Black Puma

The limo sped away from the seedy apartment building, taking Lacey away to the safety of the mansion. Puma hoped they would not be followed. She should never have brought Lacey into this rat hole area. Lacey. Shit, the girl could be her Achilles.

In two days, Shawanda Johnson would turn thirty-one-years-old. She had been back in La La Land for eight months. The world of tennis was behind her. The world she now lived in was a violent battle for justice. Looking both directions, she hurried across the street, then entered the lobby of the Salacious Lady. The doorman looked at her.

“No cover for you ma’am,” he said. Visibly shaken at who had just entered, he moved back, crouching against the wall behind him.

With a sly wink, she spoke to him, “Run boy.” He jumped to his feet and fled through the front doors.

The bouncer sat playing solitaire, heard the door open and glanced up, then returned his attention to the cards. A split second later a cold shiver ran down his spine, as his eyes darted to the door again. Jumping to his feet, he rushed her, but ran straight into her gloved fist slamming into his face. The man toppled to the floor.


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Anna Bell Peaks

“And that’s the last of it.” You grunted as you raised your pool skimmer with several dry leaves on it and take it to the trash can to dispose of it. “There all done.” You wiped the sweat of your forehead.

It was just a normal day as a pool boy for you. Three months ago, you were dumped by your ex-girlfriend for your best friend because he was richer than you.

Heartbroken, you was forced to work as a McDonalds employee until you’ve met Anna Bell Peaks, a very famous pornstar. She offered you a job as a pool boy in her as and a payment of 100,000 each month. Obviously, you couldn’t contain your excitement at the fact you’re given a job by a pornstar no less and agreed.

“Thanks Y/N,” You turned round to see Anna walking towards you in her blue bikini, swaying her hips are her tits bounced. “I knew I could count on you to clean my pool.”

“Thanks.” You grinned as you leaned in and kissed her in the lips, which she returned.

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