A husband and wife have a weekly gloryhole

My name is Mary and I can’t believe what has happened
to me over the past few weeks. Until recently, my
husband Phil and I were the perfect couple pursuing the
American Dream. We have two teenage kids, a boy and a
girl. We’re juggling two careers, me as an operating
room R.N. at the local hospital and Phil as an engineer
at a large manufacturing plant. We owned the big house
in the suburbs with a pool, the two cars – you get the
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An Erotic X-Files Story

Trudi stared at the clock above the classroom door, willing the
second hand to click one more time. It had already been one of the
longest days of her life, spent trying to ignore the stares and giggles
of the students who had heard rumors about the incident at the Road
Pantry and trying to figure out what the hell she was going to say to
Gene, and it was still only 2:59 pm.
There had been plenty of time to reflect on the incident during
the past two days, since she had been grounded – confined to her room
with no phone privileges. Her mother had even kept her out of school
and stayed home from work to keep an eye on her yesterday. Her face
flushed with shame as she remembered the horrified look on her mothers
face when she had arrived to pick her up late Saturday night at the
police station. It had taken hours of tearful screaming and yelling on
Trudi’s part before her mother had even begun to consider the
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Stuff the Stocking

It was Christmas Eve and I was working over the break from
college at a Gap in the mall. Earlier that morning, my co-workers and
I had had a little X-mas party. Nothing special, eggnog, nuts, and
poundcake. After most of the crew had left, it was just me Drew, the
new guy, and Chrissy, the Manager Trainee. I was a little disappointed
as Carmen gave me a goodbye hug and bounced out of the store, her
bubble butt barely covered by a body suit and micro-skirt.

The mall was due to close in half an hour and it had pretty
much cleared out except for some stragglers in the Food Court.

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