Heavy hotties – Sofia Rose

Sofia Rose was born in Southern California. This hottie comes from a mixed ethnic background which contributes to her unique and interesting features, olive skin and brown eyes. In Sofia’s own words, she is “Mexican, Spanish, Irish, and Native American with a dash of Italian and Portuguese. In 2019 Sofia Rose has been selected for two PornHub Awards nominations this year, for ‘Big and Beautiful – Top BBW Performer’ and in the Fan Voting category for ‘Favorite BBW Model’.

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Daily Boobs – Amy Villainous

Amy Villainous is an American adult model and make-up artist. She is well-known for her very edgy, alternative looks and chubby hour-glass figure. Her hair color changes often, she has multiple tattoos, and tends to dress goth or punk.
She has decided to drop the alias ‘Vinyl Meow’ and took up the name ‘Amy Villainous’; using part her first name combined with a word that describes her love of villains in comic books. She is a recurring featured model in the pin-up photography book, La Voluptueuse, where you can find the only full nude photos of her available anywhere. She is also planning to create more erotic material with her husband in the near future.

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