Sashaa Juggs Porn

Sasha Juggs was born on May 3, 1990 in Reno, Nevada, USA. She is an bbw porn actress.
Like youth, a woman’s body size appears to be an innate trigger of male arousal. Adjectives describing body size (such as chubby and thin) are the third-most-frequent category of adjectives appearing in Dogpile searches. Most of these searches are not seeking the slender bodies of cover models. For every search for a “skinny” girl, there are almost three searches for a “fat” girl. On the Web, many men are fans of BBW, which stands for Big, Beautiful Women. On the Alexa list, there are more than 504 adult sites explicitly dedicated to heavy ladies, and only 182 explicitly dedicated to skinny ones. The women on adult BBW sites have very large and round breasts, large and curvy hips, and large and round butts. Indeed, the overall impression is one of supersize visual cues of femininity. (Although the majority of women in mainstream porn are skinnier than average, toothpick-thin women are a rarity.)

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