Sleeping with Beauty

I was late, of course. By the time I arrived at the court, I was greeted by an eerie silence, walking through rooms and rooms of people sitting, slouching, laying, all of them sleeping as if frozen in time. I slowly paced the long hallways, quiet rooms and courtyards, stripping off more and more layers of my gown until I was completely naked, enjoying the freedom, the feeling of a cool, light breeze on my breasts, safe in the knowledge that nobody could see me now as I set out to enact my revenge.

It started many years ago. The king and queen had tried long and hard to conceive, and despite all their efforts, the queen remained . Fearing the ever-growing unrest of her husband and being cast out on suspicion that she might be barren, she grew more and more desperate. And so, late one autumn night, I heard her faint tapping on my door.

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Florida Sex Fantasy

Pete and Sandy were standing at the counter of the car rental agency, awaiting their car. They had just arrived in Miami, after a three and half hour flight from Ohio. Both were excited about this trip. They were going to spend a whole week in Key West Florida, and do nothing but lie on the beach and explore the area.

Life was good for them now. They were living together, and Sandy’s daughter and her significant other were living in Pete’s old house, right next door to them. Of course, they were always over, but neither seemed to mind. In fact, Sandy and Annie grew closer than ever.

Also, during these months, the couple did explore some of their fantasies, especially Sandy. She had wanted to try a 3some, and over the Memorial Day weekend, they did just that with her best friend Karen.

The evening that happened, it wasn’t forced, it just happened. First the girls played in the pool, then went upstairs and played on Sandy’s bed. Pete watched for a while then joined in, while Sandy had her ass at the edge of the bed and was eating Karen. Once Pete came though, he left the ladies to their fun. Pete enjoyed himself, but really enjoyed that Sandy got to live a fantasy, and that was more important to him.

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Tease and Please

Me and my neighbor’s wife played a little game of ‘show me yours, I’ll show you mine’ for about two months before she let me bang her sweet pussy. For me this was one hell of a lucky situation, taking all factors into consideration; the chief of which being I am a sixty three year old retired black man and she a pretty early thirties buxom Asian (Indian) woman.

Some of you might be thinking that I’m just a dirty, creepy old man, but before you go getting all judgmental, look at it this way. When a guy is over fifty his options in the field of sex and romance become considerably reduced unless he’s a celebrity or has tons of money. At this age if he’s still got the sexual yearnings of a young man, but not the options available, then he’s got to find alternative ways to entertain himself sexually; the way he chooses might not always be conventional, but what the heck!

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Watersport sluts

It was hard for Jessica keep from screaming at the unfairness of it all.

Jessica felt as if her parents were betraying her for taking away everything she had built throughout the past few years. “How could they do this to me again?” she thought as she sat in the rear seat of the Honda Civic, hiding her tears of sorrow and pain. She, once again, had friendships that would now dwindle into oblivion. She would have to make new ones, a menial task that she was always over-anxious about. She worried that she would be remain in solitude if no one were to befriend her. Her heart sank deeper into her chest with every mile closer to their new ‘home.’ Having lived in 5 different cities and 3 different states at only sixteen years of age she was tired of moving and having to rebuild everything every few years.

“Can’t you just get a different job, dad? I mean…there are like thousands of them, right?” pleaded Jessica.

The car remained silent. Jessica turned her head and gazed out the window, despising everything she saw.

“That’s our house right there on the corner of that roundabout,” said her father.

“Oh, cool! We live next to a circle! I hope you know your job is a major pain, Major,” Jessica said mockingly, degrading her father’s rank.

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