Shopping Fun

My girlfriend decided we didn’t do enough together so she took me cloths shopping. We slowly walked around all the shops as I watched her try on dress after dress, shoe after shoe and so on.

We went into a shop so she could try on new underwear. She asked me to pick out a pair of panties. So I went looking around the shop and found very sexy pink lace underwear. I went back and handed them to her. She grinned at me and went to the locker to try them on. I was standing outside the locking waiting for her to come out, she called me closer to the locker and said she wanted to see what I thought of her in the sexy underwear. She unlocked the door and pulled me in; standing there she asked me what I thought. I admired her legs and looked up, I noticed a wear damp patch on her panties as she move her body closer to me and kiss me on the lips.

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Sybian Cougar

I yawned, Mr. Dean’s math class was another boring grind. The only thing that really happened, that brought me into the circle, was Kirsten Jensen got herself reprimanded for whispering to her friends causing Jordan Mathers to giggle.

After class, I caught up with my best friend, Lisa Heinzman, talking with the two of them, along with Sarah Jones, who is not in our math class. Jordan was saying something about her initiation.

Kirsten said, “Oh yeah, you were right, she’s really something!”

Lisa replied, “Yeah, when it happened to me, I just knew I had to tell everyone about it, in fact, I was encouraged to. God, I’ve never had an experience like that!”

Intrigued, I asked, “What is it, can I see it, can I try it?”

“Definitely,” replied Lisa.
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It all started at the mall, I was shopping for my girlfriend. I wanted to get her some sexy panties, something to spice up our sex life. When I saw this gorgeous women in a mini-skirt. I tried to ignore her, but, she loomed sexuality. She had dark long hair with blonde streaks in it. Her face small, her lips full, dark eyes and a seductive smile. Her breast up turned and shapely. She had to be at least a 36c. Her tummy was flat which was revealed by her cut off shirt. The flesh was broken up by her pleated mini-skirt that drew attention to her long sexy legs. If I had to guess, she was at least five foot nine. I would find out later that her name was Jazzmyn.

She smiled at me as she walked to the stairs to reach the second level. I was drawn to her way by her beauty. Like a moth to a flame she drawn me in. If I didn’t know any better she knew what effect she had on me. All I wanted to see was her panties as I looked up the stairs and up her skirt. Man. that was such a turn on…….my dick throbbed stair after sweet stair. I looked up her sexy legs, then her ass cheeks came into view. The red g-string that split those round butt cheeks rated a throb as the little red material that cover what looked to be a fat twat. Her movements became slow to give me a good look up her skirt as she reached the top. She turned and gave me a wicked smile.

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My divorced mother-in-law

My wife and I were visiting my divorced mother-in-law last month when she asked me to fix her computer. Being a nice guy that I am, I agreed and she said she would make it worthwhile for me. Man, did she ever! The next night she made this great dinner for the three of us. My wife and Farzana went to bed early and I went to install the new modem that she wanted on her computer. It took a long time because it was an old computer and there were lots of problems. I finally got it working so I went on the net and it seemed to be working just fine.

I turned off the computer and was heading upstairs when I walked by her room. The door was opened, and even though it was dark inside I could still see Farzana was sleeping on her side with her blanket kicked off the bed. I tiptoed in and was going to put the blanket back on her when I noticed her nightgown was hiked all the way up above her tiny waist. She has a great body for a 45 years old woman. She is about 5’5″, 135 lbs, grayish hair and brown eyes. Her gaand is round and tight. Her legs were nicely shaped and long. The sight of her beautiful gaand has caused my heart beating a little faster and a stir in my Lund. I tiptoed to the side of her bed, not knowing what I would do.
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Student and Teacher in the Bathroom

I had always had a crush on my French teacher, she was a really young teacher, far younger than most of the old broads that usually taught at my school. Whenever she wore a skirt I would always “accidentally” drop my pencil, and since I was in the front row, she would be kind enough to bend over and get it for me. And every time she bent over I would get a nice view of her panty covered pussy. Everytime she wore a thong, I would have to almost immediately ask to go to the bathroom and stroke myself to release. I think she started to catch onto what I was doing…
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Beth Williams – fanfiction sex story

They exchanged phone numbers then Beth said, “ Frank, I was thinking that you being a man of the world and being so clever and well dressed and all, maybe you could tag along with me and Donna, were just going to do some cloths shopping and you can help us pick out some cloths”

Franks reply was “oh, yes indeed, that would be delightful.”

Beth began to get frank charged up by saying, “yes it’s going to be mainly under wear shopping today but with a ladies man like yourself giving us advice we should be ok. Your know what undies the guys really like these days, wont you?”

Frank was speechless and could barley string two words together. He muttered something but it didn’t make any sense.

Donna and Beth said they needed to use the loo before they went and for him to wait there for them. When we were in the toilet Beth said to Donna, “yes, I think the dirty old fucks taken the bait Dons. Now what will do is I’ll take him in to a changing cubicle in Debenham’s and have a bit of fun with him and just as he’s about to blow his beans I’ll shout, Blow your load in to my pretty little minge and that’s the cue for you to pull back the curtains and start snapping away”

Donna looked worried and said, “but won’t he chase after me?”

“No of coarse not, he’ll be stark bollock naked with jizz shooting from his bell-end, he’s hardly going to run through Debehams in that state.”

Donna asked, “so your going to shag him, in a changing room cubicle?”

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