Late for Dinner

EEEEEEeeeeeee! Kathy bolted upright in bed. She didn’t remember
setting her alarm clock. She quickly shut off the offending noise and
quietly slid out of bed. She didn’t want to wake Christi, who obviously
hadn’t been bothered by the alarming alarm.

The sleepy girl stretched and yawned as she padded to the bathroom.
Seating herself on the toilet, Kathy was just about to let nature take
its course when she made a startling revelation: someone had slipped a
pair of white panties on her as she slept. She almost messed them
before realizing they were there! Who would pull such a sneaky prank?


Billy? No, she’d seen Mommy and Daddy tie him to his bed.

Becky? No, that wasn’t her style.

Christi? Yes, it had to be Christi, she thought. She must have slipped
them on while she was still recovering from the last nylon necklace of
the evening.

I’ll get her, Kathy threw the disgusting apparel into the bathroom trash
basket and sped back to her bedroom bent on some playful revenge. But,
she almost screamed when she yanked the covers from the big lump in her
bed. It wasn’t Christi. It was a big brown Teddy Bear!

Where was Christi? Kathy rubbed her forehead. Was this the day Carol
was going to pick her up before school so they could do a little
mother/daughter bonding. Yes, that must be it and the big ol’ bear must
be a surprise present. How sweet, Kathy thought. It was a nice gift,
even if it wasn’t anatomically correct. Hum?

Just then Kathy noticed a note on her night table. It was from Mommy
saying Daddy had to go to the office and she had to take Becky to early
play practice. “Please be a dear,” it concluded, “and get your brother
up and take the bus to school if I don’t get back in time.”

“Well, ‘dear’ brother, I guess I’m going to give YOU a wake-up call for
a change,” Kathy giggled softly as she scooted down the hall to Billy’s

She flung open the door to find her sibling frantically spanking his
monkey to a magazine. “Hey, save some of that for me,” Kathy chirped.

“What, what are you doing here?” Billy stammered as threw the magazine
under his bed and pulled the covers up tight. The blushing boy’s eyes
grew wide as his naked sister slipped into his bed.

“Time to wake up, sleepyhead,” Kathy cheered as she reached for her
brother’s favorite appendage. “I guess I get the first face full of cum
from the unbound birthday boy.”

“Kathy, what are you talking about?” The startled, but delighted, boy
mumbled as her magic fingers wrapped around his pulsating pud. “What
are you doing?”

“My, you’re bashful this morning,” Kathy teased as she straddled her
brother. “Just lay back and have a good time.” She slipped his
almost-Daddy size cock into her tight little honey pot.

But — pop! — Kathy howled and jumped right off! If she didn’t know
better, she’d say she’d just popped her cherry! Cherry? She hadn’t had
a cherry since that night years ago when she’d bounced onto that bedpost
to show off for Daddy.

Kathy eased Billy’s shaft slowly back into her tinder tunnel. It took a
few strokes, but the dumbfounded boy was soon gliding smoothly in and
out as Kathy humped her way to the first orgasm of the day.

When the heavenly hurricane subsided between her legs, Kathy took Billy
in her mouth and brought him to his own thundering release. She
withdrew just in time for him to shoot smoothly across the bridge of her
nose, giving her the freshly-frosted look so popular in the teen fashion

“Wow! You never did that before,” Billy exclaimed as he sat up and tried
unsuccessfully to kiss his big sister.

“What are you taking about? We’ve done it plenty of times.”

“Huh? Well, if you say so. Could we do it again?”

“Sure.” Kathy, again, mouthed his organ.

Billy was just about ready for the second act when the door flew open.
“Billy, get up, young man its time for — Billy!” Mommy screeched.
“Kathy stop that right now! What? What do you think you’re doing?”

“Just getting ready for school, Mom–,” Kathy stopped short. Something
was definitely wrong. First, the alarm clock, then the panties, then
the Teddy Bear, then that weird popping sensation when she mounted
Billy. Now, Mommy was so flushed that it showed through her stiffly
starched white blouse. And the blouse tucked into a horridly prudish
full skirt that reached her knees.

Was it Halloween?

But what Kathy saw next was even worse. So much worse that it made her
head spin. Mommy was wearing a bra!