A Taboo Love

My mother was 44 years old. She was and is really ordinary. She is not
beautiful but average looking. She is about 5 feet tall and weighed about
170 pounds, so she was and still is a little overweight to this day. She
was religious but not overly religious. She didn’t mention religion much
but she was what I would consider a prude sexually speaking. Her and my
father had sex maybe once per week, possibly twice.

I sometimes would hear
the bed squeaking but otherwise they were completely quiet during sex. I
assume that they only did the missionary position and to know my mother,
but oral sex is not something I could EVER picture my mother doing. As for
work, she pretty much was a stay at home mom. She did work for about 5
years at a newspaper while I was a teenager. She has a relatively good
marriage to my father.

My father was a laborer until he retired when he turned 64 a few years
ago. While he and I don’t get along well, he has always worked hard to
provide for his family. He is not religious at all. Well I should say he
may be but he never goes to church and never talks about religion. I am
very much like him in that respect. He usually went to work around 5 am
and usually got home between 5:30pm to 6pm.

Anyway, as a teenager I masturbated often like most boys but I knew I
was different. No, I am not gay (not that there is anything wrong with
that). However, I realized the problem when I was about 15. The problem
was the size of my penis. It was about 4 inches, maybe 4 ? inches if I am
really lucky and fudge with the ruler. Erect, my penis was the same size
at 15 as when I was only 13.

I could always talk to my mother and I would often go into her bedroom
or bathroom and talk to her. She could be nude or semi-nude or on the
toilet and it didn’t matter, I was allowed in to talk to her. When I saw
her naked, you couldn’t help notice how large her breasts were and how she
had a full bush covering her vagina but I never thought much of it.

I had been thinking a lot about how small my penis was and though I had
no intention of ever asking a girl out, I always wondered how I would ever
be able to get a girlfriend with a dick like mine. I was agonizing over it
for days when I decided reluctantly to talk to my mom about it.

One day I went into my mother’s bathroom and she was sitting on the
toilet. She was preparing to take a shower. I closed the door behind me
and sat down on the floor. I made small talk for a few minutes. As I
thought about it I started crying. My mother asked me what was wrong and I
told her that there is something wrong with my penis. She was very
concerned until I told her about the size of my penis. She told me what
any mother would tell her son, that my penis was not done fully growing.

I cried harder and told her that she just didn’t know without looking at
it. She did something that really shocked me.

She said, “I can tell how concerned you are. If you really think it is
so small, then why not show it to me. I will tell you if it is small or

I was very embarrassed but I wanted her to see how truly small it was so
I stood up and dropped my pants and underwear to the floor. Naturally it
was very shrunken so she really couldn’t tell by looking at it so she asked
me to stand next to her in front of the sink but slightly angled towards

She bent over slightly and took it in her hand and moved it around as
she inspected it like a doctor might.

She said, “I can’t really tell how big it or whether it is normal until
I see it at full length.”

Without me saying anything she began stroking my penis back and forth
until I became hard. I swear to god that I really never intended for that
to occur. After she said those words I expected her to tell me to come
back when it was erect. It took about a minute before she got me to a full
erection. She again touched it and moved it up and down and inspected it
once again.

“Well, it certainly is smaller than most but I’m sure that it will get
bigger in a few years.”

I felt better hearing that. She also did suggest seeing a doctor about
it but I hate doctors and there isn’t really much they could do for me

She suggested that I go get a tape measure or ruler so that she knew
exactly how big I was. I did as she requested and we measured it. It was
about 4 ? inches. I began to tear up when I saw it. I had a pretty good
idea because I had measured myself many times.

As I stood there, I told her how worried I was if I were to ever have a
girlfriend and my absolute fear of being outright rejected or being laughed
at and horrendously humiliated.

I was not and have never been sexually attracted to my mother but had
been thinking for a few days of asking her for sex, not because I was
horny, but because I figured that if there were one woman who wouldn’t
laugh or humiliate me, it would be my mother. I guessed that she wouldn’t
laugh, sneer or tell if I were no good or couldn’t perform sexually.

I very nervously told her, “Mom, will youÉ will you have sex with me.
Before you say anything, you are the only woman I know who wouldn’t laugh
at the size of my penis, you wouldn’t humiliate me or embarrass me because
I couldn’t perform.”

She replied something like, “I would love to help you. I really would
but sex between you and me wouldn’t be appropriate. Besides wouldn’t you
feel repulsed by being sexual with me, I am your mother. Just look at me.”

I replied, “Mom, you look better than you give yourself credit for. I
don’t know what I would feel being sexual with you. Yes, you are my mother
and I know it is wrong but you wouldn’t be doing it for sex. You would be
doing it to help me.”

She paused for the longest time as I just stood there totally dejected
after hearing her say that it would be “inappropriate”. She then took my
hand in hers and said, “I’ll tell you what. If after 3 years nothing has
happened, I will help you in some way.”

I replied, “You personally? Your not going to suggest going to a
prostitute, are you? Because I can’t risk..”

She interrupted and said, “Yes, I will personally help you.” “Oh mom,
thank you so much,” I replied, as I leaned down and kissed her on the cheek
and gave her a hug. “Remember though. I am confident that your penis will
grow and I will not help you if it does. I will only do this if you are
under 4 ? inches in 3 years.”

As I was preparing to leave I asked, “You won’t tell dad any of this
will you?” “I promise. I will not tell your father any of this.”

I left the bathroom. I was totally surprised at what she agreed to but
I was also sure that she either truly thought that I would grow or that I
would forget about what she said.

I worried about my size off and on. I constantly measured myself after
6 months, 1 year, 1 ? years, 2 years, and 2 ? years. I got absolutely
zilch. Nada. Nothing.

As the three-year time from was coming up I began to think more and more
of my mother, the woman who just three years ago I never thought of
sexually. My mother does not look like a 18 year old teenage girl. She
doesn’t have a perfect body like the girls my age and yet it didn’t matter
to me. The one thing that worries is how it is that she will help me.
Will I be able to have intercourse? Oral sex? What? I have to keep in
mind that my mother is very sexually repressed. For all I know she may
only allow me to see her naked which I can already do when I go see her in
her bathroom.

Anyway, after exactly three years I went into my mothers’ bedroom. She
was wearing clothes this time and folding clothes. I sat on the bed and
made small talk about school and dinner.

Finally I said, “Mom, uh.. UhÉ remember three years ago when you said
that you would help me if my penis was the same size?” “I remember,” she
responded. “Well, it is still the same size.”

Because her bathroom was very private and I seemed to be the only person
who entered it besides my mother she suggested that we go into there.

She went in and I followed her. I put the ruler on the sink as she put
the toilet seat down and told me to drop my pants and underwear. She then
asked me to make it erect so that she could measure it. It seemed very odd
to have my mother watching me stroking myself but I did it.

She measured it and said, “Oh my, it is the same as when you were 15.”
“I know mom, so are you still going to help me?” She immediately replied,
“Of course. I said I would help you and I will.” ÔHow mom?” “Well, I will
tell you that it won’t happen today. I have been thinking about it and
will come talk to you this evening about it.”

Later that night after my father went to sleep my mother came into my
bedroom. It was about 11pm and I was in bed under the covers. She came
over to me and sat on the bed as I lay on my side facing her and tilting my
head to look at hers.

“Okay. Let’s talk about what we can do. There are several potential
problems that we have to overcome. Because your sister is away at college
we really don’t have to worry about her. While your brother still lives
here, he works a lot and when he doesn’t work he hangs out with his friends
or his girlfriend. His bedroom is also downstairs so we rarely see him
even when he is home. The real problem is your father. He also works a
lot and doesn’t return home nightly until at least 5:30pm or later. I love
your father very much but I do not want him to find out because he would
surely kick you out and I can’t protect you then.”

I nodded my head in agreement.

She continued, “I do not want you to think that you can come to me
whenever you get horny. I love you more than you will ever know and that
is why I am willing to do such a crazy thing to help you.”

I interrupted, “Won’t you be repulsed at doing anything sexual with me

“I may but I will deal with it. I am more than willing to accept
putting aside my own feelings to help you baby.”

She rubs her hand on my head.

“I think we should start out gradually. Since you have already seen me
naked numerous times and I have seen you recently, I think our first time
should be nothing more than lying naked in bed together. We can let our
hands explore each other’s bodies. But if at any time you feel disgusted
or dislike what we are doing, tell me and we will cease. I want you to
know that I love you and nothing will change that.”

“So when can we start?” I ask.

“Tomorrow is Wednesday. I think the safest time would be between when
you get home from school and 4:30pm. We should probably stop at least half
an hour before anyone is due homeÉ I want you to know something else. What
is to occur between us MUST remain between the two of us. As you know,
sexually I am also kind of a É.”

“Prude,” I say before she can continue.

“Well, I wouldn’t put it like that but I guess it’s true. I will say
this about your fathers and my sex life. We have sex only in the
missionary position and we rarely spend more than 15 minutes together when
we do. That is the only thing I will share of our sex lives. Whatever we
do together, I do not want you to ever compare yourself to your dad. What
happens between you and I is just about you and making you feel better
about yourself.”

“Okay mom.”

I usually arrived home from school at around 2:50pm so that gave us
about an hour and a half. The next day, all throughout the day, my mother
and the event about to occur is al I thought about.

I hurried home when school got out the falling day and rushed into the
house calling out, “Mom, mom, where are you.”

I rushed down the hall and heard her call out, “I’m in the bathroom. Be
right out. Why don’t you get out of your clothes and lay on the bed.”

I didn’t need to be told twice. I stripped completely naked and got
into my parents’ bed underneath the blankets.

A few minutes later she came out from the bathroom wearing a nightgown.

She stood outside the door and said; “I know boys and men are very
visual animals so why don’t we just lay on top of the blankets. That way
you can see my body.”

I agreed wholeheartedly and got out from under the blankets and remade
the bed and lay atop it.

“Are you sure you want to go through with this? Are you sure you want
to see my body?”

“Mom, that’s all I could think of all day.”

She grabbed the straps of the nightgown and lowered them off her
shoulders letting it drop to the floor. There she stood, my mother,
completely naked. Her enormous boobs exposed and her pussy clearly
visible. When I was 15 she had a full bush but by the time I was 17 she was
as bald as a newborn baby. It looked much more beautiful than when she had
hair on it.

My mom approached the bed and lay down across from me as she faced me. I
felt so nervous and scared. Yes she was my mother but she was also the
first woman I have been able to be with. I knew that it wasn’t actual sex
but to me it may as well have been.

We both lay there about a foot separating our bodies. I was reluctant
to allow myself to touch her but she wasn’t as apprehensive. She moved her
hand and placed it on the side of my upper body. She moved her hand down
over my hips and caressed my legs with her hands.

“Baby, you can touch me. It’s okay.”

I hesitated before responding, “I want to mom. I really do.”

“Don’t be afraid,” she said, as she took my hand in hers and laid my
hand on her body. She kept her hand on mine and guided it over her hips
and down her legs. She continued guiding my hand up and down her legs and
stomach over and over at least five or six times. She then took my hand in
hers and placed it on her butt. She removed hers and put it back on my
hips and caressed me. My hand, all by itself, remained on her butt cheek
and I finally gave her butt a gently squeeze. As we both looked at each
other she smiled at me and I returned the smile.

“That’s good baby. There’s nothing to be nervous about.”

I leaned in to her and planted a kiss on her cheek as I thanked her
profusely for helping me.

My mother noticed that my eyes kept getting diverted to her breasts.

Once again she took the initiative, “Honey, would you like to touch my
breasts?” “Yes mom. Can I?T” “Today, you can touch me anywhere you want.
Don’t be scared. I want to see you take some initiative.”

I withdraw my hand from her butt after giving it one last squeeze. I
move my hand to her right breast and run my finger over it. I slowly work
my way towards her nipple and lightly squeeze it between two of my fingers.

As I focus on my mothers boob, I feel my mother touching my penis. It
is very small probably from my fear. I feel my mother touching and
caressing it until it gets slightly bigger. I keep touching my mother.

I place my hand under her breasts and push it up towards the headboard
as I lean over and lick the top of it. I stick my tongue out and put her
nipple in my mouth and suck like a baby trying to get milk.

My mother is slowly stroking my cock up and down the shaft.

“Baby, do you luck sucking my boob?”

I just grunt without missing a beat sucking her nipple.

“Do you enjoy having mom play with your penis.”

I let her nipple fall from my mouth and said, “Yes mom, I love having
you play with it. Thank you so much. I can never thank you enough.”

“Honey, I know how much you do appreciate itÉ I’m going to move closer
to you so don’t be alarmed.”

She scoots her body towards mine until there are only inches separating
us. She has her right leg bent upwards and still has her hand wrapped
firmly around my cock. She was stroking my penis at a steady rhythm but I
feel her hand moving faster and faster up and down my cock. “Oh mom, you
better stop that. I’m afraid I’m going to come. Please stop mom.”

She doesn’t listen to me. She continues furiously rubbing my cock to
the brink of orgasm.

“Oh mom, no É I’m going to cum momÉ” “It’s okay baby É you can cum É”

I felt as my cock began to twitch and I could tell that I was cumming.
It felt incredible but I also felt disappointed. I lay my head down on the
pillow and turned my head to look down between us. I couldn’t hold back.
It had to have been less than 30 second from when she started to vigorously
pump my cock and I shot my load. She continued to rub my penis.

“I’m so sorry mom.” “For what?” she asked as if not understanding. “For
everything. I’m sorry for talking dirty. I’m sorry for cumming on your
leg and bed. And I’m sorry for cumming so quickly.”

She removed her hand from my cock and put it behind my head and pulled
me towards he, she kissed my forehead.

“That’s okay baby. You have absolutely nothing to feel sorry about. It
is only natural for a young boy to talk dirty. If that makes you feel
comfortable, then don’t stop. It doesn’t hurt me. And as for cumming on
my leg and the bed, I may be a prude but it’s not like I didn’t know what
would happen.”

She smiled before continuing, “And as for cumming so quickly. Isn’t
this the first hand job that you have gotten from another person.” “Yes.
And I am so happy it was you mom, I really am.” “I am very happy that I
could help you in this way.”

I moved closer to feel her stomach touching mine. I put my leg onto
hers to feel her bare skin on her leg touching mine. I moved closer to
feel her breasts pressed against my chest. I ran my hand over her back and
she did the same with me.

We were together for what seemed like an eternity to me. Finally my
mother rolled over to face away from me. Momentarily I thought she might
be angry or regret what we had done but she soon alleviated my fear when
she moved her body back towards mine. She pushed her butt back at me until
my crotch was against her big ass. I kissed her shoulders as I reached
around front to fondle her breasts.

After several minutes, I caressed her stomach as I moved my hand down
her body until I found her pussy. I traced my finger along the slit of her

For someone who initially was not attracted to or turned on to my own
mother it felt incredible to actually be lying naked with her and to
actually be so intimate with the woman who gave birth to me. As we lay
entwined together, she reached behind and began to rub my butt. She would
give it gentle squeezes.

I was nervous to ask but I whispered, “Mom, do you regret doing what we
are doing?” “No, why? Do you?” “Oh no mom, in fact, to me it seems like
the most natural thing to do. I thought I would really feel disgusted but
I don’t.” She responded, “I thought I would have many more negative
feelings about it but the truth is I have absolutely no regrets. I love
you and would and will do anything I can to help you.” “And you are mom,
you really are.”

As I touched her body, neither one of us spoke for several minutes.

I heard what appeared to be her sniffling.

“Are you crying mom?” “No,” she responded, between sniffles. “What’s
wrong mom? You can tell me.” “It’s É well it’s É I didn’t want this to be
about anyone other than yourself but in my entire life, I have never been
in bed with anyone for longer than half an hour. In fact I have never
cuddled with anyone like this.” “Not even dad?” I asked. “Especially not
your father. He is a good hard workingman but he was the first person I
ever slept with and that was after we were married. The longest we have
ever been in bed either cuddling or engaged in sex was on our wedding
night. And that only lasted probably half an hour if that. Every other
time we do it, he falls asleep soon after.” “I replied, “I’m so sorry mom.”
“That’s okay. This is supposed to be about you.”

I felt incredible empathy towards her just as she has shown towards me.

We remained for the rest of our time together in the sensuous embrace as
I moved my hands all over her upper body and her midsection and upper legs.
I moved my legs over hers and she moved hers over mine to get the most from
the erotic feelings of skin on skin. I kissed her shoulders and upper back
and the back of her head.

But alas all good things come to an end or at least for now. It was
4:30, the time for this session to end. Can you really call it love
making? We had no intercourse or even oral sexual activity but to me it was
my first love making experience. And it was incredibly beautiful.

Before we went back to a traditional mother-son relationship, my mother
said, “How many times do you want to do this in a week? We should plan on
certain days and plan it out.”

Giggling, I replied, “How about 7 days per week?”

“Uh É not going to happen É How about three É your father and I always
make love on Sundays so lets say Monday’s, Wednesdays and Fridays at the
same time.”

As I had no other choice and didn’t want to push her, I agreed.

She also said, “Remember though, we have to behave like any mother and
son. We can’t let this effect the relationship we had before.” “Okay mom,

We got out of bed and I went to the door and leaned against the wall as
I watched my mother get out of bed. I gazed at her naked form as she went
into the bathroom. I just stayed there thinking of what had happened when
the water from the faucet started running. I assumed she must be washing
off my sperm from her leg. Seconds later she emerged.

I was in a daze and was startled to hear her say, “Hey buddy, better go
get some clothes on.”

She grinned and I grinned and grabbed my clothes took one last look at
her naked as she took the blankets off the bed. She must have been going
to wash them. I don’t blame her. We sure don’t want any bodily fluids as
evidence although my father NEVER would have suspected that my mother would
be having an affair with her own son.

I left the room and went across the hall into my bedroom. I dropped my
clothes on the floor and hoped onto the bed naked.

I wondered how could something so taboo like incest between a mother and
her son be so distasteful and yet for me, and it would appear my mother
also, so easily broken. Even though are first session had just ended, I
was already thinking of what the next time would entail.

I was already getting another erection just thinking of my mother. I
was so tempted to go ask my mother to give me a hand job but that would be
totally selfish. I could not and would see my mother as solely a sex
object. She was a woman with feelings and needs and I would not risk my
“special” relationship by asking her to do something that pleases only
myself. Yes, it felt wonderful to know that my mother had my dick in her
hand but I love her and she loves me. I won’t hurt her.

After being in my room for a while, I got dressed and went out into the
kitchen. My mother was preparing dinner as I came up behind her. I
wrapped my arms around her and put my head next to hers and said, “Thank
you so much. You are the most wonderful mother any boy could ever have.”

She replied, “I know. I know. But you can’t be doing this. I don’t
want your father to suspect anything. I don’t want anyone to suspect
anything.” “I know too. I just wanted to tell you again. I will keep my

Once my father and brother came home, we both acted the same as we did a
week ago. We never raised any suspicion that anything might be different
about our relationship.

The next 2 days were agony. I couldn’t stop thinking of my mother and I
being together again. I masturbated alone several times on Thursday
evening and school occupied my day but not my thoughts on Friday.

Once again I rushed home and down the hall to my mothers bedroom. She
wasn’t there but I heard the shower running in the bathroom. I opened the
door and said, “Mom.” “I’m in the shower, why don’t you come in?”

I went into the bathroom and shut the door. Several minutes passed
before she peaked her head out of the shower curtain and said, “I said why
don’t you come in?”

I was confused, “huh?” “The shower. Why don’t you join me in the

I dropped my pants and underwear and ripped my shirt over my head and
climbed in with her. Today I had no qualms about touching her body. I put
my hands on her hips and pulled her towards me until our sparkling wet
bodies were touching. I moved my hands around her until I encircled her
with both arms. I tilted my head and kissed her left shoulder and moved to
her cheek and forehead and eventually to her right shoulder. I loved the
feel of my mothers tits pressed firmly into my body.

I felt the washcloth that she held when I entered rubbing over my neck
and down my back. I reached outside the curtain and grabbed another
washcloth and got it soaking wet. I started doing exactly what she was
doing to me. I began on her neck and then down her back. As I washed down
her back, I bent my knees and lowered myself, kissing each breasts and
moving down her stomach until I was finally on my knees.

I ran the cloth over her ass and ran my bare finger down the crack of
her ass. With one hand she was rubbing my back and the other she was
running her other hand through my brown shoulder length hair.

On my knees, I was so close to her bare vagina. As I stared at it I
continued to move the cloth down her legs and switched it to my other hand
and repeated. I leaned in just a half an inch from my mothers’ pussy. I
dropped the cloth to the floor and firmly placed both hands on her upper
legs. I pulled her closer and her pussy was right in my face. I run my
tongue down the slit, which immediately causes her to drop the cloth in her
hand and grab my head with both hands.

“Oh god.”

What I didn’t wasn’t much but she must have been unprepared or unused to
having her slit touched.

I slide my hands around her body to the front and using my index fingers
from both hands I just barely slip them very softly into her pussy and
gently pull them apart. It is one constant motion between using my fingers
and keeping my tongue pressed against her slit and then once open I have my
mothers pussy opened very slightly I slither my tongue into her very slowly
and very gently.

ÔOh God É Oh Baby É It feels good É” She runs her hands over my head and
hair while occasionally firmly gripping the back of my head.

I dart my tongue in very gradually even further as I move it up and
down, side to side, and in circular motions. My lips are firmly pressed
against her body.

I tilt my head upwards as I make circular motions and thrust my tongue
as far out as possible when she screams, “Oh god baby, that feels so good.
SO GOODÉDon’t stop pleaseÉ”

As I gently take her clit between my lips, I flick my tongue on and
around it, as my mother moans, “MMM É OH GODÉ SO FUCKING AWESOMEÉFEELS

I back off slightly and she says, “Don’t stop, Please.”

I move in again and take her clit between my lips and gently suck it and
run my tongue over it.


It was absolutely amazing to hear my own mother talk dirty like that. I
continued to suck and lick her clit as her breathing intensified, as did
her grip on my head. After another 10 or 15 seconds, I again backed off.


Once again I resumed the light sucking and licking of her clit. She
pulled on my head while at the same time she lowered herself as if she was
trying to impale herself on my tongue.

I didn’t stop licking and sucking her.


I was furiously licking her clit faster and faster while sucking it.

“OH YES. OH YES. SON. MAKE MOMMY CUM.” Her panting and breathing were
reaching a feverish pitch when I suddenly pulled off and withdrew my tongue
out of her.

She let go of my head, with her still breathing hard. She stumbled
backwards hitting the knob to turn the shower off and she let herself slid
down the end wall. She was looking at me as she tried hard to regain her
normal breathing. I stood up and sat on the bench at the end of the

She stared at me intensely, as she said, “That was absolutely
incredible. I have NEVER experienced anything like that before.”

That really surprised me. To think of a 41 year old woman who has never
masturbated to orgasm or had oral sex performed on them. I just thought
every woman at least masturbated to orgasm.

We looked at each other and she spoke, “You know, you didn’t have to do
that?” “I know but I wanted to.” “But why?” “Mom, you know that I am not
like most people. I always felt that I was older and the boys at school
are immature. Boys my age are only interested in their own sexual needs. I
am not like that mom. Sure, I want to get sexual gratification too but
nothing is more important than being able to pleasure the person I am with
whether sexually or emotionally.”

Her face just beamed, “I am so proud of the man you are becoming. I
don’t care what happens in the future, just remember that you are a
wonderful person and any girl who wouldn’t want you doesn’t know what she
is missing. And I can say that I am extremely proud and honored to have
you in my life.”

“Oh mom, enough with the mushy stuff,” I said blushing.

There were a few minutes before any of us spoke but my moms face was
still beaming with joy and happiness.

Finally I asked, “So you mean no man has ever eaten your pussy?” “No.
As I said, your father is the only man I have been with and he has never
shown any interest in oral sex.” “Mom, what about masturbation? Surely you
have masturbated to an orgasm before.” “Nope. As you know Grandma and
Grandpa are very religious. They taught us that we would go to hell for
giving ourselves self pleasure.” “Well, you don’t know what you were
missing.” “I do now. And how the hell did you get so good at doing that?”
“I really don’t know. Watching porn. Reading porn. Looking at clinical
diagrams. Who knows.”

There was a pause between us.

“Hey mom, nice to see you talking dirty?” She replied as she giggled,
“Talking dirty? Was I talking dirty? I must have lost my mind. I don’t

Another long pause ensued.

“Why don’t you come over here?” She patted between her legs.

I did as she asked and stood facing her between her legs. She picked up
one of the wash clothes and began rubbing my balls with it. Using her
other hand she stroked my penis to semi hardness where she then washed the
entire length of my small penis.

She put her hands on my legs and guided me until my butt was facing her.
She wiped my butt with the cloth and tossed it to the other end of the
shower. She pulled my legs backwards and turned me so I was facing the
wall outside of the shower. The moved her hand to my penis and begn
stroking me. My penis had faded back to half mast as she washed my butt.

“Do you think my son would like to cum for his mommy?”

Just hearing those words made my cock come to full attention (though
full attention was nothing to be proud of in my case).

“Yes Mom. I can come for you?” She replied, “Good” as she started
stroking my cock back and forth along the length of my cock. She built up
momentum and very quickly was furiously rubbing away at it.

“Oh yes mom, that feels nice. Mommy’s going to make me cum, isn’t she?”
“Sure am baby” “Yes mom, make me cum. Please make me cum.”

A few seconds passed as she kept beating my meat. She was staring at my
penis watching it as if waiting for an eruption.

“Oh yes mom, here it cums.”

One. Two. Three. Three shots of cum came out and shot an inch or so
out of my penis. My mother continued to stroke me as she made sure every
last drop was gone. She ran her hand down my cock and over the head with
her palm before trailing it with a finger down the slit.

“Thanks mom. Thanks so much.”

She ran her hand over her leg where my cum landed and smeared it into
her leg as if some kind of lotion. She then grabbed the cloth and wiped
the entire length of my cock including the head and also her leg. She
leaned over and gave me a little kiss on the far right side of my right ass

I turned to her and looked down at her as just looked at her without
saying a word. We just looked at each other.

Finally I uttered something, “Mom, would you mind if we just lay on the
bed naked together like we did 2 days ago?” “Sure. I would really like
that but we better check the time first.”

We entered the bedroom and still had plenty of time. We had 45 minutes
before she should be assuming our roles as a proper mother and son.

We just lay there together cuddling and touching each other as though it
was the first time. While most men may not enjoy cuddling, I am not like
most men and there is positively nothing more stimulating than a man having
a naked woman’s body pressed against his body. If you add in the fact that
it is the man’s own mother, that makes is 1,000,000 times more exciting.

The remainder of the day was rather uneventful. The only thing I
struggled with was having no access to any kind of sex for almost the next
three days. But I lived. I LIVED. But only with much help from my left

The weekend was finally over and back to the sex. Same routine.
Different day. Go to school and rush home from school to meet my mother.

As was my routine, I went to my mother’s bedroom and there she was
waiting for me. She was laying naked on her bed with her left hand over
her ear, using her elbow to hold up her head as she watched for me.

“Hi honey.” “Hey mom.” Without being told, I stripped down to my
birthday suit and joined her on the bedroom. I lay next to her with my
head resting on the pillow facing her. We stared at each other as she used
her free hand to touch my body and I touched her body.

She looked like she was thinking of something. I wondered what she was
thinking of. Was she having regrets over what we were doing? No she
couldn’t be because she was smiling. I tried to rack my brain to figure
out what could be on her mind.

“I was thinking É” “Oh uh É what?”

She let a long silence pass as if for dramatic effect before saying, “I
thought we might do something different today?” Another pause. “You mean
nothing sexual today then.”

One second. Two seconds. Three seconds. Four seconds.

“Well yes if actual intercourse counts as nothing sexual.”

I think my jaw dropped. I was overjoyed at the thought. I looked at my
mothers pussy just thinking how my little penis would soon be in that nice
warm place.

She giggled, “Well I think I made my boys year.” “Year mom. You’ve made
my fucking lifetime.”

She moved her hand down to my penis and fondled my balls and shaft until
it was large.

“Before we begin, I don’t want you to expect to much for your first
time. It is only natural to be overly excited.”

I just nodded but my eyes were still focused on her pussy. I think I
missed everything my mom said.

Once my cock was fully enlarged, which didn’t take much time, with me
being so excited about what was to occur.

“Why don’t you get off the bed and I will move over to the center.”

I jumped off and watched my mother slide over. She lay on her back with
her head on the pillow and her legs spread apart and her legs bent at the

“Okay honey, come up between my legs and get on top of me. Do you know
what to do?”

I had watched plenty of porn so I knew what to do and acknowledged that
to her. I held myself off her with one hand as I grabbed my penis with the
other and inserted it into her. My head was past her head on the bed just
inches from the headboard.

“Okay honey. Now go slow. Slow. You don’t want to cum to quickly.
But don’t pull it all the way out.” “Okay.”

I placed my hands on top of my moms head and began to thrust it into her
very slowly and then pulled back and pushed back in.

“Good boy, doing good.”

I thrust back into her and pulled back and plunged it back and pulled
back faster and faster with each thrust.

“Okay baby, better slow down.”

I thrust back in and pulled back faster again and again.

“Baby, slow it down or you will É ”

Oops, too late.

“I’m going to cum momÉ” “Slow it down baby. Stop if you have too.”

I continued thrusting harder and faster without slowing down.

“I’m cumming mom.”

Suddenly I let loose and came into my mothers body. I didn’t even last
much more than half a minute.

The tears quickly came and I sobbed, “I’m so sorry É so sorry mom.”

I was going to go crying to my room but my mother wrapped her legs
around me.

“Mom let me go. I’m so sorry.”

She grabbed my head with both her hands and aimed my eyes directly into
hers. I tried not to look at her directly as I was so embarrassed.

“Honey, look at me. ” I didn’t want to but I did.

She continued, “You have nothing to be ashamed of. This is your very
first time. It happens and I wouldn’t expect any different. Please don’t
cry baby. Mommy loves you.”

I continued to sob as she pulled my head to hers and gave me a big kiss
right on the lips. Guiding my head to her shoulder, she rubbed my back
with both of her hands.

I never ceased crying but she just kept caressing my back and saying,
“It’s okay. I love you. I love you so much and don’t you forget it.”

I stayed with my face buried in her shoulder for a very long time and
she did nothing but comfort me. She truly is a wonderful woman and mother.
We had an hour and a half together and it was over for me in the first five
minutes. The remainder of the time was spent crying into my mothers’ arms
and her trying to ease my feelings of inadequacy.

I noticed the clock said 4:19pm and told my mom that I wanted to go back
to my room. She looked so sad but not because I failed to perform but
rather because she had so much sympathy for what I had gone through.

I just lay in bed and didn’t even eat dinner. I told my parents that I
wasn’t feeling well and my mother brought a plate to my room. At around
10:30 she knocked on my door and came in, I was laying in bed under the
covers and she sat on the bed by me. Without saying anything she lifted
the covers and slid into bed with me. I was completely naked because that
is how I usually slept and my mother was fully dressed.

She whispered, “Please don’t let it eat you up. It’s a natural thing
the first time a boy has sex.”

I could feel her hand touching my stomach, then my leg, and then she
felt my balls and played with my cock. She kissed my cheek and moved her
lips to my chest and lay her head on my chest as she continued to fondle
me. As disappointed as I was in my earlier performance, it obviously had no
effect on the ability to be turned on by my mother. I was very quickly
fully erect.

She whispered, “Let me know when you are about to cum, okay?”

I just nodded my head in agreement. She moved her hand up and down my
penis and quickly was beating me off. It took just a few seconds.

“Mom, I’m going to cum,” I whispered.

She immediately squeezed my cock just below the head preventing my cum
from escaping. I wasn’t sure what she was doing. She just held it there
and made no other movements with her hand on my cock. After about 30
seconds, she released it and no cum came.

“I’m going to do it again but try to use all your will power to prevent
from cumming so quickly.”

She repeated the same thing. She worked me to the brink and then
pinched me off. She repeated the same thing five times and it seemed like
with each time I was able to hold off a little longer.

After the fifth time she asked, “How many times do you masturbate a
day?” “I don’t know mom. Maybe five or six times.” “Even on days when we
do have sex?” “Maybe three or four times.”

She paused before responding.

“Wow. I didn’t realize you did it so often.”

She thought for a second.

“I want you to promise me something. I want you to limit your
masturbation to twice a day, every day. Once in the morning and once in
the evening.” “You want me to cut back that much? But why?” “I want to see
if you can last longer if you don’t masturbate as much.”

Reluctantly I agree.

“Good É”

She began stroking my cock again and with each stroke it was faster and

I whispered, “Mom, I’m going to cum.”

She never let up. She never pinched me off. She kept stroking me
faster and faster.

“Oh mom I’m cummingÉ”

I shot my cum out of my cock into my sheets. She reached for the sheets
and wiped the cum off my cock. She turned my head to face her and kissed
me again passionately on the lips.

She got out of bed and said, “Goodnight.” “Goodnight mom.”

I felt much better about myself than I did earlier just an hour ago. I
know she told me not to worry about not being able to perform but it just
gnawed at me all evening. I fell asleep quickly.

The next morning I awoke at my usual time, which was about 5:30am. I
rarely saw my mother in the mornings as she had no reason to awaken early
except to see my father off and she would go back to sleep.

I walked naked from my room to the bathroom off the hallway to get ready
for school. I stood before the toilet and was peeing when the door opened.
I glanced over my shoulder and it was my mother. She came in and closed
the door behind her. It felt kind of awkward having my mother watching me
pee and I wondered what she was doing in here. I noticed that she held
something in her hand but it didn’t take long before I found out what she
was going to do.

“Have you masturbated this morning yet?” “No, not yet.” “Good.”

She jumped into the bathtub and knelt on her knees and told me, “Stand
in front of the toilet. I’m going to masturbate you and use this watch to
time how long from when you get an erection to when you begin to cum.”

I thought it was unusual but was willing to try anything that would help
me. With her right hand she fondled me between the legs. It only took
about half a minute before she got me to full size. She watched the clock
in her left hand and began to quickly move her hand up and down my shaft.

“25 Seconds É 30 Seconds É 35 Seconds É”

She continued pumping away while never taking her eyes off of the watch.

“40 Seconds É 45 Seconds É ”

“Mom, I’m cumming.. I’m cummingÉ”

She pointed my penis towards the bowl of the toilet and I saw my cum
spurt into the water.

“53 Seconds. Good job.”

I believe that was the longest I had lasted between the two times my
mother jacked me off prior to last night.

“Thanks mom.” “But remember no masturbation until tonight just before
you go to bed. Make sure to get me before you do it so I can time you.”
“Okay mom.”

She got out of the bathtub and left the room. I took a shower and ate
something and left for school.

It became a regular thing between my mother and me both on nights that
we did have sex, as well as those we didn’t. She would always masturbate
me in the morning and evening but I was left to my own devices on the
Weekends and any holidays or other days that my father was home from work.

I can’t even describe the feeling of having my mother play with my cock
almost every day. It feels unbelievable.

On Wednesday, I entered my mother’s room after school and she was lying
naked on her bed. She was tracing her fingers around her nipple and
areola. That was the first time I had seen her even slightly touch her own

“Hi mom.” Hi honey. So what activity would you like to do today?”

As I got naked, I kept trying to come up with a sexual activity for us
to do. I was sure I wasn’t willing to try actual intercourse again so soon
after my first colossal disappointment.

“Come into the bathroom with me.”

She followed me in and I sat on the toilet seat.

I asked her, “Please sit on my legs but facing me.”

She came to me and I helped her into the position. I had my hands on
her ass to support her and I lowered my lips to her nipples and sucked
them. I alternated between her left and right breasts while often
repositioning my grip on her ass. After about 10 minutes and said that we
should go back into the bedroom. As I already had a complete erection from
feeling her body so close to my cock there was no further work needed in
that department.

I explained how much I loved her tits and that since I have been with
her that I had been wanting to “titty fuck” her. She was very na*ve
sexually for being an older woman. I explained that I wanted her to lie on
the bed on her back and I wanted to straddle her while putting my cock
between her tits and I would have her smother my cock with her tits and I
would thrust back and forth, just as in fucking. I feared that she might
refuse when I provided the last bit of info, that being that I wanted to
cum on her tits.

While she could not really understanding as to what enjoyment I got out
of it, she was eager and willing to go along.

I climbed up between her huge melons and put my cock in place and I had
her smash her tits together so it engulfed my cock.

I slowly made thrusting motions between her tits and began picking up
momentum. I thrust forward and back and she did a terrific job of keeping
her tits firmly in place. I fucked forward and back, forward and back,
doing it faster and faster with each thrust.

“Oh mom, I’m going to cum. Mom, make me cum all over your tits.”

Just as I was ready to come I told my mom to release her tits, which she
did. I grabbed my cock and manually finished jacking off as I aimed it at
her left tits and moved it across to her right tit as I pumped all my seed
from within my cock. I slid off my mom as she stared in what looked like
disgust at my cum on her tits. Using my hand I smeared cum into her
breasts and on her nipples.

“Thank you so much mom. I’m sorry it disgusted you so much.” “It’s not
so much that it disgusted me. I had just never seen a man fuck a woman in
this way before.” “I love you so much mom.” “I love you too honey.”

It so thrilled me to hear my mother using swear words. Oh sure she
swore sometimes but if it occurred once a year, that was something to hear.
And to see my mother engage in sexual acts that she never before
considered. Not that we have really done all that much together.

She excused herself to go to the bathroom to wash my cum off her breasts
but she quickly returned. We lay together facing each other and I spent
most of the rest of the session nibbling and playing with her tits.

“You really like my tits don’t you?” “Mom, they are the best part about

As our time was nearing an end, I really wanted to give my mother
something she would enjoy, considering she gave me such pleasure with her
breasts. I got off the bed but I told her to stay there and lay on her
back and spread her legs apart. I crawled back up to my mother and opened
the lips of her pussy as I brought my lips down to her sex. I licked and
sucked and twirled my tongue all over inside her.


I push firmly on her legs and hold them so they are sticking almost
straight up as I sucked firmly on her clit and twirled my tongue around it.


Before I teased her a little bit but this time I never removed my lips
or tongue from her clit.

REALLY HARD FOR HER BOYÉOH YES, OH YESÉ” The sound of her voice raised

She was arching her back as her entire body seemed to shake as if she
were having convulsions.

My tongue flicked over her clit repeatedly as she screamed, “OH GOD YES,

Her breathing was heavy.

I quickly withdrew my lips and tongue as she collapsed back onto the
bed. I’m seriously thinking that we might have to stop this activity. I’m
concerned the neighbors could her screaming out. Her bedroom is at the end
of the house and our neighbor’s house is only maybe 20 feet away.

I slithered down her body like a snake, kissing and licking her legs as
I exited that sacred place. I rose and got dressed as my mother lay still
breathing heavily. After a few minutes, she also got up and dressed.

The next day was one of me and my mothers non non-sexual days (which of
course means 2 times that my mother jacks me of. But no other sexual

I was in for a surprise when I got home though. My mother was sitting
clothed on the couch.

“Honey, why don’t you come lay down over her,” she said, as she patted
the spot right next to her.

I didn’t have anything better to do so I sat next to her. She told me
to lay down with my head on her lap. As I did I noticed that she was
wearing a button up blouse but it was what was under it that was much more
noticeable. She wasn’t wearing any bra.

As I watched her breasts, she unbuttoned the blouse and pulled her left
boob out.

“This is a special gift in return to the gift you gave mommy yesterday
and I know how much you like my tits.”

I instinctually took it in my mouth and began sucking it.

“That’s it baby É you really do love moms boobs.”

I nodded my head up and down without releasing the tit from the firm
grasp of my mouth. I reached out my hand towards her shirt and fished for
the other breast. I couldn’t pull it out but my loving mother helped me.
She unbuttoned another button to allow the remaining breast to be free and
I was allowed to suck one while using my hand to play with the other one.
My mother had her hand underneath my upper back to help support me. She
held me as a mother who is breastfeeding her child would support them.

“I love you so much baby,” said my mother. “You can never know how much
you mean to me.”

I just grunted. I just lay in my mothers’ arms with my eyes closed
sucking and fondling her boobs.

I must have dozed off because my mother shook me awake and said, “Your
fathers home. Better go to your room.”

I hurried off my mother and she rapidly stuck her boobs back in the
blouse and closed it up.

I listened from my room to see if he suspected anything. He did
question my mother about not wearing a bra and she made up some excuse
about feeling the need to free her breasts once in awhile. He didn’t seem
to be very interested.

My mother as usual on the following day was already prepared for me. I
came into the room and she was laying face down with her head sideways on
the pillow. It seems she has fallen asleep. I strip naked a quietly crawl
up her body until I get to has big ass. I kiss one cheek and lick her down
the crack and then kiss the other cheek as I slid my hand under her. I rub
her pussy lips as I continue licking her ass.

She says, “Oh, your home. I must have fallen asleep.” “I see you were
waiting for me.” “Yep.”

I push my finger gently into her pussy and move it around.

“Oh that feels nice.”

I am still licking her ass crack and fingering her pussy at the same
time. “Oh baby É you don’t know how good that feels for mommy. I love

I pushed my finger in deeper, only to hear, “MMmm .. Yes. IT’S SO

I probed her pussy with my finger and her ass crack with my tongue.


I push my finger in faster and move it all around inside her. “OH YES,

Just as quickly as I start, I completely remove my finger and get off
the bed.

“Why did you stop?” “Mom, I really want to try intercourse again.”
“Okay,” she says, as she rolls over onto her back and spreads her legs.

I rub my penis furiously to get an erection and climb atop my sexy
mother. I am so eager to try it again even though it has been only a short
time since my first unsuccessful attempt.

I hold my weight off my mother and guide my cock into her opening. I
wrap my arms under hers and place them on her shoulders with my fingernails
almost facing me. I pushed into her slowly and used her shoulders as
leverage to pull me into her. Her legs were spread apart up in the air.
She pushed one of her tits up so I can get my lips around the nipple as she
continues to support the weight with her hand.

I push deep and pull back. I thrust in and pull back. I am trying hard
not to get too excited but it is so hard. She’s my own mother and it so
fucking erotic. A son is thrusting his penis into the canal that brought
him into the world.

I thrust into her as I suck hard on her nipple. The same nipple I
sucked on as a baby. I pull back. I thrust harder and deeper.

“Oh baby, it feels so good. You’re doing it.”

Her legs entwine around my ass as with each thrust into her, she uses
all her strength to thrust herself onto me.

“Oh baby, your fucking me. You’re fucking your own mother.” “Oh yes
mom. I’m fucking you.”

I pull back and thrust again harder as her meet her equally powerful
thrust towards me. Our bodies are one. We are intertwined with each
other. The bed is squeaking just like when my father fucks my mother. I am
her lover. I am fucking my own mother in my parent’s marital bed.

I let her tit fall from my mouth as she wraps her hands around my back
and as I thrust into her towards the headboard, she thrust downward to me
while tightly grabbing my back to help with each stabbing motion into her

“Oh baby, my son, you feel so good..” “Oh mom, I’m fucking you. I’m
fucking you.”

Our bodies shake as one with each thrust of her and each thrust of me.
We need to be one. We want to be one. I’m breathing hard. She is
breathing hard.


I felt my body tense as I ejaculated my sperm into my mother. I slowed
down as I gave her a final few quick stabs to force all my juices from
within my penis.

My spent body collapses onto my mother as we both lay together as one
pile of flesh intertwined together, having just expressed our deep needs
and desires for each other. We both are panting heavily as my mother
releases my ass from the grip of her legs. I roll off her and onto my
side. We look at each other with huge grins as I lean in and kiss my mother
so tenderly, yet passionately on the lips.

I kiss her shoulder and move my lips to her breast. I look at the clock
and the entire fucking only was about three minutes. It was not a record
but I was more than thrilled. I, quick draw, had successfully lasted no 30
seconds, not even a minute, no. I had lasted three full minutes.

Did I really believe that I had pleasured my mother sexually with my
small sexual organ? No but it didn’t really matter because my mother had
four things that many women do not have: Love, Empathy, Encouragement and

Love because she loved me unconditionally. Empathy because she
understood what my life was like and had the ability to see things the way
I saw them. Encouragement because whether I succeeded or failed she never
criticized and always gave me positive encouragement. And my mother also
had courage; the ability to do what most mothers cannot and will not do.
She had the courage to take a chance, to tell society that they are not
always right, to tell society that not all incest is abusive, and finally,
to tell society that a mothers responsibility is to take care of her
children’s emotional as well as physical needs. Sometimes those tough
decisions have to be made with unusual and unorthodox measures. And
sometimes, it may even include crossing the norms that society sets. What
may be right for my mother and me may not be the best solution for you.
But for the person over in the corner, it may be appropriate for him.

Were my mother and me sexually attracted to each other? We were not
repulsed by each other but we most definitely did not go down this path
sexually attracted to each other. We had no clue where we would end up
when we started this journey and we took enormous risk for the potential
benefits, which we both discovered. The outcome could have been completely
different if either of us was repulsed at the sexual contact after the
first encounter. But alas my mother made the brave decision to engage me
sexually. Not for her own sexual needs but to attempt to help a teenage
boy desperately in need, not just of sex, but also of love. I needed to
feel the sensual and sexual caress of skin on skin. The sex was
irrelevant. Nobody can live in society without some human-to-human
interaction and my mother willingly gave of herself so that I could feel
the warmth of a single caress of my body or being able to use my fingers to
be able to caress.

What have I really learned? I have learned that sexual acts are nothing
more than that. I have learned that it can be just as sexual to gently
caress a man or woman’s body with your fingers, hands, arms, legs or toes.
I would gladly give up any sex acts to feel the tender caress of someone of
the opposite sex. But alas that is not a necessity as I found the only one
who can truly accept me for who I am: average looking and overweight, and
the person I’ve found that has accepted me despite all my flaws, and that
is the woman who gave birth to me, my very own mother. My mother is the
woman who will never cease loving me no matter what. Not all sons are
given such a wonderful parent but I am and I truly do savor ever moment I
am with her.


My mother has opened up both sexually and emotionally over the years.
We began touching each other outside of the special times we set aside. We
were almost like teenagers in love so long as no one was around to see us.
I introduced my mother to different sexual positions that she had never
tried before. I introduced sex toys into our relationship and she finally
feels comfortable touching her own body and masturbating.

I am now 37 years old and my mother is 63 years old. Both my parents
are retired so it is extremely difficult for us to find any alone time.
However we are usually able to find a ? hour to an hour a day, either when
my father goes out for coffee and my mother sneaks away to my bed.

We still try to have sex or at least cuddle 3 days per week. It still
seems as fresh and curious as the first day that we began the long
incestuous road together. I will never feel any different and I can
foresee our relationship continuing for many, many years to come.

Nobody has ever found out the secret love that we share, nor will they
ever find out.