Just a little car trouble

Every nerve in my body was singing like high tension wires as I
focused on his attentions to my pussy. His fingers glided in the
moisture which I was producing at a prodigious rate. I gasped as I
felt the tip of his nose touch the hardness of my clit. His tongue
followed the path of his fingers, touching lightly at first, then hard
and flat against the bottom edge of my hungry pussy. A finger thrust
into my soft, wet folds and my muscles instinctively grasped at the
delicious intruder. I heard a corresponding gasp from him, gravelly
and deep. He pulled his finger from me and replaced it with his
tongue, thrusting deep into me, tasting the juices that gushed from

“Mmmmm” he muttered into my flesh “god, you taste so good.” And I was
sure that I did. Never a fear or a self-conscious thought occupied my
lust-inflamed brain. I could feel my pussy lips swell, my breath
coming faster and my whole body flushing with desire for my stranger.
His pressure on my clit increased, and he began sucking the juice from
me in earnest. A small, long moan escaped my open throat. A song to
the warm night that surrounded us. I felt a wave begin deep in my
belly. My hands reached down to tangle in his soft curls, holding his
head close to me, encouraging him to continue. I curled up slightly
to look at him, the exertion forcing more juice from me. He slurped
away at the fresh girl nectar like a thing possessed, forcing his
tongue inside to gather every drop. I met his eyes over my naked
mound. Is there anything so sexy as a man’s face buried in your cunt?
In the moonlight? The sight sent me over the edge.

I fell back hard against the car hood, my pelvis arching up off the
metal, driving his face deeper into my hot pussy. I tried not to
scream too loud, afraid it would attract attention, but I had only so
much control over myself at that moment. I came harder than I can
ever remember and heard an answering howl to my animal shout somewhere
in the night. Was it some wild thing, or just my stranger, responding
to my primitive love call? His hands slid up inside my skirt,
cradling my hips, holding me still against his still-suctioning mouth.
Then he pulled back. I felt so naked as the air contacted my
throbbing sex. He kissed my thighs, rubbing his rough, wiry beard
against the soft skin. I felt the cool of my juices transferred to my

“God, you flow like a river, lady… you’ve drowned my beard…” I
peered up to see his white teeth glint. “How marvelous!” He stood,
still holding my hips fast. He pulled me forward a bit, to nestle my
well-cared-for pussy against the front of his khakis, supporting my
legs again on either side of his waist. He gently raised my right leg
to rest my ankle against his shoulder, running his fingers up and down
the outside from ankle to hip and back again. He kissed the instep of
my foot and I felt the whole wave begin again. I was completely at
this man’s mercy. His every touch set my body afire.

“I want you inside me,” I heard myself say. Golly! I hadn’t had that
in the forefront of my mind, but my subconscious apparently had no
time to dicker. “Now!”

He paused, just a moment, his fingers stopping in their trip over my
calf. He thought for a heartbeat – I could see the glint of the
moonlight on his eyes as he searched my face. “I’m clean and fixed -”
he started, and I curled up to put a finger to his lips.

“Somehow, I knew that,” I grinned and pulled his head down to mine,
folding myself neatly in half to do so. Didn’t realize I was still so
limber! I kissed him deeply, smelling the scent of my own juices
infused in his mustache and beard. I drew a deep breath of him into
my lungs, drunk on the pheromones, or whatever it was that he was
broadcasting to my brainstem. I pulled back slightly and murmured
into his beard. “And I’m a good girl, who wants to feel you inside of

“Oh, lady� you’re a good girl, alright,” he responded with a smile,
his voice dropping at least an octave, “you’re a VERY good girl! And
good girls should always get just what they want…” And again with
almost magical swiftness, his belt, trousers and briefs no longer
impeded our union. He hooked my knees over his forearms and
positioned me like a golfer lining up the putt for the championship.
His eyes never left mine as he aimed his hard dick at my once again
dripping pussy. He placed the member, no hands required, just at the
opening of my lips, a fabulous, teasing taste of things to come (all
puns intended). My arms spread out, I leaned back again against the
hood of the car, focusing on the feel of the hard, round tip of his
penis against me. I began to breathe deeply, determined to enjoy the
whole ride, and not let myself be driven into orgasm by the first
thrust (as I knew could so easily be the case).

“Oh, yes” I breathed. He pulled my knees toward him, slowly impaling
my helpless body on his cock. It was incredible, the painstaking
slowness with which he entered me the first time. I felt every inch
as it passed the tight ring of muscle at the entrance to my pussy. I
squeezed, making him feel me as well. After what seemed a journey of
hours, he was imbedded in me – I felt the tickle of his pubic hair
against my bare skin and the soft cushion of his balls tight against
my ass. My hips were free of the car, balanced on my waist, I felt
like I was floating. Attached to him tightly only by his shaft inside
me and his arms under my knees.

“You’re a tight one,” he gritted, “am I hurting you?” It was real
concern I heard in his voice. Unbelievable, this man. What a find!

“Oh, god, not at all – you feel…” I, uncharacteristically, was at a
loss for words. He pulled out slightly and thrust in again, smoothly
and securely, deep inside my tunnel.

“Perfect,” he whispered. “A perfect fit…” Oh, I couldn’t have said
it better myself! And at that point, filled up with his hot meat, my
pussy muscles grabbing and pulling at him inside me, I couldn’t have
said anything at all. I sighed in response. He began a sweet,
rocking rhythm that was so pleasurable, so skillful, that I never
wanted it to stop. I felt without being told that he was as focused
on the feeling of our bodies joined as I was. His rhythm picked up
speed after a few minutes of the slow, sweet fuck and my breath kept
time. Soon, he was pounding me – hot hard thrusts that my hips met at
every turn. My legs extended in my growing passion, he transferred
them from his arms to his shoulders, wrapping his hands around my
waist, steadying me, directing me in the mutual fulfillment of our
desire. I felt his cock in my throat, he filled me so completely. I
watched his handsome face begin the contortions that I recognized as
the harbinger of a massive orgasm. He growled and moaned, looking
like nothing so much as a wonderful wild monster, bent on his target.
My orgasm leaped upon me – and took me nearly by surprise as I felt
him swell inside me and begin to throb. He threw his head back, mouth
open and another howl emerged as he came, stabbing me, filling me up
with his load. My cries mingled with his. This orgasm seemed to go
on forever! Wave after wave of stinging, crystalline pleasure, deep
in my womb. I felt my interior grabbing and milking the rod inside of
me. And that rod, in turn, continued to jerk and throb in it’s
glove-like home.

I have no idea how long we yelped and thrust and grabbed each other in
those throes. Time was completely immaterial. The only thing that
existed was our joined bodies, our sounding, our breathing, our
pleasure. Eventually, the almost painful pleasure subsided, and we
became quiet, still joined, like animals after a mating. I stared for
a moment up at the starry sky, thinking nothing but how good I felt at
that moment. Quite an accomplishment for someone who chronically
thinks too much. I tilted my head up to see my wild lover, and there
he stood, transfixed, the moon over his left shoulder, my feet on
either side of his tousled head. He stared down at me, his hands on
the bare skin of my hips, beginning a small circular petting motion
that was so light as to be almost imperceptible. It felt so fabulous,
so different from the almost violent fucking of only moments before.
His gentle touch was like a balm.

I swung my wobbly legs from his shoulders, running them down his arms
and letting their descent lever me back up into a sitting position,
his softening dick sliding out of me with a soft “pop.” I was struck
by the grace of our motions together. So often before even the act of
kissing someone had seemed clumsy and inappropriate. This man – this
perfect stranger — and I were like well-practiced dancers, sure of
ourselves and the other, our bodies innately in tune. I reached up
and buried my fingers in his beard, pulling him down to my waiting
lips. His hands slid around to cup my ass, I felt the warmth of the
car under my tingling, seeping pussy. Good thing I’d just washed the
beastly auto, I thought. We kissed gently, exploring again, with a
newfound amazement at each other. I felt no need to disengage from
him, to put space between us. I wrapped my legs again around his
waist and his arms slid around my back, drawing me close to his chest.
Our kiss broke and he held me tight to him, my face buried in his
shoulder, my nose filled with the sweet man scent of his shirt, his
face in my hair. He murmured unintelligibly into the sensitive spot
where my neck meets my shoulder. If he kept this up, I’d be ready to
go again in a minute! What WAS it about this man?

He was still for a minute, and I began to think (darn me!). Oh, he’s
being overcome with regret, I just knew it! This sort of magical
thing can’t just happen in this day and age! Or maybe he’s thinking
about where he put his knife so he can slash me up and drop my body
parts along the state route back to the hill country that he came
from. Even all these dire thoughts could not really make an
impression on the overwhelming contentment that I felt in his arms.
God, I’m a textbook case, I thought. Then he took a short, loud, deep
breath and straightened up, still not letting me go very far from his
chest. He looked down at me, and I tried to read his eyes in the
shadowy moonlight. He smiled broadly.

“You are incredible! I’ve never felt anything like that before!” He
began to laugh in a most engaging way… not creepy or goofy, just
amazed and relieved. After a moment of trying to fit that response
into my scenario, I began to giggle myself. And in another moment, we
were both laughing full out, like kids, delighted with ourselves and
each other. I threw my arms around his neck and hugged him to me,
kissing him again hard and fast right on the mouth. He pulled back
from the kiss and then came in for his own trophy kiss. And that kiss
turned into a totally different kind of kiss. A kiss of lovers who
now knew just what was in store, should they decide to go further.
The breath of passion was once again passed between us. I felt my
desire return, hardly diminished by my two shattering orgasms. I felt
the pressure of his arms increase, the movement of his hands again
under my skirt. Insistent, imaginative and full of his need. He
pulled me nearly off the car, pressing me against him again. I was
amazed to find him hard again, nearly as hard as he was the first
time! Wow! Pretty amazing for a man of any age! There’s got to be
something to this love at first sight thing. I was determined,
however, to return a favor.

I slid off the car, my skirt bunching up around his rampant dick and
our pelvises still together. His hard member was clasped tightly
between the tops of my thighs. Gosh, we were well matched in height,
too! This was almost too perfect! I pushed lightly on his right
shoulder, turning him around so his ass was against the car this time.
I broke our long wet kiss. “Ok, now YOU hop up!” I suggested and
grinned wickedly at him, running my tongue over my already wet lips.
And without hesitation, and with a delighted grin, he did as I asked.
“Now lean back and watch the stars. I’ll show you what we do for good
Samaritans where I come from…” I gave him a little push and he
rolled back onto the car hood, hands clasped behind his head, ready to
relax and enjoy the ride. Oh! I liked this man! No butting in while
I’m working, just a simple appreciation for the attention.

Although his trousers strung between his ankles made it a bit
challenging, I nestled snugly between his thighs, his knees at my
waist. I ran my hands up from those knees, enjoying the feel of his
muscular thighs under my fingers. Their slight fur, the silky skin of
his hips and lower belly. I ran my fingernails lightly through his
damp pubic hair, taking care not yet to touch the beautiful specimen
of man flesh that saluted the velvet sky. While my hands explored the
area, my eyes took in the tool that had so recently given me so much
pleasure. It was easy to see why. Not TOO big, but well shaped, with
a little bend that conformed precisely to the shape of my tunnel.
Built for pleasure, not for speed, obviously! It was a wonder to
behold, that penis, emerging from the thatch of hair that was matted
with the mixture of our juices. And below, my fingers followed my
gaze, the most amazing balls I’d ever laid eyes on – high and full and
wonderfully tight. A powerful pair of massive pillows. Hard to get
your mouth around that, I thought, and then, just as simply, decided
to give it a try. I lowered my face to his crotch, breathing deep of
the musky scent of him and our passion. Soap, a little fabric
softener, a hint of man sweat and that sweet scent of fresh cum.
Mmmmmm! What a taste treat this would be! I breathed on him, to
accustom him with the feeling and make him relax – though he didn’t
seem very tense at all! Trusting soul!

I burrowed with my nose into the crease between his balls and thigh,
first the right, then the left. I licked across the wide expanse of
his balls, testing the ground and gently worked one massive globe into
my mouth. I felt as much as heard his groan of pleasure. Good!
Always bad form to start a first-class blow job with something that
the man finds unpleasant. I “mmmm’ed” a bit in response, the
vibration of my lips making him jump just a bit. Better keep the
vocalizations to a minimum… I repeated the effect on the other
side, taking close readings of his responses. My fingers were buried
in the hair at the base of his cock, and they began a dance of their
own, almost without my knowledge. I wrapped my thumb and forefingers
around the base of his half-hard member, pulling ever so gently to
extend it to it’s full length. I straightened slightly, forsaking the
pillowy balls to glimpse my holy grail. Oh, golly… my mouth
watered at the sight of that cock pressing up. I wanted to taste him.
Oh yes I did.

Without touching anything but the base with my fingers, I ran my
tongue, hard and pointed up the base of the shaft. Just the point of
my tongue making contact. Then the bottom of my tongue over the tip,
tracing the graceful curve of the head (was that a little precum I
tasted?), then using the side of my tongue to run down the shaft, a
quick darting lick around the base where it met those fabulous balls
and then back up the other side. I aimed the rod down slightly,
looking it straight in the eye… Ok, buster… You’re MINE! I
thought, making a small, wet “o” with my lips and descending on the
tip, just as he had entered me the first time. Surrounding just the
tip with my lips, I bathed the velvety curves with my tongue, gently
and thoroughly. I gave the underside of the tip a little tickle with
the hard tip of my tongue and elicited another gasp and twitch. I
believed that one was pleasurable. Then, grasping the member tighter
with both hands around the base, I forced my tightened lips over the
ridge of the head, applying a little pressure with the flat of my
tongue to the underside. Mmm… that could be one of my favorite
feelings… the head of a cock popping into my mouth… oh the

Then, slowly, inexorably, I descended to my appointed resting place,
taking his entire length into my mouth, the head against the back of
my throat, my tongue moving in what small space it had to explore the
wonderful textures of the shaft. I stayed still for a moment, letting
my throat relax into it’s position as cock couch, petting the hard
pole with my tongue. Circular patterns with my tongue, and one hand
below to cup the massive balls – I felt completely at home with his
dick in my mouth. I could hear and feel his breath begin to quicken
already. I’m not at all unhappy when a man cums quickly – especially
when I suck him, though I’ve been known to ace a marathon session of
cock-eating, as well. I love the thought of a man being excited
enough by my ministrations to shoot in my mouth before he has a chance
to think about it! I began a rhythm, bracing the shaft with my hand
and letting my lips do the movement, while my tongue kept up the
stimulation work. Quite a little suction built up between the seal of
my lips around the shaft and the flat of my tongue. Each time I
passed the ridge of the head, a small “pop” could be heard, so
reminiscent of the sound of him leaving my pussy! I could feel my own
juice start to flow and I entered into that realm of sheer feeling…
no planning, no technique, just my body, hands, tongue and mouth
responding to the thousand little signals from him for direction.
Again I began to vocalize with that stiff rod in my throat, and his
groans answered mine. I could tell by the timbre of his soundings
that he was getting close. I felt the muscles of his hips tense, his
legs begin to bunch under my arms. Oh, boy this was going to be good,
I could just tell! I pulled out all the stops.

“AAAAArrrrrrgghhhhh” he roared as he came, and I thrust his cock
directly to the back of my throat, the better to drink him down. And
drink I did! Gallons seemed to gush from his spasming dick – a hot
hard shot with each spasm. Amazing control, this man! I sucked and
milked, wanting every drop I could get. God he tasted good! A little
bitter, a little sweet and oh, so hot. I eased off on the sucking as
he retreated from his orgasm, but kept up the pressure a bit, the
licking more gentle, the massaging of the balls like a fairy’s touch.
Just a slow, lazy swing of the tongue on the underside of his
still-hard penis. Cleaning house a little. I clamped my lips gently
back over the shaft to keep it warm. And I didn’t want to let him go.
And he seemed in no hurry to be rid of me. So I scratched in his
pubic hair a little, loving the smell that arose to my nostrils. And
loving the aftertaste of him in my mouth. Then he gasped and his
hands came to either side of my head. “Oh… my god! I’m going
to…” and under my now-relaxed hands I felt his rod stiffen slightly
again, and as I bore down on him, my tongue again at work on the
shaft, he came again into my mouth, shooting nearly as much as he did
the first time! Wow! Multiple orgasms, too! I was impressed and
delighted with the extra treat! Gee! Did I do that? How flattering!

I repeated my after-orgasm cleaning ritual, and finally he reached
down to pull me up. I followed his hands, up onto the hood of the
car, straddling his naked hips with mine. I was sure he could feel
the juice from my pussy on his groin, as I nestled in on top of him.
I bent over to kiss him again, nosing my way through his now even
stiffer beard. “MMmm,” I purred, “you are delicious.” He grinned up
at me as I hovered over him. I could see him so clearly in the
moonlight that shone from the left. How long had we been at this?

“And you, lady, are amazing.” He rolled his eyes and sighed a deep
sigh that forced his softening member right between my pussy lips.
Oh! What a surprise! And what a delightful feeling, to just sit
quietly, our bodies joined once again. I looked down at him,
completely sated, yet still completely excited. He rubbed my arms
where they were propped on either side of his chest. I realized for
the first time, that my skin was cold! It must be 50 degrees out
here! The temperature can drop like a stone in the country, once the
sun goes down. I shivered. “Cold?” he whispered, not struggling to
get up.

“Just where I’m exposed to the air,” I replied with a smile. “The
rest of me is anything but!”

“I’ll say,” he laughed, the motion sending another shot of electricity
through my body. “I have a feeling, though, that we’d better get you
safe before it gets much later.”

“Hmm,” I replied, dimpling again and drawing one finger down the front
of his shirt, “somehow I feel perfectly safe. With you, my good

“And so you are,” he grunted, curling up into a sitting position, my
hips still firmly adhering to his. “but I’ve got places to be, my
lady. And as enchanting as this has been, I have to go.”
Inexplicably, I was crushed. I knew in my right mind that this was a
moment out of time. A magical experience that could have no life
other than that of this night. Like something out of “A Midsummer
Night’s Dream,” I would wake up to find my pussy sore and a vague
memory of some guy with an ass’s head! Well… I looked straight
into my lover’s eyes, memorizing them and his face for future
fantasies. Not an ass’s head at all, just a wonderful, handsome,
passionate monster. But somehow, I knew that this man was something
special… that he had a key to some lock inside me that I hadn’t
even known I had. Life’s just so unfair, sometimes.

“OK,” I smiled bravely. Just once, before we parted, I threw my arms
around his neck and hugged him tight to me. “Thanks” I whispered in
his ear.

“My pleasure,” he whispered back “and thank you.”

And then it was over. We slid off the car, rearranged our clothing
and proceeded to the nearest gas station. He did wait with me while
the AAA came. Unfortunately, for once in my entire driving life, they
came in less than 15 minutes. We didn’t talk much while we waited.
And we didn’t ask each other’s names. I was very happy he didn’t do
that. I think he was relieved that I didn’t either. The tow truck
came, and I climbed into the cab with “Darlene” who seemed a bit put
out at the hour. The one single time I get a woman tow truck driver.
I’d been ready to throw myself once more on the mercy of my good
Samaritan if the driver was a man. Wait ’til I told her she had 60
miles to tow that heap!

I watched him as we pulled out of the parking lot of the gas station,
leaning up against the fender of his truck, smoking a cigarette. He
brought the cigarette to his lips, but instead of taking a drag, he
kissed his last 3 fingers and threw the kiss at me. I put my hand up
to the tow truck window to catch it. I waved back. I turned around
in the seat and sighed. Wow. What a trip. I’ll never pass up
another invitation to a cookout down in his county ever again! You
just never know about these things…

“So, a little car trouble, hunh?” grumbled Darlene as we headed away
from the lights of town.

“Yep,” I answered. “Just a little car trouble.”