Cum drinking roomate

Should you be talking to your daughters about a new fad called *bleep* dunking? We had to censor the word for this broadcast but that is the letter C followed by the letter U and finally, the letter M. A game where two female participants submerge their heads in a bucket of seminal fluids gathered at a party or event and are only able to breathe again after ingesting its content. Sounds disturbing? But that’s not all: the opponent’s friend holds your head under, so it’s drink… or die.

And now for the weather. Heidi, are you doing any dunking this weekend? …in a pool, that is.

The bedroom TV was loud for the anchor’s voice to carry over the sucking and gurgling of one of Delilah’s famous blowjobs. “Hey aren’t you doing a dunk tonight?” asked the man on the receiving end. “Maybe you shouldn’t fill up on cum. If you die, who is going to suck our dicks?”

Delilah throated her roommate’s cock for the big oral creampie. After the whole load finished pouring down her throat, she gave her little cum belly a couple of slaps. “Just jerk off in a bucket like everyone else in this town, apparently.”

“You’re late, bitch.” A pretty, tanned blonde with hoop earrings told Delilah when she finally showed up at the party.

“I wanted to give the buckets a chance to get nice and full; wouldn’t want your first battle in town to have a hollow victory,” Delilah said.
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“Bitch, I invented that game back in Cali. I don’t need to prove shit to you yokels.” The girl shifted her head from side to side on nearly every word.

“So they say. And yet here you are.”

“Yeah*,* my dad moved here so here I am. This shit hole of a town seemed confused about who the real cum queen is.”

“Is that your holder?” Delilah pointed at the scrawny, younger-looking copy standing timidly behind the new girl.

“That’s my sister. She’ll have to do until I find someone here that has heard of deodorant.”

“Don’t worry, she won’t need to fight me at all. I’d rather drown than pussy out.”

“Good, I hope you do. Where’s your holder? Must be easy to find someone with retard strength in this inbred town.”

With a mouthful of mini-pizzas, a giant shambled out of the kitchen’s alcove. Delilah’s holder was Rhonda, the captain of the female wrestling club. The referee often had to pry her arms open to release a poor blue-faced girl from her chokeholds. It’s what the fans wanted to see, and they were getting riled up for it tonight in the same way.

The new girl’s facade broke for a brief moment. A glimpse of panic. Only Delilah caught it and smiled as she tied her long, black hair into a neat bun. “How about we get started? Can someone roll out the buckets?”

Two large mop-buckets had spent the evening collecting masturbation in the privacy of the bathroom. The facade broke a second time. It took longer for the new girl to shake back her composure for this one. These weren’t the two-gallon plastic buckets they used in San Francisco. They had wheels. And were so full that no matter how careful the pushers were, the waves of the momentum made sticky white splashes over the sides.

“W-Why is there so much?” Try as she might, there was no way to sound tough while asking that question.

Delilah was happy to educate her: “Folk say it’s the chemical plant messing with our water. Gives our boys a lot of juice. Makes the cum taste rancid as fuck, too; warning you now.”

She wasn’t bluffing. Local boys came like racehorses. This was an unimpressive haul for Delilah. Even between events, she was guzzling more cum than probably anyone else on Earth. Let’s just say she lived with five roommates and didn’t have to pay rent. Let’s also say her five roommates each had a lot of horny friends.

“1-2-3 Go.” Rhonda’s big meaty arms shoved the new girl’s face to the bottom of the bucket and held it there with an iron grip. The little sister, on the other hand, couldn’t even follow the speed at which Delilah dunked her own head. The preppy blonde hesitated to even dip her fingers in the nauseating cocktail now that it seemed unnecessary. From this close, she was ready to pass out from the smell alone.

Gulping down, inhaling, semen at a consistent pace, Delilah’s mouth and nose made only bubbles but her throat resonated in a guttural swallowing symphony.

A hundred glugs culminated in a drawn-out slurp that echoed in the emptiness of the mop bucket. Delilah spent a good twenty seconds vacuuming every inch of the bottom for a clean, decisive victory before taking her first, loud, triumphant, cum-laced breath. Her smile was the only recognizable feature of her cum-covered face, dripping like a melting wax sculpture. She waved away the towel offered to her and opted to scoop and lick the cum off her face instead.

Meanwhile, the new girl wasn’t doing so well. She was tapping Rhonda’s arm, kicking and gurgling. Other than throbbing veins, Rhonda was a stone statue. Even when the sister rushed over to try and save the drowning new girl, the wrestler wasn’t even tickled by the shoves.

The new girl’s movements were getting weaker, and the bubbles stopped rising to the surface of the cum bucket still three-quarters full. Rhonda kept a side-glance on Delilah, calmly awaiting her signal and secretly hoping it never came. There’s no referee in cum dunking.

It was quite a transformation, having eaten all the goop from her face. Only Delilah’s hair had the badge of honor of a sleek, seminal shine. The sister figured out Rhonda did not respond to force or reason so she was on her knees, pleading at Delilah’s feet. The true cum queen basked in the reverence of her new subject for an uncomfortable amount of time. Even the party crowd had stopped chanting “drown, drown, drown…”, but still, they kept watching with morbid curiosity.

A little let’s-get-out-of-here nod from Delilah and Rhonda sprung to her feet at martial arts speed and snatched the previously unwanted towel to clean the hand she had dipped in cum. Releasing the new girl had no impact on her bucket-head condition; she was hunched in there, unresponsive, while her sister was building up the courage to fish her out knowing she might get cum all over her dress.

When the new girl coughed herself back to life, her sister’s face got the brunt of the regurgitated cum under the roaring laughter of the party-goers whom they would have to face with new-found humility Monday in class.