Anna Bell Peaks

“That’s it Y/N! Do me harder!” She moaned as you grunted with every thrust. You then raised your hand and began spanking her ass, becoming red while jiggling from the abuse

“Fuck!” You pressed your chest against her back and began fondling her tits roughly, further adding pleasure to both of you. After several minutes, you moaned along with Anna as you came inside her, filling her pussy with cum.

Without pulling out of her, you carried her and lie in the chair as she turned around and began riding you with her hands on your chest.

“This is the best cock I’ve ever ridden Y/N:” Anna panted as she raised her hips up and down, her tits bouncing in your face.

“Then I won’t disappoint.” You smiled as you sucked one of her nipples while massaging her other breast. She moaned as she rode you harder.

After 12 minutes, your felt yourself about to cum and locked lips with Anna. You two made out while increasing your pace until with a final thrust, you came inside her pussy, filling her pussy up.

Anna laid on your chest as you two panted from the intense fucking. However, she felt your cock was still hard. She had an idea and pulled your cock out of her.

“Anna?” You asked in confusion as she smiled down at you. Any words coming out of your mouth died out as she inserted it in her ass. You gasped as at the sensation of the tightness of her ass

You then stood up and held Anna by the hips as he started shoving your cock in her ass standing up. You then sucked her nipples once more as she wrapped her around you and had her tits pressed against your face.

Her ass was so tight after five minutes, you came inside her ass. Anna moaned loudly as she felt her ass being filled up with cum.

You both panted heavily as you sat back in the chair and pulled out of Anna as she laid next to you, her pussy and ass dripping with cum. You looked at each other and smiled.

“You were amazing Y/N.” Anna smiled as she kissed you while stroking your cum covered cock. You chuckled as you two make out under the sun naked and sweaty.