Half man, half woman

As you suggested, I’ve written it out like a story, and you were right, it
has made it easier to tell. Please return the disc to me after you’ve read
it and made your notes, and delete it from your computer. I’d hate for
anyone else to find it, or, heaven forbid, publish it somewhere or post it
on the internet!
I don’t know if it was the same at your school, but at the university where
I went to take psychology, we were required to act as subjects for some of
the studies. For particularly long or unpleasant ones [like where they make
you sick or keep you immobilised], they give you extra credits or even give
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Just a little car trouble

Every nerve in my body was singing like high tension wires as I
focused on his attentions to my pussy. His fingers glided in the
moisture which I was producing at a prodigious rate. I gasped as I
felt the tip of his nose touch the hardness of my clit. His tongue
followed the path of his fingers, touching lightly at first, then hard
and flat against the bottom edge of my hungry pussy. A finger thrust
into my soft, wet folds and my muscles instinctively grasped at the
delicious intruder. I heard a corresponding gasp from him, gravelly
and deep. He pulled his finger from me and replaced it with his
tongue, thrusting deep into me, tasting the juices that gushed from
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Dirty Files – Taboo

Soon after our Sunday after-church fuck Charlene, my mother-
in-law, and I descended into a sex-filled, carnally charged obsession
with each other. Often, Charlene would call me up at the office during
the day to announce that Harry, my father-in-law, had gone off
golfing, or fishing, or just down to the local Wal-Mart. Sometimes
we’d just get each other off over the phone. More often, I’d announce
I was leaving for an early or late lunch and head over to Charlene’s.
She would usually greet me at the door and within minutes I’d have her
skirt up over her hips and we’d be fucking madly on the living-room
couch, the kitchen table, even once on the hood of her car parked in
the garage.
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Well, you’ll never be able to pee with it like this

Sunlight in my eyes, burning through the eyelids, hot on the rest of my body, bad case of cotton-mouth, and an overwhelming need to take that nice long first leak of the day. Not the best way to wake up in the world, but not bad by any means.

Last night came back slowly, and I recalled I was on the deck where I had curled up with a bottle of Bailey’s Irish Cream as the party wound down. My slight headache confirmed I had probably landed here as opposed to choosing to find a nice place to sleep off my happy buzz, but probably before I had completely ruined myself for today. Not bad.

Still hadn’t opened my eyes. Wasn’t planning to. Bright sun, bad karma. I reached down to the deck and felt around, hoping… no, not a bottle… no, not that bottle… ugh, what was that, salsa? Shit. Ah, there we go – sunglasses! Both hands involved now, open the frames, slip them over my ears, much darker now. Nice.
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Dirty files – Where things heat up

As Charlene, my mother-in-law, approached, I could see that
she’d changed into a black silk robe that rode to her mid-thigh. She’d
kept her heels on, but taken off her earrings.

Come here, I said, stroking my dick lasciviously in her

Charlene smiled and stood a few feet in front of me. I could
see the swell of her breasts and her nipples jutting through the silk
fabric. She spread her legs apart and grasped the robe’s tie in her

Meet SylverFox, she said as she tossed her shoulder length
silver hair over her shoulder and untied her robe.
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Dirty Files 1.

I’ll admit, things were pretty rough the first year after I
divorced Vickie. Bachelorhood just wasn’t the same now, now that I was
29, now that I had a house in the suburbs and a 9 to 9 job, and all
the rest of the goodies that come with modern adulthood. It was tough
to meet people and I was getting very lonely, especially around the
holidays. My family was split up all over the country and I just
couldn’t get up the energy to listen to all of them dissect my split.
Instead, I stayed home and stewed in my juices.
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