Black Love revised

I am A cuckold husband by my wife who loves black cock. She is always telling me how great their cocks feel inside her and that, being white, there’s no-way she’ll ever let me put my tiny white cock in her again now that she has had the pleasure of black cock.
She loves humiliating me by having her black lovers come over and, since we have a door code on the apartment building, has me go out front to bring them in while she sits in the living room naked. When they enter she kisses them and lets them rub, and explore, her nakedness with their hands in front of me.
After she has been fucked and her black lover leaves, she has me come to the bedroom and orally clean her of his black seed, which I love doing.


I must admit. When I started talking of adding other men fucking her, saying it would spice up our sex life, she was appalled. We had never thought, even imagined, that we would ever allow other men fucking her. But there I was, pleading, begging and wanting her to start fucking other men. I guess the more I talked, the more intriguing it sounded to her for after three months she agreed saying if we did what I wanted there will be no turning back.
“The way you’re talking, I’ll be fucking others and not you and will have complete control over who, and when, I want.”
Three days later, after telling her all about my friend, Jack; we went to his house for her to meet him.
As we sat talking, Jack, let his cock show from the bottom of his shorts. When we left, she told me she had seen his cock and that it looked pretty good. Saturday I took her back where, after talking more, he stood and dropped his pants in front of her. Pointing his cock to her mouth, she started sucking his cock before heading to the bedroom where she was fucked doggy style while I laid under, licking her pussy. That day I found there was something about the way my wife’s pussy tasted after being freshly fucked. Sweet and creamy.
On Tuesday my wife was talking on messenger to Jack and was told he had a friend we needed to meet. He told her his friend’s name was Hal, and that he was into cuckolding. She agreed to a meeting, telling Jack to have him meet us the following evening at ‘TABOO’S’, a local restaurant, for dinner and drinks.
In a back booth, dimly lit, we watched as a six feet, 200 pound, black man headed our way.
“Hello.” He said reaching our table. “I’m Hal. You must be the couple Jack told me about.”
“Yes. This is my wife, Nancy, and I’m Tim.”
“Jack told me you were into cuckolding.”
“We’re just starting really.”
“Can I ask how you started and what you‘re looking for?”
“The only thing we have really done is, I have been fucking three other men.” Nancy started. “When I started fucking other men and cuckolding my husband I only went with men of my own race and never thought of ever going with a black man. Tim always cleans me after.” My wife took over saying.
“You ever been with a black man?”
“No. The opportunity’s never come up.”
“What made you change your mind from talking to starting?”
“After three years of teasing him about his four-inch dick and that I was going to make him my little cuckold, along with him begging for me to fuck other men, we decided to see if this was what we wanted. Last month I started shaving my pussy and bought this low cut dress.”
“And you look beautiful wearing it.”
“Thank you.”
“So you haven’t done very much then.”
“No. But I feel there’s much more we could be doing.”
“Well there’s a lot to be added in a cuckolding lifestyle. Jack told me some about you because he knows I’ve been looking for a couple to break into cuckolding along with interracial.
“Would be nice to have someone guiding us.”
“First of all, you need to start calling him cuck and he needs to call you mistress. You are the dominant one and he is your cuck. Tim! You need to learn to walk behind you’re wife and open all doors for her.”
“See! We do need help. We never thought of doing that.”
“I’m hosting a party this Friday night. It will last till Monday morning and I would like you to come.”
“We’d love to come.” My wife said without looking towards me.
“There will be only black men there. Around 9 or 10.”
“It would be good in your training and teach you how to humiliate your cuck.
“I hope you don’t want rubbers.” Hal said as he touched her leg. “All the guys there love fucking bareback. They like the feel of a wet pussy around their cocks.”
“I don’t like rubbers. It’s like taking a shower with a rain coat on.” Nancy said smiling. “Besides, cuck can’t clean me if I use them.”
“OK. First I need you to have cuck buy a chastity, garter belt and hose before you come to the party. As your cuck he will have to wear those items there.”
“I don’t know about him dressing in female clothes. We’ve never done that. Seems kind of humiliating.”
“That’s the point. If you don’t want then you’re not be ready to advance.”
“We are ready! He’ll get what’s needed.”
“Good. And you said he cleans you after?”
“Well there’ll a lot of cleaning to be done on both you and them. You don’t mind if there’s male contact do you?”
“No but I’m not into just man on man action.”
“Don’t think of it as man on man. Think of it as part of his cuck training. Doing this will degrade and humiliate him. And that’s what you want. You want him to be submissive and obey your every command.”
“We’ve done some humiliating.”
“Oh! Like what?”
“I have been training him to suck a strap-on and refer to him as turtle dick.”
“How’s he do with the dildo?”
“He doesn’t gag anymore.”
“How did you get him past the gagging?”
“We bought an open mouth gag on e-bay. When he wears it, it goes back far enough to where he won’t gag. He can’t close his mouth either when he wears it.”
“So he couldn’t stop a cock from entering with it on?”
“No.” She said smiling. “Stays open for use.
“That’s good. I know some of the guys will use him waiting their turn with you.”
My wife didn’t answer. Just smiled, emitting a soft giggle.
“And the name is because he only has 4 inches?”
“When soft it looks like a turtle in its shell. He has a great tongue but ain’t worth a shit in the fucking department.” Saying as they both started laughing.
“Well have him get the items he needs and here’s the address and time for the party.” Hal said handing my wife a paper.
The following morning I went to town and bought a CB2000 chastity, black hose and garter belt.
After showering, my wife placed the chastity over my cock and locked it in place. “That’s cute.” She said pocketing the key. “There’s no way you could get hard with that on.”


Friday night she showed me the note Hal had given her. Reading the directions, I drove to where the party was being held.
“Tonight you’re gonna find out what you’ve been missing.” Hal said, as we arrived. Entering, my wife going first, we saw 10 black men sitting around the room, all naked.
“Take your clothes off and make yourself comfortable.” Hal said to my wife. “As you can see all these guys are already horny.”
“That’s good.” Saying as she took her clothes off and sat between two men on the couch.
“Nice tits.” One said moving his hand to them. As my wife started kissing him the other moved his hand to her pussy. “I love shaved.”
“Now you.” Hal said looking towards me. “Show everyone what you are.”
Taking my coat off, showing the female clothes and chastity, everyone started laughing.
“Got a sissy here.” The one on my wife’s left said moving his mouth from her tit “What’s he do?”
“Anything we want him to.” My wife said smiling.
“Kneel.” Hal ordered.
Obeying, a tall black man sitting closest to me, rose and moved to where I kneeled “Well?” He said smiling, as he pressed the head into my gag.” “Sissies need to now how to suck so let’s see just how good you are taking this down your throat. Besides—from what Hal told us, your wife has been teaching you good.”
“He don’t gag.” My wife said raising her head off, the one on her right’s cock. “Swallow it all honey. Show then what a good cuck you are.”
After taking four inches through my gag, he grabbed the sides of my head, forcing his cock further down my throat until his balls touched my chin. “That’s it. Take it all.” Saying as I continued swallowing his cock. ”You taught him good girl. No dildo for you tonight.” He said looking down at me. “Tonight you get the real thing.”
“Looks like her old man likes cock?” One said as he walked in back of the other. “I got a second for him when he’s done.”
As I continued sucking and called humiliating names like ‘Faggot, Slut and Sissy’ I heard my wife start gagging as her head bobbed up and down on a black cock, thrusting it deep into her throat.
After a few minutes the two she was sitting between, got up, took her hands, and led her into the hall. “Gonna give your wife some real man’s cock tonight.” One said as they moved back towards the bedroom.
“Remember guys. Cuck here is clean up man. Just call out when she’s full.” Hal said they left the room.
When I finished swallowing two loads, Hal led me to the bedroom where four guys were taking turns pounding my wife relentlessly, filling her with black cock from every angle. I watched from the door as they planted their seed deep inside her, now gaping hole. I watch as each pulled out, her pussy hungrily waited to stretch around another.
“There’s something you need to know.” Hal said as I watched. “I called your wife the day after she locked you up and she agreed we should keep you locked and that I should hold the key. After tonight you will not be allowed sex with her or anyone. Besides—her pussy will so stretched by black cock, she wouldn’t feel your turtle dick even if you were to fuck her.” He said laughing. “She also will be fucking only black men now that she’s had a taste of the forbidden fruit.” Saying as the last man removed himself from my wife.
“Looks like their done. Get over and clean her.” He said removing my gag as my wife spread her legs revealing her stretched pussy, overflowing with a thick cum puddle forming under her butt. “She’s got more fucking to do and the next group don’t want no sloppy pussy.”
Standing back, the three guys watched, as I got between her legs and began licking their black seed. When her pussy was clean, I started cleaning them as four others took their turn filling her. Again, when the last unloaded, I was told to lean down and clean her of their fresh cum.
As two others entered the room, I was re-gagged and taken back to the living room where I was ordered to crawl to the couch where a man sat, rubbing his cock, and start sucking. As my gag was filled with his cock, I felt someone placing lube on my ass and then felt a sharp pain as his cock head entered, making me cry out in pain through my gag.
“Dam this sissy’s tight.” Saying as he entered. “Nothing like fucking a tight faggot sissy ass.”
After, what seemed never ending, the last, of four, deposited his load as I still kneeled, my mouth sore and cum running down my legs. I was again led into the bedroom where After two and a half hours, my wife being fucked another nine times, I was led back to the bedroom where I dutifully cleaned her of all their black seed.