise!” I replied. “Let him try and knock you up

Lori pushed back against the wall and let him finish
fucking her… She came violently as he continued to
pound away.

“He’s about to cum in. OH GOD, are you sure? ARE YOU
SURE YOU WANT THIS?” she demanded and looked me dead in
the eyes.

“Yes baby, I’m sure, let him fill you with his seed!” I

I could not realize that I was again allowing another
man to actually try to knock her up. In the past, we
never did it on her fertile week, always after her
period, when she was relatively safe. I saw her eyes
roll back and I knew he was mating with her.

I knew he was cumming in her, filling her with his baby
batter, his potent seed. As I saw his cock flop out and
withdraw, she stood up and spread her pussy lips for me
to have access to her. I got up on my knees and began
to search in her pussy for his seed. I probed my wife’s
pussy and soon I found his semen in her. I began to
suck and lick to get his cum out of her, to keep him
from impregnating my wife.

He had shot his load deep in her. I could tell Lori was
having another orgasm. I cleaned up her pussy the best
I could. Lori told me there was another cock in the
hole, did I want her to fuck it also?

“Yes, I want you to fuck it.”

“Do you want me to let him cum in my pussy?” she asked.


“You know he could also get your wife pregnant,” Lori

“I know, but I want him to cum in you.” I replied.

“You know every time I have someone cum in me, you are
taking a bigger chance,” Lori reminded me.

Lori moved back over to the wall and grabbed the cock
and rubbed the head back and forth over her very wet
opening. She looked at me and let his cock enter her
now very fertile pussy. His cock fit into her and she
began to fuck him hard as well.

“You know when I have an orgasm as he cums in me, I
increase the risk of getting pregnant even more,” Lori

“Did you have an orgasm the last time?” I asked.

“Yes, 2 of them,” she replied.

“Have all you want, just let me clean you up

Lori nodded and continued to fuck this stranger’s cock.

“He’s cumming in your wife’s pussy, baby,” she moaned.

“Is it a lot?” I asked worriedly.

“Yes, a lot. He’s sure to put enough sperm in me to
knock me up.”

“I hope not,” I mumbled.

“You better clean me up better than the last time, or
your going to be a dad.”

Lori pulled his cock out of her and forced my head into
her crotch. His smell was strong, his cum was starting
to drip out of her as I took her cunt in my mouth. I
loved the feeling of eating her pussy filled with
another man’s potent sperm. I ate her clean. Lori fell
back against the wall as another cock entered the

Lori let 3 more men fuck her in the booth that day,
each one putting his sperm in her and each time I
licked her clean.

After I had cleaned her out the last time. She got
dressed. Lori was beat, sticky and still smelling like
cum. We walked out of the booth. The store was empty
except for the owner. He asked if we had a good time.

Lori replied, “Yea, the best, I hoped your customers
did as well.”

“I, know I did, I hope your on the pill!” he answered.

As we got outside, she lit a cigarette and asked where
too next.

“Probably to a drug store for a morning after pill,” I

“You think I need it?” she asked.

“What do you think?” I replied.

“Well if I didn’t get knocked up by that stud, I’ll be