Ebony sexual fantasies

“Good girl,” the white girl praised her. “Now roll over, and I’ll give you your reward.” Katlin slipped her pajama bottoms off revealing a light patch of red pubic hair well above the bare slit of her vagina. She had thick pink labia.

Teresa eyed the white girl’s pussy as she obediently rolled on to her back like a big black dog doing a trick for her mistress. She waited expectantly for her treat. The white girl stood over the prone afro and suddenly let loose a stream of urine that hit the black woman on the chest and splashed into her face. Katlin stepped forward a little in order to direct the stream right into the house mother’s face.

“Drink up, slut,” she laughed. “Drink it up and be grateful for it.”

The fat black woman tried to do just that. She coughed as she tried to catch her breath at the same time trying to swallow as much of the white girl’s piss as she could. Her bladder finally empty, the red head dropped to her knees, straddling the negresses head, her pink pussy right on the house mothers black face.

“Now lick me clean,” she ordered, her blue eyes flashing.

Teresa immediately started lapping at the white girl’s pink pussy. Licking the remaining drops of pee. Teresa could smell Katlin’s scent strongly along with the urine. The red head was obviously aroused by her exercise of her power to dominate the black woman who was at least fifteen years her senior. Katlin stood, and bracing herself on the kitchen counter lifted one foot and put it over Teresa’s mouth.

“I stepped in pee,” she said, “lick it off.”

The black woman proceeded to use her tongue to clean off the bottom of the white girl’s dirty foot where she’d stepped in her own urine on the kitchen floor. When she finished, Katlin switched feet and offered Teresa her other filthy foot.

“All right,” she said. “That’s enough. Now I want you to lick the rest of it up. You didn’t do a very good job keeping the floor clean.”

Teresa got back on her hands and knees and began licking up the remaining urine from the kitchen floor. Katlin put her pajama bottoms back on and stood, hands on her hips, supervising the black woman’s humiliating efforts.

Just then, the house mother heard the back door open and shoe clad foot steps approach. She was too humiliated to look up to see who it was and could just see two pairs of sneaker clad feet, one pair female, one pair male.

“Holy shit!” said the male voice, “what the fuck is going on?”

“Just a little exercise in putting this slut cunt in her place,” said Katlin. “She had some idea I should let her lick my pussy. Now she knows the only time she’ll be licking it is to clean it after I pee on her. Fucking slut. Now she understands her place much better. Don’t you?”

“Yes, ma’am,” replied Teresa, shamed to be seen this way.

“God, that is so fucking hot!” exclaimed the male voice.

“Calm down, Shawn,” said the female voice. “It’s just a slut.”

“I don’t care,” said Shawn. “I want to fuck her.”

“Shawn!” objected the female voice. “We’re supposed to be going to the game! Kick off is in less than an hour!”

“This won’t take long,” Shawn replied, unzipping his pants.

“Well hurry up and fuck the slut,” said the female voice. Teresa saw her walk away. “I’m going to go get into something warmer.”

“Oooh!” said Katlin. “I guess you do like our slut! She’s gonna love that dick!”

Teresa felt Shawn kneel behind her. She felt his cock probing her asshole. He tried to push in, hard, hurting her. The black woman cried out pain. But it was no good. The white boy’s hard cock wasn’t going in the afro woman’s anus.

“Shit, I can’t get it in,” he complained.

“Jesus, Shawn,” said Katlin, exasperated. “Stick in her cunt. I bet it’s sopping. Get your dick wet first then shove it up her ass!”

“Good idea,” said the white boy, slipping his cock into Teresa’s sloppy wet pussy. “Damn! She is soaking!”

Teresa felt no pleasure at the feel of Shawn’s cock inside her as the white boy used her vagina to lubricate his dick.

“Of course she is,” said the white girl. “She’s a slut. She loves it. Now fuck the slut’s ass.”

The white boy pulled out and pressed his cock head against Teresa’s asshole. Slippery with her juices he was able to force it up her black ass. She cried out in pain as he buried his full length inside her.

“Oh, yeah….” he murmured. “That’s the good stuff. This slut’s ass is so fucking tight! I love it!”

“Then use her, Shawn,” Katlin urged him. “It’s what sluts are for. For our pleasure. It’s what they want. Now use her good.”

The white boy needed no further encouragement. He pounded his cock into Teresa’s tight ass causing the poor afro woman to cry. Her tears only made him fuck her harder.

“Uh! Uh! Ahhh….” Shawn sighed as he filled Teresa’s ass with semen. “Damn that was good. Your slut has the tightest fucking ass.”

“Glad you liked it,” said Katlin. “Be sure to come again!” The white girl laughed at her joke.

Shawn pulled up his pants just as the other girl walked in.

“Good you’re done with the slut,” she said. “Let’s get going. We’ll be late if we don’t hurry.”

Teresa watched as the two sets of feet walked away from her and out the door. Her ass hurt from the fucking she’d received from a guy whose face she never saw.