A stud’s justice

Kevin and Lana were in trouble. They had wanted to go home as their high-school activities ended, but at one point, three very shady and angry guys blocked their path. As the dark-haired girl looked around for a way out, panicked, the 18-year-old chemist prodigy realized what has happened: he had busted an attempt by some no-good people to use the school lab secretly…for drug making. Now, they wanted revenge- these were the goons of the people that were now going to be tried and imprisoned. He tried to reason with them: “There is nothing you can do…the lab now has limited access- windows and doors were replaced. No drugs for anyone.” It didn’t exactly work. “You little dipshit…we’re gonna make you pay for calling the cops!” The three men were angry, and the one that had a baseball bat came forth, wanting to break Kevin’s glasses, nose and skull. The scared girlfriend screamed, as the bookish, skinny male seemed very pessimistic about their odds of survival.

He had perfectly valid grounds for such an attitude, since there seemed to be nobody around, as it was almost night, and the outside of the high school campus was devoid of people and activity. He was proven wrong, fortunately. Loud cracking of knuckles is heard, and the three attackers turn towards a dark area not illuminated by any lampposts. “I’ll show you what a tough guy looks like, you junkie fuckers.” a voice belonging to a young man breaks up the brief silence.

A muscular teenager about 6’3’’ in height stepped forth, facing the attackers all alone. He wore jeans, and a black T-shirt which was a tight fit, showing off his large, bulging pecs. Both Kevin and Lana stared at this stud, but were unsure if he could handle three armed thugs. Lana quickly whispered something to Kevin: she knew something about this jock. Johnny was 18, and was in the school football team, but also liked wrestling and martial arts. Kevin nodded- such a background definitely showed.

“Haha, check this dumbass out- he can’t count!” the thug wearing spiked knuckles laughed at the intruder, to which the other two nodded. “Let’s waste him, guys!” came the command of their leader, the one who had the steel bat. They all began running at the jock, at his right side, frontally, and from his left. The pair wanted to use this distraction and flee, but the ensuing action would make them stay and watch.

The brass knuckle-wielding attacker had come at Johnny’s right side, but did not manage to land a blow with the metallic, spiky attachment on his hand. As Johnny adjusted to face the other two properly, his right leg swung up in a thrust super kick, which went between the thug’s arms and connected with his head. He went down onto the ground instantly, collapsing with a thud. Lana and Kevin gasped, both covering their mouth to suppress a “Holy shit!”, as they were walking backwards towards an area where they could run past the mess, keeping an eye on the whole scene as it unfolded.

The other two stop in their charge briefly, as they watch their comrade get knocked out by the stud’s kick. This gives him enough time to block the charge of the knife wielder by gripping his arm with both of his own. It was a dangerous situation, as the one with the baseball bat saw this as his chance to strike.

Johnny had to react, and fast. A knee strike sent the knife thug onto his knees, as he coughed up; feeling extreme pain, as there was probably a broken rib or two impeding his breathing. Swinging his hips so as to rotate his body towards the leader of the group, Johnny also gave himself momentum to unleash a powerful left-handed clothesline. Kevin and Lana looked on in amazement as Johnny’s arm jarred the attacker, turning his run into a stumble. They aimed to get past the jock and the two thugs nearest to him, but he did not want them to leave. With a commanding look, he briefly turned his head to them, before wrapping his right arm around the leader of the group, securing his head under the crook of his arm, in a guillotine choke.

He grunted, as his face showed arousal and pleasure. CRRRRACK!

The leader of the trio was dead. His muffled breaths and the struggle couldn’t save him from death. Kevin’s reaction told everything. “Ouch…” His jaw dropped at the sight of that muscled arm jerking upwards, and the resulting kill. The teenage athlete had almost become a bit too absorbed in admiring his own strength.

The man with the broken ribs had managed to get up partially, and driven by fury, gathered strength to slash with the knife. Only by reacting in the last moment did Johnny prevent a stab wound, which Lana and Kevin were already expecting to happen.

His left hand gripped the wrist that held the knife, as he tried to pull the blade away from his torso, while trying to move his body away. These actions mean that the blade attack only manages to graze the shirt.

“I’m gonna fuck you up, punk!!” the enraged jock roared as he kneed the attacker in the face, immediately bloodying his nose. He then walked over the thug, sat on his outstretched arm, and went to yank it up, pulling off a straight armbar. Cries of the injured man mixed with the feel-good groans of Johnny. He had crippled the attacker, making him drop the knife. He did not want to stop on incapacitation, oh no. Kevin and Lana saw his jeans had a bulge in the front, and that was when they knew the thug’s fate was sealed.

John felt omnipotent. The rush of pleasure he felt from using his muscles to injure and kill others was incredible. He had a massive hard-on. Looking at the couple he had saved, he said, “Watch this.”, and sat onto the injured criminal’s back. Placing his hands on top and underneath his head, he pinned his left arm- the good one with a knee, and then began pulling up, and backwards. “N-No…please…don’t kill me…” the thug begged, in between pained groans. This was mixed with the torn shirt ripping up, as Johnny’s entire body tensed up. The couple could now see the bulging pecs and chiselled abs of the stud coming out into view, following the failure of the fabric. Kevin’s knees were shaking, as both he and Lana watched the execution unfold.

Johnny felt the excitement building up. “Three…two…one…”, and then he pulled on the head of the thug with all his might, bending that spine in a camel clutch.

CCCRUNCCH-CRRACK! “Fuck yesss! That crunch got me so hard…I need to blow a load, now!”

Kevin and Lana are speechless as Johnny breaks the man’s spine with a savage display of his muscle power, and then almost seamlessly twists his skull to snap the neck. Then, they get the confirmation that violence was an aphrodisiac for Johnny. Not only that, they could be the targets for this stud’s sex drive.

Johnny did not waste time on taking advantage of the pair. Quickly, he was in the face of them both, and caressed Lana’s covered hips and ass. “What are you doing with this nerd? Feel the dick of a real man.”, he said, pulling her left hand, only to put it on his bulge, as he looked at the nerd as a nuisance.

Lana moaned when she felt that thick bulge- the jock had made sure she would get a good feel. Turning to Kevin, he orders gruffly: “What are you looking at, faggot? Worship my abs while I take your girlfriend.”

Lana was shocked, but she would become even more so, when Kevin winced, but obeyed the bully’s order, kneeling before him to begin licking his abs. This elicited a soft groan from the muscle stud, as he unzipped his jeans, and then pulled his twelve-inch weapon out. It jutted upwards slightly, as he groped Lana’s left breast some, causing her to moan. He knew how to touch a woman, and with this skill, he would take her away from the nerd. Pushing her down to her knees, he commanded: “Blow me, bitch.”

Not daring to risk injury or death by disobeying, the brunette began to service the younger stud by wrapping her lips around his dick, as she took him in, immediately causing Johnny to groan in pleasure, while Kevin became more and more invested in this forced task of licking and kissing Johnny’s smooth, muscular chest. He was somewhat unsure of his sexuality, and at this point, he, too had a hard-on, willingly or not.

Johnny was guiding Kevin with his left, and Lana with his right hand as they served to pleasure his perfect body.

“Fuck…that’s it…keep going…look at me and my body….yeahhh….ngh….deeper, bitch…Ohhh…yeah…” dominance simply oozed from the stud’s voice. He knew he had full control, especially when he saw Lana’s white tights get a dark spot in the crotch.

Struggling to contain his own climax stemming from euphoria and the feeling of control he had over everyone, he made his mind up after one loud gasp escaped his lips, probably after Lana had managed to lick his shaven ballsack once he had pushed himself deep enough into her mouth.

He grabbed the scrawny 17-year-old by the front of his shirt and quickly headbutted him, to make sure the nerd is stunned. Kevin’s glasses fell down, as he kept Lana in place with his right hand, before he lifted it to grab the nerd’s neck. Holding him by his legs and the neck, he spoke, while thrusting faster and faster into the mouth of the girlfriend, he was going to steal:

“When I cum into your girlfriend’s mouth, I’m gonna snap your spine and neck, faggot! Then, I’m gonna fuck her so hard, she’ll forget about the loser she was dating until tonight.”

Lana was moaning from Johnny’s thrusts, which made things even more humiliating for Kevin. He didn’t even try to thrash, as he knew it would change nothing. Johnny bent him around his own neck, squeezing him tightly. He was going to do it. Kill the nerd, and have the best fucking climax of his life.

“Watch me break your faggot boyfriend, bitch!” he shouted in excitement, as his pelvic thrusts reached maximum speed. Lana’s moans turn into a constant wail, as her eyes look up. Those muscles are already flexing. He thrusts into her hard. Johnny groans in ecstasy, gritting his teeth as his biceps bulge and flex.

The parallel cracks of Kevin’s spine and neck do it for the teen muscle stud. His dick twitches, and cum shoots out, into her throat. As Kevin’s life fades out, Lana has a mini-orgasm, as she witnesses the deadly skill of the stud, once more.

“Unhhhhh! Fuck yeahhh! I snapped your boyfriend! Fuck, fuck, fuck YEAH!” he roars, as Lana struggles to swallow his cum, for some time. He notices though, that the guy he knocked out with the super kick, is slowly stirring.

Lana is soaked, but has to watch Johnny pull out of her. Then, she sees him heading for that attacker from before. Overawed by his strength and perfect body, she now acts like audience to a spectacle. Knowing what he had said before, she unbuttons her pants, and slides them down, doing the same for her soaking wet panties.

Johnny noticed that after picking the thug up by his neck and left leg. Turning around to face his prize, he said huskily to her: “Strip so I can see your tits, bitch…strip while I destroy this fucker.”

As if spellbound, the girl hastily pulled her red shirt over, while the stud raised the struggling goon above his head. He was getting a new hard-on, since he could see Lana’s black bra now, and she was moving to unclasp it. “I’m gonna break his fucking back!” he warned, and slammed the struggling victim downwards, just as he knelt with his right leg. The spine collided with his left knee and immediately, the impact force destroyed a few vertebrae, causing the body to fold in the wrong direction.

The sickening crunch triggered a powerful orgasm in Lana, as she just managed to remove her bra in time, and Johnny roared “Yeeeaaaahhhh!” The sight of this sexy girl stripping and cumming in front of him, and the paralyzed, twitching mess of a punk made sure he now hard a raging hard-on, further fuelled by the pained whimpering of the crippled thug.

Johnny couldn’t wait to fuck his bitch, and so, he came to the thug, putting his head on the inside of his right leg, and then assumed a kneeling position. His glute and leg muscles were squeezing the neck of the unfortunate male, who was trying to pull at his leg with his arms. Looking at Lana, he raised his right leg suddenly, and then came down. A wet crack made him groan, as the punk’s resistance ceased, his arms going limp.

Rising up, his smile met hers, as he simply came down on her, entering her without much preparation. Her gasp of pleasure was the signal for Johnny to use his strong hands to grope at her breasts- an action which made Lana arch up into him, as she wrapped her legs around his torso.

“Yes…ohhh…deeper, Johnny…faster…ahhh…yesss… Ohhhh!” Lana had given herself to the stud completely, and stroked his ego enough for him to want to hear more. Thus, he took her right breast into her mouth, and began to suck and lick, making her positively scream in bliss, as she felt another orgasm crash over her. It lasted long, and Johnny had to hold himself from cumming into her right there, as her rigid body milked his dick.

Smirking, he asked her embarrassing questions, as he wanted to have her pledge implicitly to be his bitch: “Did you get off on me killing those guys? Did you squirt when I broke your lame-dick boyfriend’s back?”

He did not have to wait for an answer. “Yes! Those kills were so hot, Johnny…please cum inside me…knock me up!” He was going to do that, but hearing her say those three words made him lose it.

Crashing his lips into her, he groaned like a beast, pounding Lana’s pussy at incredible speeds, before one final thrust kick-started his ejaculation deep into her pussy, just as he was making out passionately with her. They stayed lip-locked for a minute at beast, as their climaxes took a long time to subside.

Johnny got up after a few minutes, and searched the pockets of the thugs, before finding something useful: car keys. After some searching, he found the matching car, and carried Lana to it, before stuffing the corpses into the trunk. He would drive her to his apartment and then later deal with the corpses.

After that, he wanted to fuck her hard, over and over, make her moan like a bitch…