Anna Bell Peaks

“And that’s the last of it.” You grunted as you raised your pool skimmer with several dry leaves on it and take it to the trash can to dispose of it. “There all done.” You wiped the sweat of your forehead.

It was just a normal day as a pool boy for you. Three months ago, you were dumped by your ex-girlfriend for your best friend because he was richer than you.

Heartbroken, you was forced to work as a McDonalds employee until you’ve met Anna Bell Peaks, a very famous pornstar. She offered you a job as a pool boy in her as and a payment of 100,000 each month. Obviously, you couldn’t contain your excitement at the fact you’re given a job by a pornstar no less and agreed.

“Thanks Y/N,” You turned round to see Anna walking towards you in her blue bikini, swaying her hips are her tits bounced. “I knew I could count on you to clean my pool.”

“Thanks.” You grinned as you leaned in and kissed her in the lips, which she returned.

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A Happy Ending

12:01 AM: Phone rings, ” Hey Wes, want to come over tomorrow morning and watch some Netflix?” It was Tuesday my favorite day of the week, mainly because I got to hang out with my beautiful friend Nicole. “Of course I would what do you want to watch” I said. She replied with you know me i’m fine with a cheesy horror film or some anime. Sounds good to me i said with excitement. We were both excited to see one another, she told me to be over at about 9:30am before her room mate woke up for work.

Let me give a little de***********ion of Nicole because my god does she deserve it! She is every bit of the word sexy. I would say she is about 5’6”, Slim tight body with ravenous jet black hair. She always wears tops that show off her chest and it was clear why, because her tits were perfect. They always stood proud and didn’t sag one bit. Her nipples were pierced and it drove me insane seeing them whenever she would just wear a tank top, which was often. She has a beautiful face with a smile that could silence a room. You would never know but she is fair skinned and tattooed all over which is a big turn on for me!

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The Mom gets her pleasure

June Cleaver was a mom to two well-behaved young men 20 year old Waldo & 19 year old Theo . She was your typical American suburban housewife who loved her husband Ward & had been married to him for over 32 years now . 53 year old June was stacked with 40dd breasts , a round fat ass & she was curvy . At 5ft 9 she was a tall drink of water & thats why young Eddie Haskell , lusted after his best friend’s mom . 20 year old Eddie had recently discovered hypnotism , and he found that he was really good at it . So he had tried it on his own mom first , Betty unlike June was a brunette (not blonde ) & she was divorced . Currently she was dressed in a french-maid outfit & was cooking Eddie’s breakfast . She had been hypnotized last week , & now she blew EDDIE every morning before breakfast . Eddie had also fucked Betty’s tits & cum on her face & in her mouth , but he was waiting to fuck her later . He enjoyed her bjs too much.

As Eddie finished his breakfast , Betty washed her mouth out with mouthwash , took off her french maid outfit (which Eddie had insisted she buy) put on her dress clothes & off she went to the bank where she worked as a bank teller.


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A stud’s justice

Kevin and Lana were in trouble. They had wanted to go home as their high-school activities ended, but at one point, three very shady and angry guys blocked their path. As the dark-haired girl looked around for a way out, panicked, the 18-year-old chemist prodigy realized what has happened: he had busted an attempt by some no-good people to use the school lab secretly…for drug making. Now, they wanted revenge- these were the goons of the people that were now going to be tried and imprisoned. He tried to reason with them: “There is nothing you can do…the lab now has limited access- windows and doors were replaced. No drugs for anyone.” It didn’t exactly work. “You little dipshit…we’re gonna make you pay for calling the cops!” The three men were angry, and the one that had a baseball bat came forth, wanting to break Kevin’s glasses, nose and skull. The scared girlfriend screamed, as the bookish, skinny male seemed very pessimistic about their odds of survival.
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