An Elevator Sex Story

Mike Everett, a twenty seven year old instructor in the physics
department, approached the impressive arch of the school’s entrance
determined to make a move on something that had become very important to

“Hello, John,” he greeted the middle age black man with a white mustache
who served as security on the evening shift.

“Hi, there, almost Dr. Mike,” the man replied.

Mike was months away from finishing the requirements for a Ph.D.

“Working late again?” John asked.

“I work for a purpose, you know.”

“Yeah, Mike, and your purpose is up in the library as usual on a

“It’s more like an obsession than a goal, John. I can’t sleep at night.
I see her pretty face in my mind and resist dozing off. I want to suck
her neck then sniff her all over.”

“Hah! Mike, I’ve had that feeling with three women, and I knocked them
all up.”


“No, it’s not just about sex. Karen is the ultimate in American blonde
beauty, of course. Fresh out of Iowa. But there’s much more to her
than physical attraction. Her demeanor is perky and serious at the same
time. She’s an intelligent woman.”

“More a girl than a woman, Mike. She’s only an eighteen-year-old

“But she seems so much older, despite her girlish appearance.”

“Love is blinding, man.”

“What’s blinding is my inability to approach her and spend some time
together. She’s a student and I’m an instructor. If we could only find
ourselves alone for an hour or so. I really think that she’s interested
in me. But I can’t ask her out, you understand.”

“Man, is that all you want? Some face-to-face time? Shit! I can fix


“You two come down the elevator together most Wednesday nights. I’m
sure you’ve figured that out.”

“Yeah, but I can’t bring myself to come on to her. She’s so sweet and

“Leave it up to Uncle John, buddy. Tonight the elevator will
malfunction for half an hour while you and beauty are on it. If you
can’t snag the girl then, man, then look for another female.”

* * *

Karen wore a skirt more suitable for a private girl’s school than for
the university. Her short socks showcased lovely calves that had never
felt a razor’s edge because she was so blonde. Her short cropped hair
and androgynous face could have disguised her sex were it not for the
slight bulges in her white blouse.

“Hi, Mike,” she said, when the elevator door opened on the seventh floor
some hours later. “Working late again?”

“Yeah. I just finished the final revision of my thesis.”

“Congratulations! Now you only have the defense.”

“How do you know about thesis defense?”

“My dad is a Ph.D. in climatology.”

“I didn’t know that.”

“Why should you? All my uncles are either Ph.Ds or M.Ds. There’s one
who has a DDS, but we forgive him.”

As the elevator moved down Mike worried that again he would not have the
opportunity to get to know the girl better. He focused his attention on
Karen’s mouth, which was so expressive when she spoke. It was as though
she formed her lips around each syllable. He yearned desperately to
kiss those dainty lips.

The elevator suddenly lurched to an abrupt stop.

“Oh, my!” Karen exclaimed.

“It’s nothing,” Mike assured her. “It’s probably a power glitch.”

“But it’s late. What if we’re stuck here until tomorrow?”

“John is downstairs. He’ll notice and take care of the problem.”

“But John drinks at night and sometimes falls asleep.”

“Let’s push the emergency alarm.”

“Nothing happens,” Karen said after pressing the button. “There’s no
sound of an alarm.”

“We still have our cell phones, Karen.”

“You know they don’t work in this building.”

“Shit! Oh, please excuse my language.”

“I was thinking the same thing, Mike. What are we going to do?”

“We’ll just have to wait, I suppose. Will anyone miss you?”

“Nah. I live alone in an apartment and don’t yet know my neighbors.”

“Same with me.”

“You don’t have a girl friend?”

‘Not yet. This is my first semester here, same as you.”

Karen smiled broadly. “Don’t you have somebody from before?”

“That’s all over. We parted friends. How about you?”

“I’ve dated, but I’ve never really had a boyfriend.”

A virgin angel! Mike thought. As pure as she appears to be! He focused
for a surreptitious instant on the flesh of her upper arms that extended
from the blouse. Milky smooth! Suckable!

“I hope we don’t have to wait too long,” she said. “I have to, you
know, go.”

That admission brought a grin to Mike’s handsome face.

“Can you imagine being stuck like this for days?” he asked.

“We’d have a horrible stink, that’s for sure.” she replied. “But I
don’t have to do number two, at least not yet.”

“But number one is still a problem. What do you suggest?”

“I’m not going to wet myself!”

“You could use my sweater.”

“What do you mean?”

“It’s an old thing. The moths have gotten to it.”

“What are you saying?”

“You could pee on it instead of your clothes.”

“Pee on your sweater?”

“I’d take it off first, of course.”

“With you watching?”

“I’d turn my back. But only if you can’t hold it.”

“This is so embarrassing!”

“You can’t resist Mother Nature, Karen.”

“You’re enjoying this, aren’t you, Michael? Admit it!”

“Not at all. I’m only suggesting a practical solution to the problem.
It’s better to pee on the sweater than on the floor and get it all
messy. I’ll have to go too, you know.”


“I think so.”

“Then take off your sweater. I can’t wait much longer.”

Mike removed his jacket then his sleeveless sweater. He tossed the
cotton garment to a corner of the elevator.

“I suppose I should turn my back now,” he said.

“Yes, please. And don’t turn around until I say so.”

He faced the elevator door, listening as Karen tossed off her shoes.
Then silence.

“I’m done,” Karen finally announced.

He looked over his shoulder and saw the shoes, one of which was covered
by the girl’s panties. She grinned at him.

“No harm done,” she said, “except for your poor sweater.”

“Like I said, it’s nothing. I was going to throw it out anyway.”

“Now it’s your turn,” she said.

“My turn?”

“Yes, you said you had to go too.”

“You’re enjoying this, Karen.”

“Sure, now that we’ve started. I won’t peek, Mike.”

“Would you like to peek?”

“What a thing to say!”

“I mean it. I’m not bashful.”

“Are you trying to prove something, Mike? I’m not so innocent. I’m a
farm girl.”

“With Ph.Ds and M.Ds as farmers?”

“I spent summers on Gramp’s farm.”

“I’m not hung like a horse, Karen, but if you’re interested you can

“I’ve never seen a guy do it.”

Mike unzipped his trousers, and after some fumbling he brought forth a
respectable, flaccid dong. He began to piss on his sweater as the girl
leaned slightly forward and gaped.

“It’s not fair that boys can do it standing up,” she said.

“It’s not fair that you can see me and I can’t see you.”

“I don’t have anything that dangles, Mike. What’s to see that’s
different from what your girl friends have shown you?”

“I’m a thigh guy, Karen. I love to look at soft thighs as they merge
near a bush.”

“You’re talking about sex, Mike, not peeing!”

“So what? We’re both adults.”

“You’re a lot older than me, Mike. I never let the guys I dated in high
school even touch my boobs.”

‘I’d like to see those too. I bet you have rosy nipples.”

“Why do you say that?”

“Because you’re a true blonde and a true blonde has rosy nipples.”

“You know that from experience?”


Mike had not yet stuffed his penis back into his trousers. Karen gazed
at it.

“You’re getting hard,” she said, but not in a reproachful voice.

“You inspire me, Karen.”

“Don’t think you can trick me, Michael!”

“Touch it.”


“Put your hand on it and squeeze gently.”

‘I’m not that kind of girl!”

“I never thought you were, Karen. But you’re curious, aren’t you?”

She gave him a one-eyed stare, twisted her lips then extended her hand.

“God! That feels funny!” she exclaimed.

Mike, head back and eyes closed, sighed audibly. “Keep doing that,” he

“I know what you want, Mike. I’m going to be a nurse, and I know about
these things. I’m not going to give you pleasure. You can do it for

“Do you want to watch?”

She grinned at him. “Yeah,” she said. “I’d like to see that.”

“I bet you would! What about me? I want to see and touch things too.”

“Like my boobs?”

‘Yeah, and also your pussy.”

“You’re asking too much, Mike. I’m not that kind of girl.”

“I’ll lick your pussy, Karen. I’ll give you pleasure. I know how.”

Mike noted a slight tremor disturb the girl’s svelte body.

“You’ll like it,” he quickly added. “I guarantee it.”

“I’ve heard about that,” she whispered, “but I never thought I’d . . .
you know.”

“Let’s lie down,” he said, taking her into his arms.

* * *

They kissed then stared at each other as Mike unbuttoned her blouse and
pulled it aside. She wore no bra. The firm, creamy breasts with
strawberry nipples did not sag in the least. She sighed in contentment
as he suckled them and caressed and petted his head.

She can’t be a virgin, he thought. She’s too hot, too eager

They kissed some more as he inserted a hand up her skirt. She parted
her legs. Then Karen began to giggle.

“What am I doing?” she exclaimed, still giggling. “This is so naughty!”

“Let’s not stop now!” Mike cried.

“Not until you lick on me. You promised.”

His fingers found the girl’s bush and he felt around.

She gasped. “I get excited easily,” she said.

“Even when you’re alone?”

“Yeah, right from the beginning?”

“How old were you?”

“Eleven. Mom told me that it was good to let yourself go and make noise
but that I shouldn’t disturb other people in the house.”

Mike fingered her vaginal opening as they resumed kissing. He
encountered a definite resistance, the barrier of her hymen.

“Don’t be too rough,” she pleaded in an uneven voice. “Lick on me now.”

When he crouched in front of her, she raised her knees then parted her
legs widely in invitation. The skirt fell back to expose her full

Mike was already highly aroused; his penis was oozing, dripping. But
the sight of Karen’s slender, soft thighs, from knees to the light brown
bush, so overwhelmed him that his cock involuntarily erupted. A thick
stream of semen shot forth to smear the girl’s left knee. It kept
coming, and he had to deliver a full release by hand.

Karen burst into laughter. “You’re making a mess, Mikey!”

Unsated, the guy lowered his head between thighs that glistened with his
discharges and fell eagerly on the inviting pussy. He didn’t need his
considerable talent, one taught him by his last girl friend. Karen went
wild from the start.

Her cries and shouts were muffled by thighs that gripped his head, but
he knew that his girl was experiencing a wondrous orgasm by her bucking
and the pulling of his hair.

After she calmed and pushed his head away, he rose atop her. Eyes
closed, her androgynous face was slack, the lips slightly parted. Her
breathing was still a bit ragged.

He positioned his still rigid cock and pressed at her vagina.

“I want you, Mikey,” she whispered, “but I’d rather do it on a bed.
It’s my first time, you know.”

“We may be here for hours, darling,” he said.

“Then do it.”

Suddenly, the lights flickered and the elevator began to move.

“Oh, Jesus!” Karen exclaimed. “We can’t be found like this!”

They hurriedly got up and straightened their clothes to some semblance
of order. When the door opened at the ground floor, they appeared to be
almost respectable.

To their left, fifteen yards away, John watched them alight.
Suppressing a chuckle, he realized that the set up had progressed beyond
his expectations. As the youngsters approached he heard Karen say,
“Let’s go to your place.”

Mike greeted the man with a sheepish grin. Then he hurried away. “I
forgot my sweater,” he called as he raced towards the elevator.

“How did it go, darling?” John asked Karen, whose blonde face was still
flushed with sexual arousal.

“Much better than we planned, John. I can’t thank you enough.”

“I’m always here to help, darling. My specialty is helping young girls
catch their special boys.”