Breeding Beauty

I few weeks went by and I didn’t hear from cory….

Ding! “bring the bitch friday night to the club down the street from you, I want to see her awake and dancing”

I was knee deep into this with no way out….

I set up a date and told her there was a band playing at the local club that looked cool.

She was totally into it and loved the idea. she hadn’t been dancing in a long time.

When friday came I teased her about wearing something sexy….

When she came down stairs in a short red dress with super high heels on I was stunned….

We grabbed dinner and then headed to the club.

It was very crowded and had to stand…


We started dancing and I had one eye out for Cory…

Finally I spotted him sitting to the side of the dance floor with a huge grin on checking out her legs and short dress…

He kept looking at his phone and looking around the place…

We went to the bar and grabbed a few more drinks and she was feeling super slutty and sexy…and wanted to dance….wildly…

I was a bit paranoid as it seemed all the guys at the place were checking her out…especially the black men…but they were all on there phones as well..

She finally said she had to pee and went to the bathroom.

Cory came up to me at the bar and showed me his phone….”look cuck the bidding is up to $500 bucks”


He just chuckled and said he invited 6 guys to come and bid on breeding her tonight…that the were bidding her her cunt…the bidding closed at 11PM.

I asked who were the men? He said “how the fuck should I know, they are all here checking her out..”

then he said I needed to keep dancing with her to show her off….

we went back to the dance floor and started to dance again…

Then I saw Cory walk up to the band and request a song…

When it came on he tapped on my shoulder and asked nicely if he could have one dance with my fine lady….I looked at her and she “drunkly” said yes…

So I sat back and watched cory dance with my wife…he had already bred her twice and been filled with his cum,,,yet she was dancing with him and had no clue…

Then he spun her to the corner of the dance floor and I saw his hand creep down on her ass…she was so drunk she didn’t even notice or care to notice…

He kept turning her so that her ass faced the corner…and then I realized there were 3 of the men standing there drinking beer…

Slowly he grabbed her ass and pulled at her short dress…he pulled it up slowly to expose her thong panties and bare asscheeks to them…she didn’t even realize she was exposed to the world..

I saw the men feverishly typing on their phones and glancing up at her.

Cory kept doing it and then I saw him whisper in her ear and she laughed and half ass swatted at him…

When the song was over he brought her back to me and told me what a lucky guy I was…….

Panicked , I asked her what he said…she laughed drunkenly and said “he said I was hot and he wanted to fuck me for hours”,,and giggled…”you know I used to date a black guy in college, but then my parents forbid it”

I asked her if is was true that black men were huge compared to white guys and she laughed and told me I was plenty big enough..

Every once in a while I noticed her glancing over at him…

He was standing in the corner busily on his phone.

Then I looked at my watch and it was 11 PM….Cory gave me the nod and it was time to get her home….

Of course she passed out on the car ride home and I had to carry her up to bed….I undressed her but left her panties on….

The door bell rang…it was cory and some strange black man.

Cory chuckled and said he won the auction and wanted the little bitch…

I was going to argue but I knew it would be no use…

We went upstairs and Cory told him to sit down…as he sat next to her and felt her up….he then slid down her panties and removed them..

Then her grabbed her tits and pinched her nipples and said “see I told you so, just relax and enjoy this fine piece of ass”

Cory undressed and slide into bed….he said “Bro! let me loosen her up for you” and he rammed his cock inside her cunt…he grunted “sweet” and he let loose a huge load of cum inside her….

When he got up he told the guy “she’s all your’s and she can take you now”…

NOW? what does that mean…?

The strange man stood up and undressed….she he turned to me my eyes buldged out of my head…I thought Cory was huge but this guy was beer can fat and barely fit into my mouth….

On my knees sucking him I could only think that he was toooooooo big for her….that he would tear her…..but I knelt in silence….

He was now rock hard….the rolled her on her stomach and propped a pillow under her stomach so he ass was up in the air…

The spread her legs, took some of cory’s cum and lubed his cock with it….

I saw him put his cock at her pussy lips….she was sooo tiny and he was soooo fat….he would tear her for sure…..

Slowly he pushed into and already stretched out pussy…first his head but you could tell that it was not going in as it stretched her…..

After a few slow pushes he seemed to get frurstated….and the pushed really hard…..and his massive cock literally popped inside her….

HOLY FUCK! she started to moan and I think she mumbled “something”…

He stopped his penetration and she put her head back down…..

I thought he was going to pull out but he didn’t…he began to slowly work her again….her cunt must have stretched and relaxed around his cock…

then her looked over and us and said “the bitches cunt is pulsating on my cock, sweet!”

He thrusts went deeper and deeper each time….soon he was balls deep inside her….

finally his back arched and I could tell he was cumming deep inside her…..

When he pulled out cum flooded out of her now totally destroyed gaping hole….

I sat there in the bedroom as I watched the whole thing…some strange man fuck my wife again… condom…nothing…..

As Cory walked out he dropped $500 on my lap…he said the bidding ended at $1000…he was trying to be fair.

Fair! You just whored out my wife.

I cleaned her up and put her PJ’s on.

The next day she complained that she was really sore and wondered if something was wrong…that she maybe needed to see the OBGYN….that when she wiped herself after peeing there was some blood on the toilet paper….

I sat there stunned in silence….worried about her…worried about what would happen next….

I emailed cory about what had happened and he told me that we need to give her cunt a rest for a month or so….but then she needed to be back in action…

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