Male Lust An essay

A university study probing male sexual responses
reported the surprise finding that nearly all men
responded more intensely and rapidly to images of women
wearing bras than to images of topless women. At least
it was a surprise to them. When simply asked which they
would prefer seeing, the vast majority of men would
choose topless to bikini-covered.

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Teen girls and showers

In July following my junior year in high school, my step-sister and
I reached a new plateau in our physical relationship. I bought or
borrowed porno magazines on occasion, from curiosity or for jacking
off to, and I knew Alex studied them too. Not that she made a
secret of it — we had no secrets — but sometimes I saw her stare
at a photo more intensely than usual and then turn the page
hurriedly. When she wasn’t around, I’d leaf through the magazine
and try to identify the picture that had startled even her. I knew
about “regular” sex, now, so I only bought magazines that featured
the most perverse or perverted acts I could imagine. And I soon
discovered that the most graphically explicit photos were the ones
that mesmerized Alex.

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