Brooke Blackmailed – The Setup

Nineteen year old Brooke had a little wild in her. Now that she was
attending college, she was expressing herself and taking advantage to
let that wild out. Her smooth, silky skin was the color of coffee with
a little cream. She wore her hair long and loose, with a little bit of
wave to it, an effect that took some maintenance, but was well worth
it for the end results. Her face was soft yet proud, with prominant
cheekbones, giving her a classic and timeless beauty reminiscent of
the old black and white movie star Lana Turner, though she would
probably have preferred to be compared to pop star Rihanna rather than
a white woman long dead.

Like many young women, when she looked in the mirror she focused first
on her flaws, exaggerating them way out of proportion to reality. She
thought her breasts could be a little bigger, a little firmer, ride a
little higher. Her thighs were too thick, and her hips too wide. She
had a solid self image, though, and knew she looked good, in spite of
these minor imperfections. The boys (and girls!) who paid her lots of
attention certainly never seemed bothered by these things, they didn’t
even seem to notice them. She was definitely of the opinion that if
you’ve got it, you should flaunt it, and she had it.

Today she was wearing a light print summer dress, and a pair of
strappy sandals. Nothing else, other than a light dose of makeup and a
few tasteful pieces of jewelry. Underneath the dress she was
completely naked. She loved the easy breezy feel of being naked
beneath her outer shell, and the attention she got when she was
dressed this way. She loved to tease. The fabric of the dress was just
heavy enough that you could see her erect nipples through it, but you
couldn’t tell they were pierced. The piercings were new enough that
she was constantly aware of them, the movement of the cloth against
them gave her delightfully sexy shivers all day, keeping her nipples
swollen and hard. She had practically been forced to get the piercings
by the lady who sold her the cute little Honda she drove, but that is
another story! She certainly didn’t regret getting them, they looked
hot and made her feel just a little wicked.

She got home from school that afternoon, and discovered that she had
gotten some mail – a large manilla envelope carefully sealed with
tape. She never got any mail, other than bills, so she was really very
curious as to what might be inside. She took it out into the yard,
where she could sit and enjoy the feel of the sun on her body while
she opened it.

Inside the envelope was a a set of 5 glossy 8×10 pictures, and a short
note. She was horribly shocked when she saw the photographs, feeling
just as if someone had punched her right in the gut! The pictures were
of her, and a large german shepard. They were disgusting! Although she
felt a little naseous, she couldn’t help but stare at these vile
images. How was this possible? She considered herself open minded, and
a little kinky, but she had never even dreamed of doing the things
these photos showed her doing. She knew she never had, so how the hell
could these pictures exist? She had seen the usual Photoshopped
pictures the geeks made, pasting their favorite celebrities head on
some porn sluts body to jack off to, but these photos looked real!
Examining them very closely, repelled but fascinated, to see if there
was any way to tell they had been made up, she couldn’t see any
indication that they were faked, even though they had to be.


Tearing her eyes away from the images, now seared into her brain, she
read the note:

Sexy Brooke,

you can see that you are in a world of trouble!
There is a way out, if you are bold enough.
You will be given five tasks to do, and if you
do them well, without question, I will destroy
the originals of these photographs. If you do
not do the deeds, when they are given to you
I will send copies to the college Dean, your
parents, your friends, and I will post them on
the Internet for all the perverts of the World!
There will be no negotiation, no backing down.
You will never know when or where you will be
given a task to perform, so be ready! Either
you do as you are told to do, or I send the
pictures out like I’ve promised. You will know
the deeds are the real deal, and not just some
joker playing with you, because they will all
be signed like this note.


Omega [symbol]

/Oh, holy fuck! This can’t be happening! What did I do? Who could this
be? I need to get rid of these fucking things NOW!/

Brooke ran into the house, trembling, and put the pictures and the
note into the fireplace and burned them, making damn sure they were
completely incinerated. She was upset for the rest of the day, worried
sick. /What will I have to do to make sure those pictures are *never*
seen by anyone? No one will ever believe they are fake, they look
*way* too real! Oh, fuck. Fuck, fuck, fuck!/ Even more disturbing to
Brooke was the fact that the idea of someone having control over her,
and being forced to do God only knows what sort of kinky things, was
more than a little exciting. She was still very bothered, and would
rather have taken a nasty beating than have to deal with something as
fucked up as those pictures, but that didn’t keep her subconscious
mind from reacting how it would, and being quite turned on. She
finally belted a little booze, and took a hot bath to try and relax.
While she was in the tub, though, her excitement pushed through to the
surface, and she had to aim a pounding hot stream of water at her
clit, and finger herself to orgasm. She came like never before, which
upset her even more, and she wound up crying herself to sleep,
disturbed, but still horny.