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It was hard for Jessica keep from screaming at the unfairness of it all.

Jessica felt as if her parents were betraying her for taking away everything she had built throughout the past few years. “How could they do this to me again?” she thought as she sat in the rear seat of the Honda Civic, hiding her tears of sorrow and pain. She, once again, had friendships that would now dwindle into oblivion. She would have to make new ones, a menial task that she was always over-anxious about. She worried that she would be remain in solitude if no one were to befriend her. Her heart sank deeper into her chest with every mile closer to their new ‘home.’ Having lived in 5 different cities and 3 different states at only sixteen years of age she was tired of moving and having to rebuild everything every few years.

“Can’t you just get a different job, dad? I mean…there are like thousands of them, right?” pleaded Jessica.

The car remained silent. Jessica turned her head and gazed out the window, despising everything she saw.

“That’s our house right there on the corner of that roundabout,” said her father.

“Oh, cool! We live next to a circle! I hope you know your job is a major pain, Major,” Jessica said mockingly, degrading her father’s rank.

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“Don’t talk that way to your father, Jessica!” exclaimed her mother. “It’s hard enough for us to do this and we don’t need you making it harder. We sincerely want you to understand that.”

“Whatever,” Jessica murmured.

The car turned in to the driveway while Jessica was still being scolded by her mother. “You’re a young and beautiful blond girl. You’ll make plenty of friends in the next few days. Stop telling us how to live our lives. As long as you live in our house, you’ll follow our rules.”

Jessica stepped from the car onto the foreign ground, not responding to her mother’s desperate comments. She examined her new house and the surrounding neighborhood. The calmness and serenity temporarily soothed her sorrowful feelings, but it didn’t last. The streets were aligned with tall palm trees, gallantly waving in the wind. Her concentration of the beautiful neighborhood was broken when noticed a young brunette girl walking along the sidewalk, presumably walking home from school. She had a pink book bag on her back and a pink cell phone in her hand. The girl looked and made eye contact with Jessica, but it was only for just a split second.

“Let’s go inside, Jessica. The furniture is already in place and the movers will worry about the boxes.” said her father, breaking her concentration towards the girl.

“Sure,” she replied as she headed towards the front door, still curiously staring at the young brunette entering her home. Jessica scrutinized the inside of the new house. It was much larger and more prestigious than her old home, but she still didn’t fell at home. She walked into her bedroom and examine where she was supposed to live for an unknown amount of time. She sat on her bed and sighed. She didn’t want to be in Miami and she certainly didn’t want to have anything to do with her parents.

Her mother entered her room carrying a box. “This is for you, Jess. It’s you’re makeup and stuff.”

“Can I go to the mall, mom?” Jessica plead.

“What mall? We just got here and we’re busy unpacking,” replied her mother.

“We passed one on the way in to the neighborhood. I can go by myself. I’ll be alright,” Jessica begged.

“No, it’s too far for you to go by yourself. It’s our first night here and you’re going to a brand new school in the morning. I want you to be well prepared with plenty of rest,” her mother sternly replied.

Jessica laid down and moaned, covering her face with a pillow. She longed for the day when she could make her own decisions. She hated doing her homework or going to sleep while every other kid in school seemed to be at a party or some type of event. Jessica turned on the television to pass the life-less time.

The family got settled into the new house and prepared for the night after all of the luggage and items were brought inside. The new house was better than Jessica expected, but she was still upset that she had to leave half way through here eighth grade year to come to a place in which she had no desire to be.

She went into her bathroom and prepared for her nightly bath. She viewed herself in the mirror as she normally did, marveling her developing body. She saw an attractive young girl looking back at her. She had been interested in her rapidly changing body ever since she began puberty two years before. She appreciated growing into an adult body and hoped that she would be an attractive woman. Her developing B cup breasts were small and smooth. She had a healthy flat stomach and long, smooth, skinny legs. Her medium length pony-tailed blond hair contradicted the dark black hair growing between her legs.

She moved herself to the bathtub and sat on the bare coldness the empty tub delivered. She turned the water on, adjusting the temperature to perfectly suit her preference, and moved her hips to the foremost part of the tub. She laid her back on the tub floor, feeling the cool touch that was soon seized by the warmth of the rising water. Her eyes were closed, her feet high in the air, allowing the warm water to flow onto her young, tender pussy, creating that almighty feeling of pleasure and relaxation that teenagers crave.

The water continued to rise as the approach of an orgasm grew closer and closer. She played with her small, hard nipples and cupped her hand over her breasts. Every second brought more and more pleasure. Her facial expressions were both that of beauty and agony. The ruthless pleasure-giving stream of water sent her blood flowing through her veins as if it were jet propelled. Ripples of ecstasy overwhelmed her body as she hoarsely and softly muttered, “Oh, my God.” The orgasm hit like a tsunami of gratification. She uncontrollably buckled beneath the immense satisfaction produced by the flowing stream of water. She breathed quickly and heavily as she moved her hand downward to further caress her throbbing pussy. Her knees trembled back and forth; her chest rose and fell quickly. She breathed outward in one strong, final motion like a breath exhaled from the sky as the pleasure faded away.

She relaxed in the now-filled bathtub, catching her breath, enjoying the period of calmness after an intense orgasm. She stood, forcing the water run off of her smooth body, breaking the silence of the room. She dried herself and clothed herself in her nightly pajamas. She opened the bathroom door and left the humid and steamy room and entered the cool and dry bedroom. She laid her head upon the pillow wondering what tomorrow would bring.

Nervous about attending a new school the following day, she continued to think about what life in Miami was going to be like. The face and likeness of the girl next door kept returning to her memory. “I wonder what she’s like,” Jessica murmured to herself. While the girl next door only made eye contact for a split second, Jessica felt as though she had a connection to the girl whose name she was yet to know.

Jessica knew she needed someone to be around other than her parents. Even if it was just one person, she needed a friend, someone who cared.

Jessica awoke the next morning to the harsh morning-voice of her mother banging on the door.

“Wake up, it’s time for school!”

She lifted her heavy head from the soft pillow. The bed was beckoning her to lie back down. She resisted, however, and began the dreadful morning routine: getting dressed, shaving, putting on makeup, and activities of the like, all under heavy stress and drowsiness.

“I see you got your school uniform on,” said Jessica’s mom as she walked into the kitchen.

“I hate this uniform, mom. It’s itchy and stale. Why do we have to wear it?” questioned Jessica.

“It’s the school’s rules, dear,” replied her mother. The uniform that annoyed Jessica consisted of a dark green knee-length skirt with a white top.

“Are you eating breakfast this morning, sweetie?” asked her mother.

“No, mom, I’ll be fine. I have to leave in a couple of minutes anyway,” answered Jessica.

“The school is only a few blocks away and will only take a couple of minutes. We passed it on the way here, remember? It’s Macgregor Middle School. Don’t go to the wrong school that’s beside it”

“I know, mom, I’m not a child. I’m leaving now, okay?”

Jessica opened the front door to a fresh breeze. She started down the side walk when the young brunette exited her house and walked down the steps of her front porch. The girls made eye contact once again and smiled.

“Hi,” the young brunette said.

“Hi…. I’m new here so…” Jessica shyly replied.

“Yeah, I saw you moving in yesterday. I’m Amanda.”

“I’m Jessica. I’m going to Macgregor. My mom just said follow the side walk this way.

“I’m going there too. It’s just a few blocks away.”

The two girls walked along the sidewalk together. Amanda was about the same age as Jessica and also had a similar body build. She had unconfined dark brown, a flawless facial complexion and a smooth, flat stomach. She had a small earring pierced in the lower lobe of each ear. Jessica thought Amanda looked fairly attractive, but she kept that to herself.

Jessica was a bit nervous. She was always shy when it came to meeting and interacting with new people. She didn’t say much to Amanda as they were walking towards the school.

When the girls arrived at the middle school they sat on a bench in the courtyard where the students were required to wait before they were permitted inside the school building. The morning was beautiful with a cloudless sky; the birds were chirping, the wind was blowing. Jessica felt much more relaxed already having someone to talk to before she even arrived at the school. Perhaps moving was going to be easier than she though. She was not, however, looking forward to being the new kid in several different classrooms. She hated sticking out like a sore thumb; she’d much prefer blending in with the crowd. The girls continued to talk and learned more about each other: where they were from, what their lives were like in the places they had been, and so on. They discussed their class schedule and what teachers they had in common.

“The only class we have together is history with Mrs. Jenkins. She’s a fat bitch.”

Jessica smirked at Amanda’s aggressive comment. It was the type of attitude that she like in a person. She admired Amanda’s frankness, but also her bold personality to use a word like ‘bitch,’ which was a word not allowed in Jessica’s household. Being around Amanda brought a sense of rebellion to Jessica, which was something that she truly enjoyed deep down. She didn’t want her parents ideals, behaviors, or mannerisms. She wanted to be her own person, something that she had been longing for ever since she had the capacity to think clearly.

A shrill whistle indicating the start of the dreadful school day echoed throughout the court yard like fingernails on a chalkboard, interrupting the conversations thereof. The students in the courtyard started moving towards the various school doors in one motion as if they were cattle being herded. The girls parted separate ways until they had their last class together with Mrs. Jenkins.

As time passed by Jessica and Amanda grew a stronger friendship between them. They learned that they had much in common and shared many of the same interests. They ate lunch together, did their homework together, shared indulging conversations with one another, and so on. Jessica felt warm inside knowing that she found a very good friend so very quickly. Her shyness loosened up as she and Amanda became closer to one other.

Jessica had a dark desire that she hid from Amanda. While Jessica often lusted over her own body, she also occasionally fixed her eyes upon Amanda’s womanly features. The school uniforms that the school required of them were not very revealing, but Amanda, however, would always wear revealing clothing when she invited Jessica in to her home.

Exactly six weeks after they met for the first time, the girls were sitting together in school library during their lunch session. They sat at a round table side by side and pretended to be doing something productive while softly whispering and giggling at each other’s remarks.

“Can I asked you a question, Jessica?” whispered Amanda.

“What?” Jessica curiously replied.

“Do you ever have thoughts about boys or girls?” Amanda asked.

“What kind of thoughts, Amanda?”

“Like sexual thoughts?” Jessica shrugged her shoulders and tried to put of the embarrassing subject. “Do you touch yourself?” Amanda blatant and devilishly asked.

“What do you mean?” Jessica questioned.

“You know….like masturbate and stuff.”

Jessica’s heat skipped a beat and her faced blushed when she realized what Amanda was asking. Of course she had definitely ‘touched herself’ at night, but she had never been involved in this type of conversation with anyone, not even her parents. She stuttered out the phrase, “Well……no……..maybe sometimes…..” as if it were an unforgivable sin.

“I was just wondering. There’s no reason to be nervous about it. Everyone does it,” replied Amanda, trying to soothe tense air.

“Are you a lesbian?” Amanda asked, launching more questions towards Jessica.

Jessica remained silent.

“Just wondering. Don’t worry, there’s nothing wrong with either way,” Amanda replied sounding as if she were trying to justify such a question.

Jessica though about Amanda. She was beautiful and courageous, bold and strong. Jessica felt an attraction toward Amanda as though she were a magnet. A dampness grew under her skirt, between her legs. Although she tried to hide it in her facial expressions, she was highly turned on by this situation.

When the girls were walking their daily route home that afternoon, Amanda asked, “Could I come over to your place for a while so we can work on Mrs. Jenkins’s homework together?”

“No, my parents said that I’m not allowed to have visitors when they’re not around. Why can’t we go to your house?” replied Jessica.

“Aw, come on, Jessica, where are they? When will they be home? They will never have to know. My family is visiting for the weekend and it would be weird bringing you there,“ Amanda said in a persuading tone.

“Well, I guess we can go in. They won’t be home until later this evening. You have to leave by 6:00 o’clock.

Jessica once again felt that revolutionary feeling she was attracted to by going against her parents’ commands. This was the first time Amanda had ever been in Jessica’s house. She followed Jessica to her room, curiously peaking behind every corner on the way.

The girls sat on the bed and attempted to complete their homework.

“Jessica, who said ‘I think; therefore I am’” questioned Amanda.

“Ummm…Descartes, I think. Who said ‘tabula rasa’” asked Jessica.

The boredom grew within the girls as they continued their homework assignment.

“I’m bored,” Jessica finally said.

“What do you want to do?” asked Amanda.

“We can watch a movie, or get a snack, or have a tickle fight!” Jessica shouted as she lunged towards Amanda in an effort to tickle her. Jessica chased Amanda around the room, pillow in hand. Amanda tripped and fell onto the floor and Jessica leaped and tickled Amanda in the stomach so much so that she was unable to speak.

“Stop…..I…….I…..can’t…..STOP…..” Amanda squeezed out, laughing hysterically between each word. “Jess……I have to……..I have…..stop!”

Jessica stopped tickling the moment she realized Amanda was pissing on herself. Jessica jumped off the floor while Amanda still laid there laughing hysterically while wetting herself.

“Oh, my God. I’m sorry,” Jessica said while trying not to chuckle.

Amanda continued to laugh so hard that she was having trouble breathing. She stood up, still laughing, revealing the wet spot on the floor. Her skirt and panties were soaked.

“Ummm…can I take a shower, Jess, I’m sticky,” asked Amanda while still laughing at her accident.

“Yes, there is an extra towel in the bathroom,” replied Jessica.

While Amanda was in the shower Jessica frantically tried to clean the spot on the floor before the stench of urine settled in. She used a mini carpet cleaner that her parents kept in the garage whenever something wet spilled onto the floor and stained it. While on her knees using the cleaner to clean Amanda’s fluid, she heard Amanda open the bathroom door. She looked up to see Amanda standing in the doorway. Her pink bra brightly shined through the white blouse, hovering above the blue towel tied around her waist.

“Do you have any extra pants?” asked Amanda.

Jessica pointed to the bottom drawer of her shelf. “There are some short in the bottom drawer.”

Jessica watched as Amanda opened the drawer and pulled out a short pair of red gym short. Facing the dresser, Amanda dropped her towel, revealing her perfectly rounded ass to Jessica, whose mouth dropped at the sight. Her eyes firmly attached, she stared in wonder and awe.

Amanda turned her head over her shoulder and caught Jessica staring at her. Jessica quickly snapped her head away from Amanda, but Amanda already knew that Jessica was staring.

Jessica stood up from the floor and sat on the bed. Amanda put the pants on and sat next to Jessica. “Do you like it?” Amanda softly but sincerely asked. Jessica’s heart beat speedily increased by the second.

‘Like what?” Jessica asked, pretending as though she didn’t see anything.

“My ass,”

“Yes,” she softly whispered.

They looked each other in the eyes. Their faces drew closer and closer without control as if a puppeteer was controlling their actions. Their faces moved forward until their lips pressed against one another, ceasing the forward movement. Shivers flew up Jessica’s back and throughout her body like a lightning bolt. The hairs on her arms stood proudly. She felt a deep feeling of passion and love in her heart. Everything else in the world seemed to have come to a sudden halt. The taste and scent of her mouth made Jessica feel as though she had been electrocuted.

Their lips drew away from each other. Sitting in shock Jessica grinned and said, “I’ve never kissed anyone before.”

“Now you have,” replied Amanda. She stared deeply into Jessica’s eyes, searching for signs of regret and shame, but saw only immense desire.

Jessica felt Amanda’s warm hand on her ankle. She slowly crept her hand up the goddess-like leg, eventually making her way to the crotch of her skirt. Jessica naturally laid back on her pillow, allowing the delicate touch of friendship to sooth her aching pussy. No words were said, but every intention was understood. She caressed the wet pussy under the panties until they were nearly soaked. Amanda slowly removed the Jessica’s skirt, then her top, her bra, panties.

Jessica laid completely bare in shock of the unprecedented event that was taking place. Amanda stripped her clothes in front of Jessica, first removed her white blouse, letting the pink bra breathe. She took off the bra, revealing her perfectly rounded breasts dressed with two hard nipples. She removed the red shorts that she had just put on, unveiling her perfect pussy and amazingly shaped hips. The sight of Amanda’s curvaceous body was almost enough to send Jessica over the edge. She gazed in awe at Amanda’s breasts and glorious pussy, surrounded by a patch of hazel colored hair.

Amanda leaned down and stroked Jessica’s nipples. She kissed and sucked on them like candy. She rubbed her young breasts , tickled and kissed her stomach, and moved her hands downward to rub her thighs.

Amanda’s hand returned to the unveiled pussy, softly stroking the soaked black hairs. Amanda’s tongue penetrated the wetness and sent a shockwave of excitement throughout Jessica’s body. She had never seen or experienced anyone doing an ‘activity’ such as this with their tongue. She leaned her head back and closed her eyes while letting the pleasure roll over her body as she whispered two words in a voice she hardly recognized as her own. “Fuck me.”

Amanda’s tongue shifted in and around Jessica’s pussy, tasting the young juices. Jessica reached her hand around the back of Amanda’s head, sifting her fingers through her hair. A strong force that would soon explode into a sea of gratification was developing within her as she was brought closer and closer to a powerful orgasm with every slide of the tongue.

Jessica’s hips began to squirm beneath the strength of the stimulation of her genitals. Sweat began to form upon her brow. Her face displayed beauty and attachment as she bit her lip and tightened her eyes. She cupped her hands over her still-budding breasts and continued to appreciate this forbidden pleasure.

She could feel the bubble about to burst. Her red-painted toes curled. Her blood roared through her veins. She arched off the ground, crying out Amanda’s name and when she was seized by a rush of sensation so intense she couldn’t contain it, she bit her lower lip to hold back a scream of pleasure. Her whole body convulsed into a chain of spasms within and without. One ended, and the next began, and the next.

The overwhelming attack of satisfaction diminished a few moments after Amanda removed her hand from Jessica’s dripping pussy. “Oh, my God. That was amazing,“ muttered Jessica as she regained her breath. Amanda leaned over Jessica and kissed her once again, with more adoration than before.

They rolled together, still kissing, Jessica now on top of Amanda. Jessica moved her mouth to Amanda’s nipple, sucking on them just as she did earlier. There wasn’t an inch of Amanda’s body that she did not kiss. She slowly moved her way down to the area of the hips, unbelievably teasing Amanda. Jessica finally inserted two fingers into Amanda’s soaked pussy that had been longing for attention. Jessica continued to kiss Amanda on the lips while as she began to mover her fingers around inside Amanda.

The juices from her pussy flowed like a river into an enchanted world. The warmth surrounded Jessica’s fingers as she pounded harder and harder. Amanda moaned softly and rhythmically with the beats of Jessica’s hand movements. She moved her head and buried it in Amanda’s crotch just as Amanda had done to her moments before. She first licked the outside of her pussy, tasting the sweetness and saltiness of the juices for the first time. She wiggled her tongue around inside Amanda’s pussy.

Jessica knew Amanda was already close to cumming because she was extremely horny by this point in time. She continued licking her with untamed joy. This was the wild and intimate relationship that she had only heard of in movies.

“I’m close,” shouted Amanda.”Really close!”

Followed by a high pitched moan, Amanda suddenly exploded into a violent wealth of colossal joy. Jessica had a difficult time keeping up with Amanda when she began to uncontrollably squirm. Amanda loudly moaned and forcefully gripped the bed sheet beneath her. She rocketed a small amount female ejaculation onto Jessica’s face.

Jessica continued to lick until Amanda’s movement seized. Jessica had crawled up and lain beside Amanda when they both busted into total laughter.

The girls laid completely nude on the bed, side by side, allowing their heartbeat to diminish in tempo and their breath to return to a normal rhythm. Amanda leaned and rubbed Jessica’s flat belly, softly kissing her tender cheek.

“Well, that was unexpected, but I’m not going to lie. I enjoyed every bit of it,” proclaimed Amanda.

Jessica nodded. “We’ll have to do it again sometime, but you should leave pretty soon. My parents will be home within the next hour or so.

Jessica watched as Amanda clothed herself, still marveling the works of her body.

“I’ll see you tomorrow,” Amanda stated. Amanda leaned over and gave one last goodbye kiss. “I’ll take that as a yes…you’re a lesbian,” Amanda said as she headed down the hall holding her wet skirt.

Jessica, still fully in the nude, pondered the events of the day. She felt this warm feeling in her heart; she knew that she had more than just a friend. She had someone she could be extremely close and intimate with.