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I do not know when it started. It was little things at first and I didn’t think much about it. I don’t even know why this happens to me. Am I some kind of mutant out of a comic book? Am I an alien or was I altered in some other way? I do not know. All I know is that everything I do is … normal. At least that is how it is preceived by others. I do remember having a test at school I didn’t learn much. I decided to look over to Jim and see what he wrote. My teacher, Mrs Hain, noticed. She looked at me. She clearly had seen me. I remember how my heart almost stopped. I expected her to get angry. To come up to me. Tell me that I just screwed up. Take my test and send me to the principal. Instead she just continued to look around. The one thing I remember very clear is the pressure I felt when she had looked at me. It felt a bit like when your ears are under pressure. Just that it is the whole body. I know it had been the first time because of this pressure. The feeling had vanished quickly. I didn’t get a good grade on this test but I passed. I didn’t think about it for a while.

From time to time I felt this pressure again. Sometimes when I was supposed to go to bed but instead stayed up in my room to sit on the computer. These were the times when my parents didn’t notice that I didn’t go to sleep. At least that was my thought. I got away and was lucky. Eventually it became more often and I told my parents. They didn’t think much of this feeling. They said it sounded normal, but when I asked them if they ever felt it they had said no. Then I started to piece things together. I noticed that I got away with things when I felt this pressure. Or better that people didn’t care what I did. I grabbed girls asses or breasts when I felt the pressure and nobody seemed to care. It was nothing more than talking to them or just standing close. That didn’t mean they enjoyed it. Some where even annoyed by it. However it was never a big deal, more like “I don’t wanna talk to you right now” annoyed. What was also interesting is that even if they talked to someone and mentioned it then that other person wouldn’t give it more weight than me talking to that girl.

The bad thing however was that it was unpredictable. I never knew when it would happen or for how long. I learned that the hard way when I grabbed Traceys ass and just before my hand touched her the feeling of pressure was gone. She slapped me immediately and I did get into a lot of trouble for it. I decided not to push my luck any further unless I would be able to control it or at least get better at knowing when it would happen and for how long. I started practicing with simpler things. Like singing from the top of my lungs in the middle of class. Trust me. I do not have the voice of a singer. Yet nobody cared. I also did other things that were out of the ordinary but not so much that I would get in trouble for it. Eventually I did learn to control it. I was able to call the pressure and hold on to it. The more I did it the easier it got. Everything I did or caused during that feeling was viewed as normal by everyone. That didn’t even change afterwards.

I wanted to give it a real test before high school was over. It was about two weeks before graduation. I followed Tracey to her car. I called the pressure as she got in, opened the door of the passanger side and sat down. She looked at my and just said “Hey”. Not in a “Hey, what are you doing” way. Just as a greeting. I looked her over. She had long blonde hair. Eyes as blue as the sky. Her body was slim from all the working out she did. She wore a skirt and blouse. The blouse was ratehr tight, showing off her B-Cup breasts. I reached over to grope them. They were nice and firm. “Are you done soon?” was all she had to say about it. “Just drive” was all I replied. There had been a reason why I had gotten in her car that particular day. She usually didn’t drive home right away but did a stop at a park to read some books. It was no difference that day.

We both got out. I grabbed her hand. She looked confused for just a moment. “I will show you a different spot.” I smiled but that didn’t do much to convince her of it. “I always sit in the same spot” was her answer. I grinned “I insist. Not giving you a choice Tracey.” I pulled her with me. It all seemed normal to her. So she complied. I navigated her to a secluded spot. I had no intention of trying this in the open. When we arrived I pulled her into me and kissed her. She did kiss me back. After all, this was all normal. When I remvoed my lips from hers she asked me if I was done now and if she could read her books. “Not quite.” I started to remove her cloths. She looked impatient but let me proceed. First I unbottoned her blouse. Pushing it back over her soft shoulders. My hand moved over them and I looked into her eyes. She was annoyed but not alarmed in any way. Next I remembed her bra. Slowly. I wanted to enjoy this. I stared down at her breasts. They were perfect. A perfect fit for my hands. She had large nipples and her areaolas where a light pink. Barely different from her skin. When I looked into her eyes there was confusion. That’s when I noticed that the preassure had been less because I didn’t focus. A valuable lesson. I increased it again and her expression changed. Again it wa all normal.

I let my hand slowly slide down her sides. How soft and warm her skin was. It was like touching a soft silk cushion. I moved to her back and undid her skirt, letting it fall to the ground. Both hands grabbed that well trained ass of hers. Firm, yet soft. “Can you hurry a bit? I really want to read my book for a while.” She sounded less annoyed. More like when you asked a friend to pass the salt. “Almost done.” I grabbed the top of her panties and pushed them down. I got down on one knee and slowly moved them over her legs. Her pussy was right in front of my. A small bush, well trimed, right over her slit. I stopped for a moment, reminding myself that I had to keep the pressure. She stepped out of her panties. The only things she was wearing now was her shoes and socks. I stepped back and took the sight in. My cock was rock hard. Pressing against my pants. This all seemed surreal. I just had stripped her down. In the open. In a park. Yet to her it seemed the most normal thing to do. My thoguhts swirled. How much further should I go? Could I fuck this beautiful girl? Would it be rape? Then again she would remember it and to her it would have been completely normal. My other thought was would I be able to keep the pressure up.

I decided against it. However there was no way I wasn’t getting off. “There, so much better. Now you can read your book.” She smiled when I said that. She sat down, leaning against a tree. Her legs stretched out and crossed. She reached for her book and started to read. I watched her for a while. Thinking hard about what I would do next. I decided that this was a training session for me. Would I be able to keep the pressure up? What all stay normal? I stepped beside her and pulled my cock out. This was not for pleassure, but training. Training myself to stay in control. I watched her as I slowly started to stroke my shaft. Back and forth my hand moved. Moving along my skin. Feeling the hard rod in my hand. The whole time I focused on the pressure, focused on the feeling and watching her. Imagining how it would be to fuck her. It was slow progress. All these things pushed my orgasm back. Occasionally I claned around to make sure nobody was watching. I watched how her breasts moved with every breath. How she wet her finger before she flipped over a page.

I could feel how I came closer and closer. The difficult part would be to hold on to the pressure as I came. I could feel the blood rushing through my veins as I pumped my shaft. I could feel the pressure, holding on to it. Then the other pressure built up. The need to release. It became stronger and stronger. Just a couple more strokes and I shot my cum. Shooting it right at her. Some landed on her head, some on her shoulders and some even on her breasts. I managed to hold on. Managed to hold on to that preassure. She looked up to me and smiled. I didn’t even thing when I pushed the tip of my cock against her lips. Her mouth opened and she sucked the last bit of cum out of me. I barely held on to the pressure but I managed. The big surprise came when I pulled back. “Mmmm, I love the taste of cock and cum. Yours is really good.” I didn’t know what to think. This was a surprise. Did she mean it? She had to. It was just normal to her now. She just accapted what was happening as normal. That meant she really loved to taste cum. Thats when I noticed the preassure was gone. Her words had distracted me. She did not scream. She didn’t look like she was concerned in any way. She just turned her head and continued to read. I called the pressure again. Just to be safe. Slowly I put my cock away. What was going on?

I decided to do a little experiment. “Well, see you tomorrow then.” “Sure, see you at school.” I turned and walked away. Just far enough so she wouldn’t see me but I could watch her. I let go of the pressure and observed. She simply continued to read naked. It was still all normal to her. Did the normal protect itself? I was sure if I walked up to her now she would notice. Or would she? Maybe it did protect itself. As long as there was nothing new weired happening she accepted the status quo. That had to be it. She was done reading and put her book down. She looked a bit confused. Staring at her cloths. I assume her mind decided what was more normal. Walking back to her car as she was or getting dressed again. She decided on the second option and put her cloths back on. She wiped my cum off and then went back to the car. She had normalized everything again without compromising the normal I had created.