Ebony sexual fantasies

Katlin Duvall was an eighteen year old college freshman. Her fiery red hair was like an exclamation point on her petite body. Slender, but hardly boyish, She had small pert breasts, a fine slim waist, and full rounded hips. Her sparkling blue eyes and cute little nose gave her an almost pixie like appearance. But her looks were deceiving. Cute looks and diminutive size disguised the assertive, demanding woman she had come to be.

Perhaps it was Katlin’s seeming frailty that initially attracted the eye of Teresa Robinson, the housemother at Willow House, where the new co-ed had just moved in for the semester. Teresa had been in that position for several years, and the large black woman truly enjoyed her work taking care of the house and preparing meals for the girls who lived there. Secretly, she had something of an eye for the young women, but had never gotten up the nerve to act on her feelings.

It was late on a Saturday morning. The other girls had already left and were going about their business. Studying at the library, hanging out with friends, or whatever young college co-eds do on an early autumn weekend long before the pressures of the semester started to weigh upon them.

Katlin came down into the kitchen, still in her pajamas. Cute pajamas, they were, just like Katlin herself. Her short white top and low riding bottoms revealed her bare midriff and pierced navel. Teresa was just finishing the dishes when the young white girl spoke to her.

“I can’t help but notice the way you look at me, Teresa,” she said. “Ever since I first moved in here, I’ve seen you stealing glances at me.”

“I don’t know what you mean, Miz Katlin,” replied the startled black woman. Teresa was mortified that her attention had been noticed. Worst of all, noticed by the cutest girl in the house.

“I think you know exactly what I mean,” she said sternly. “You like girls don’t you, Teresa? I think you do.”

“Well… of course I like the girls,” stammered the house mother.

“That’s not what I mean at all, and you know it!” Katlin shot back. Then she smiled and her tone softened a little. “You like girls. Period. You want girls. I think you want me. Don’t you, Teresa?”

The big black woman swallowed hard. Katlin undid the top button on her pajama top. Teresa’s eyes shot back and forth from the white girl’s blue eyes to the pale white flesh she was revealing.

“You do!” laughed the red haired girl. “You can’t take your eyes off of me!”

Teresa felt her face go hot.

“I bet you’d like to eat me,” Katlin smiled. “I bet you’d just love it if I sat on your face.”

“I… I…”, the black woman sputtered, aroused.

Katlin suddenly stopped smiling. “But you’re just a slut. Why should I let you taste my pussy?”

Teresa was stunned. Was this the same girl? She’d alway thought Katlin so sweet, now the white girl glared at her, the word she’d used hung in the air. The big afro woman’s breath was caught in her throat, but she felt her heart beating faster, and her pussy growing wet.

“I… I’d love to taste your pussy, Miz Katlin,” Teresa said meekly. She might as well admit it since the white girl brought it up. “I’d lick your coochie real good. I promise you’d like it. You wouldn’t have to do nothin’ back for me.”

Whap! The black woman staggered back from the slap the white girl delivered across her face. Her cheek stung, her eyes teared up. She looked back up at the red head and met her blue eyes. Katlin reared her arm back and… Whap! She slapped Teresa again, harder.

“Don’t you dare look me in the eye you fat fucking slut!” she said angrily.

Teresa immediately looked down at the floor. “I’s sorry, ma’am.”

“You should be,” Katlin said with a hint of disgust in her voice. “I won’t be disrespected by a slut. Looking me in the eye like you were as good as me. I never heard of such a thing!”

“It won’t happen again, Miz Katlin,” said the rebuked negress softly.

“Good. See that it doesn’t,” replied the white girl. “I may let you service me, if you show me proper respect and demonstrate you know your place. Do you understand me?”

“Yes’m,” Teresa said in a small voice. Her pussy was sopping.

“All right. You can start by taking those clothes off,” Katlin instructed. “Believe me, it’s not that I enjoy looking at a naked fat slut. It’s just that having a monkey like you wearing clothes like you were somebody offends me. Now strip and be quick about it.”

Teresa quickly removed her clothing and stood naked before the diminutive red head, her eyes downcast, her hands at her sides.

“Now get on your hands and knees like the animal you are,” she continued. “Do it.”

The naked black woman quickly dropped to her knees and leaned forward on her hands. She waited on all fours on the kitchen floor waiting for the white teenager’s next command.

“That’s better,” Katlin stated. “Isn’t that better?”

“Yes’m,” said Teresa from her spot on the floor.

“Now lick my feet like a good slut,” instructed the white girl.

Without hesitating, the negress crawled over to where the red head stood and began licking the tops of her feet.

“That’s right, lick the feet of your better,” Katlin cooed. “Now isn’t this more like it should be? Don’t you feel more comfortable in your place? No need to put on airs. No need to make any effort to preserve a dignity that is only an illusion anyways. Just lick the feet of your betters and be content. Don’t you agree?”

“Yes’m,” Teresa answered and continued her ministrations of the white girl’s feet.

“Tell me what you are, girl,” asked the red head. “Tell me what you are, and maybe I’ll let you taste my pussy.”

“I’s jus’ a slut, ma’am,” replied the black woman. “Jus’ a slut, tha’s all.”