Dirty Files 1.

I’ll admit, things were pretty rough the first year after I
divorced Vickie. Bachelorhood just wasn’t the same now, now that I was
29, now that I had a house in the suburbs and a 9 to 9 job, and all
the rest of the goodies that come with modern adulthood. It was tough
to meet people and I was getting very lonely, especially around the
holidays. My family was split up all over the country and I just
couldn’t get up the energy to listen to all of them dissect my split.
Instead, I stayed home and stewed in my juices.

Luckily, as a Christmas gift, one of my office buddies gave me
a starter kit for one of the online services. He’d told me all about
all the wild women he’d met online, and all the wild cybersex he’d
experienced since signing up.

Evidently, his wife was clueless about all this virtual

Somewhere between Christmas and New Years, mainly out of
desperation, I signed up and logged on. Before I knew it, I was
addicted. I’d sign on at 10 in the morning and flirt, tease, joke, and
otherwise mess around in the service’s chat rooms all through the day
and night. I was particularly attracted to the rooms that featured
older women; I’d always had a thing for older women since my college
days, but had never fulfilled my little fantasy.

It was all rather pleasant and un-erotic until a couple of
days before New Year’s.

I logged on at 8 or 9 that night. I clicked my way to an room
advertised as “Foxy OverForties” and started to chat. Pretty soon I
was flirting away with a woman named “SylverFox”. Her profile claimed
she was married, a homemaker, and living in a nearby suburb. Pretty
soon our flirting turned off-color as SylverFox bragged about the size
of her breasts and I egged her on. Though she said she was 49 years
old, she boasted a firm set of 38D tits and legs that would knock any
young guys socks off. She claimed that her husband paid for her
tightening and tucking plastic surgery. I got carried away, and before
I knew it I was describing what I would do to those luscious breasts.

SylverFox encouraged me with “hmmmms” and “ohhhhhhs”. I
started getting very hard. All of the sudden, however, SylverFox
disappeared. She had abruptly logged off the system. Needless to say,
I was disappointed. Though I stayed on for hours afterward, she never
reappeared. I left her a mail message asking to meet again, signed
off, and headed to bed.

The next night I was chatting away with a friend when
SylverFox sent me a message. She asked me to join her in a private
room. I agreed and soon we were sharing a virtual room by ourselves. I
asked her why she’d signed off so abruptly earlier and she explained
that her husband had come into the study and started getting curious.
She promised that if it happened again she would sign back on as soon
as she could. Soon we had stripped down to our virtual birthday suits
and Sylver was giving my very first online blowjob. What a master she
was, describing how she was licking my cock, sucking on my balls,
tonguing my glans. I was in seventh heaven and my cock was going nuts.
Again, though, just as I asked her to lie back so we could enjoy the
fruits of her labor, she suddenly disappeared. Shit, I thought. I
lingered online for another hour and then gave up.

The next day, in between football games, I’d log on to the
service and chat away. About three in the afternoon, I got a mail
message from SylverFox. In it she described what would’ve happened if
we’d continued online. It was incredibly erotic as she described
taking my cock into her pussy and massaging her tits and wrapping her
legs around my waist. I mailed back a response, describing things from
my point of view. She responded again, with an even more blistering
message describing her orgasm.

* * *

Before I knew it, the holidays were over and I was back to
work. With my long hours, I couldn’t really use the chat rooms on the
service, but Sylver and I continued our email affair and the mail kept
getting hotter and hotter.

I knew that one way or another I had to meet this woman.

About the end of January, my ex-father-in-law called me up.
Neither of Vickie’s parents had been happy about the divorce, and I
knew they’d been urging her to reconcile. Harry and I chatted for a
while and then he invited me over to dinner. Vickie, he promised,
wouldn’t be there. This was just a dinner to show there were no hard
feelings and to catch up on things. I agreed to come over later that

Thursday I went over to my ex-in-laws place for dinner. I was
greeted at the door by Charlene, my former mother-in-law. I’d always
liked Charlene, and it didn’t hurt that she was extraordinarily good-
looking, with a beautiful face, large breasts, and a slender but
shapely figure. It looked like tonight she had dressed up for my
visit; she was wearing a tight black dress, heels, and a set of large
dangling earrings. Charlene gave me a smile and a big hug and I
couldn’t help but feel her huge tits pressing against me as we
embraced. Her sweet perfume overwhelmed me. She took my hand in hers
and led me down the hall to the living room where Harry was reading
the paper. We shook hands and Charlene went out to get us drinks.

Harry and I talked about sports, the economy, politics, all
the while skirting any mention of Vickie or our marriage. Charlene
kept running in and out of the room with new drinks, snacks, and
whatever else she thought we needed. At one point, tired of seeing her
doing all the work, I rose with my glass and Harry’s to get the drinks
myself. As I headed into the kitchen I spotted Charlene at the sink
and the view from behind, aided by three or four vodka tonics, was
spectacular. Charlene had long firm legs and a gorgeous full ass that
swelled out from what had once been a very thin waist. For a brief
moment, I felt very turned on.

I coughed and Charlene turned around in surprise and then
smiled. She asked for the glasses and I handed them to her. As she
poured, she asked about how I’d been while I gazed down the front of
her dress, drinking in the sight of those beautiful tits. When she
looked up, she caught my gaze and blushed a little bit. Taking up her
own glass, she proposed a toast to the future, and I joined her. She
was so sweet. As she put her glass down, she grasped my free hand in
hers and explained how horrible she and Harry had felt for Vickie and
myself. How tough it must have been and what a fool Vickie was to let
a man like me go. All I could do was smile weakly and nod. As she
continued, she got very teary and finally collapsed into my arms with
a sob.

I grabbed her by the waist as she put her hands on my
shoulders, sobbing quietly into my chest. I comforted her and told her
everything was okay. I could’ve sworn as I did I felt her arms tighten
on my shoulders and her body press firmly into mine. I felt my cock
begin to unwind in a slow steady movement. With a start, however, she
suddenly drew back and awkwardly apologized. Embarrassed, we both
headed back to the den.

Dinner was uneventful. Harry continued to pound away the
martinis and by dessert he was three or four sheets to the wind and
listing badly. We’d all had our share of drinks, mainly to deaden the
tension and anxiety about discussing Vickie. As Charlene cleared up,
Harry took me by the arm and, leaning heavily on me, conducted me into
the study. He slurrily explained that there was something wrong with
his computer and could I fix it? Sure, I said, and sat down in front
of the machine. After standing at my shoulder for a couple of minutes,
Harry tottered off into the other room.

The problem with Harry’s computer was pretty simple – a
minor system glitch – and I’d fixed it in only a couple of minutes.
Out of curiousity, I began to troll Harry’s hard drive. Letters, tax
returns, a couple of games were about all I came up with until I
opened up Charlene’s files. I noticed that she too subscribed to the
online service I did. And then… like somebody hit me over the head
with a hammer, buried deep within the online folders for the service,
I saw a file marked: “SylverFox Mail”. Reeling, I clicked it open and
there were all the hot, sexy letters SylverFox and I had exchanged for
weeks. I was shocked. I didn’t know what to make of it.

Could Charlene be SylverFox? Could my sweet, kind, gentle ex-
mom-in-law be the horny, nasty, hot woman who wrote the scorching
letters I’d been jerking off to for the past two weeks? It was too

Absorbed by this possibility, I suddenly heard Charlene’s
heels approaching the desk. I moved to shut the files, but it was too
late. With a kind greeting, she asked me how I’d done and leaned over
my shoulder. With her breasts hanging on my shoulder, she saw that I
was into the SylverFox files.

She gasped and shot her arms out to turn off the machine. Her
cheek touched mine as she leaned over me to hide her mail. I pushed
the chair upright to prevent her. Frank, she cried out. Please, don’t
look at those. I spun around in the chair to see her standing there,
blushing, her arms on her hips, her chest heaving. Please Frank, she
continued, that’s private.

Very private, I answered her and rose from the chair. Here
Charlene, I told her, you need to sit down to hear what I’m about to
tell you.

I gestured toward the chair and, holding her gently by the
forearm, maneuvered Charlene into the chair where she crossed her
legs. Charlene, I asked slowly, are you SylverFox?

She gazed down at her lap and began to rub her hands together

Are you SylverFox? I asked again.

Oh Frank, she practically moaned in terror, don’t tell Harry.
Please. He’d kill me. She looked up at me with her big brown eyes.

It’s okay Charlene, I answered soothingly. It’s okay because
I’ve got something to tell you.

She looked at me questioningly.

Charlene, I said slowly, I’m “Enforcer29.”

She looked puzzled at first, then shocked. No, she answered,
that can’t be.

It’s true, I told her, and I can prove it.

Charlene just shook her head in amazement.

Turn around, I told her, and open up the SylverFox folders.

She slowly swivelled the chair around and began to click with
the mouse. I moved closer and leaned my head over her shoulder,
drinking in her perfume, her fine silver hair against my cheek.

There, I said, as she clicked open a folder, that one there. I
put my hand on top of her hers to maneuver the mouse to a dated file
named: “CockSucking2.”

Don’t open it, I told her, keeping my hand on hers, pressing
my cheek against hers, putting my other arm on the chair’s arm rest
and leaning in closer. I can tell you what’s in that message.

Charlene gasped. You can? she asked huskily.

Yes, I answered. In it you describe how you would deep throat
my cock and then let me run it between your breasts. And how we would
69 until we both came.

I heard the sharp intake of Charlene’s breath and felt her
breasts rising and falling as I leaned closer and whispered into her

You described how good my cock felt, filling up your mouth,
and how you’d like my balls as I tongued your clit.

Charlene sighed and I rested my lips against the delicate
flesh of her ear.

It was very good, I continued, whispering softly into her ear,
one of the best we exchanged.

Charlene sighed and I ran my left hand up her bare arm. I
could feel her body tensing and then suddenly relaxing. She moaned

And that one, I said, maneuvering her hand and the mouse to a
file called “Your Tits”, is an early one. Where I describe how I would
play with your breasts and suck your nipples as I slid into you from

Charlene moaned a bit more loudly now as I moved both my hands
to her shoulders and ran by tongue around her ear.

Frank, she said thickly, oh Frank, no.

I lowered my hands slowly to the sides of her breasts and
gently squeezed as she moaned again, more loudly this time.

Where is Harry? I whispered into her ear as I began to slowly
massage her huge tits, each one heavy and full in my palm.

Oh Frank, Charlene sighed, oh Frank.

She had begun to breathe heavily as I felt her nipples stiffen
beneath my hands. I began to rub her tits more insistently now,
pausing to thumb her nipples, to squeeze their firm heavy beauty
between my hands.

Where is he Charlene? I asked again.

Charlene moaned.

He’s upstairs, she hissed. He’s drunk and… ohhhh… he’s out
like a light.

I leaned down now and kissed her on the neck as she reared her
head back, bringing her heaving breasts upward. I worked my lips down
along her neck and onto her shoulders, loving the satiny feel of her
skin against my burning cheeks and my mouth.

Oh Frank, she moaned, oh baby… it’s you.

I mumbled something back and raised my lips to meet hers. Our
kiss was wild and deep and passionate, our tongues lashing against
each other as I circled my arms under her breasts. I could feel her
hips lift in anticipation off the chair and begin to rotate ever so
subtly. My mother-in-law and I kissed forever, until I drew her up out
of the chair and we embraced, her arms wrapped like a vise around my
head and our mouths mashing together in hunger.

I ran my hands down her hips and over her ass, squeezing those
beautiful luscious cheeks together. I could hear her moan deep down

Baby, I said as I pulled away from her panting mouth, I want
to fuck you now. Here.

Charlene moaned deeply and I began to unzip the back of her
dress. I pulled the dress down over her shoulders, over her breasts,
and it fell to the floor.

Moaning myself, I attacked her body greedily, showering kisses
on the tops of her tits, running my tongue across her shoulders,
wrapping my arms around her waist, pulling her head back by her fine,
silvery hair. Charlene began to grunt as I ground my rock hard dick
into the soft flesh of her belly.

Hmm… she said suddenly, pushing me away insistently. I want
to do this the way we planned.

I gulped and nodded. My hands rested on her hips and we were
panting together like animals as we involuntarily continued to grind
our crotches together.

Hmmmm, Charlene said, take your clothes off and wait on the

Separating herself from me, she gave me a quick kiss, and
quietly walked toward the study door. I watched her magnificent body
as she moved away from me, her full, firm thighs, her luxurious ass.
When she left, I quickly stripped. My cock was hard and thick and
wagging back and forth as I sat back on the couch. Swept away by our
encounter, hardly believing it was only an illusion, I unconsciously
began stroking my dick. Minutes later, Charlene swept into the room,
quietly closing and latching the study door behind her.